• 3.29.16

    Connie Lim Creates the Beauty You Imagined

    On the face of it, fashion and style are about delivering polished looks to the masses. Fabric, thread, and metal come together to create shapes on living human bodies, expressing ideas in color and texture, offering a picture of the world that is more beautiful than it was before the work existed. It’s a tangible process that can be folded and stacked or hung on a hanger. But what this process forgets is that the life of every piece begins before a needle and thread in the mind of a creator. When those ideas are buried in a mind they are intangible and not of this world. So why not find expression for them in an equally intangible way? When Connie Lim picks up her brushes and pens she creates a life for these ideas in a space that isn’t tethered to the rules of our world.

    Connie found her craft before she found fashion, but once the two sides came together it was a perfect match. “I started doing illustration first and then I had a mandatory fashion class,” explains Connie. “I guessed I would try it out, and I really fell in love with it. I think it’s really expressive as a platform with more focus. I just really enjoy drawing faces and clothes so it goes hand in hand.” Fashion combines the beauty of a fine eye with the expression of the human form, the two elements that Connie is most attracted to working with.

    Most recently, Connie’s passion erupted during the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Nick Knight of SHOWstudio asked Connie to interpret what she saw through her own visual style, which was carefully suited to match the event. “I got chosen to do the couture, which is really great and very special because it’s such a big event in Paris and he specifically chose me for my style which is more details and couture is all about hand work, handcrafted artistry,” explains Connie. “And that’s what I’m going for as an illustrator, to be more traditional, hand drawing everything. All the details.” In all of her work you can see texture, movement, and expression, balancing the details that the designer has chosen to present to the world. She strikes an equilibrium between the designer’s intention and creation, delivering an experience that implies more than straight documentary, injecting a human understanding into an intangible composition.

    Please join us in welcoming Connie Lim to the roster at B&A.

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