• 11.12.10

    Christopher Baker Explores Alaska for Martha Stewart Living's Digital Debut

    Christopher Baker films in Cordova, Alaska to document life around Copper River, one of the last pure watersheds in North America. As overfishing threatens the delicate balance of the eco-system, the state of Alaska and various agencies are working hard to ensure sustainable fishing for future generations.

    The story of Cordova is featured in the first digital edition of Martha Stewart Living. The "Boundless Beauty" special edition marks the publication's twentieth anniversary, utilizing the Digital Magazine Suite available on Adobe Labs. Christopher Baker continues his long relationship with Martha Stewart, having worked with her since the Martha Stewart Weddings book in 1987. Featured above is a director's cut of his video for Martha Stewart Living's iPad edition.

    Says Martha Stewart Living Food Editor Lucinda Scala Quinn, "For years I've wanted to tell the story of wild Alaskan salmon. Specifically, salmon from the Copper River-part of one of the largest and most pristine wetlands in North America. My RED Camera collaboration with Chris on Vermont cheese was one of the most rewarding stories I have ever worked on, outdone only by being in Alaska with him and creating this amazing story together."

    While in Alaska, Wade Buscher and Mikal Berry give Baker a first-hand fishing experience aboard their gill net boat, fishing for King Salmon at the mouth of the river and visiting the Sonar Station further upstream. At the Sonar Station, scientists record data of Salmon traveling up and downriver and determine how many days that fisherman like Buscher and Berry can fish.

    Baker also spent time with Pamela Smith, also known as "Pam the Fish Lady," learning the whole process of smoking salmon from dressing the fish, smoking, and canning from the local legend. The people and scenery of Cordova, Alaska and the Copper River area left a lasting impression on Baker. He comments, "Cordova and the area around the Copper River was one of the most beautiful places I have photographed, which is saying a lot given the number of beautiful places I have photographed over the years."

    Baker shot the film with a Canon 5D, pulling stills from the video footage. The size and weight of the camera enables Baker to work with a small, agile crew. Baker reunited with Nick Metcalf, his former assistant on a RED camera shoot for Martha Stewart Living on cheese makers in Vermont.

    More stills below:

    Publication: Martha Stewart Living
    Issue: E-Mag Issue #1
    Story: Alaska Wild Salmon
    Creative Director: Gael Towery
    Food Editor: Lucinda Scala Quinn
    Director and Photographer: Christopher Baker
    Color Editing: Nick Metcalf at Vision On

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    Christopher Baker Director's cut of 'Alaska' video
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    Christopher Baker at Bernstein & Andriulli

    11/15/10: "Pat the Fish Lady" corrected to "Pam the Fish Lady," full name Pamela Smith.

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