• 12.23.13

    Craig Ward's Candy Cane Typeface for the New York Lottery

    The New York Lottery approached Craig Ward with a festive challenge – create a typeface using candy canes.

    "I worked with Papabubble in Soho, a storefront that sells bespoke sweets, and I really liked the style and colors of their candy canes," said Ward. "I got about 200 feet total, all different lengths – some twelve inches long, six inches, and little, knobby ones – that I photographed and composited in Photoshop. I'm guessing I used 100 images and I was careful not to repeat elements." He then added shadows to the Victorian lettering (based on Kilkenny font). "I made an entire alphabet along with two or three versions of letters that appear more often so the team could set its own headlines."

    Ward and the N.Y. Lotto folk have partnered before: "It's difficult to persuade people to spend the extra time on typography because it's easy to type on the computer, so it's nice to have a client like this that comes back to me ... with crazy ideas!"

    Happy holidays from the B&A blog!

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