• 8.10.17

    Celyn and Delta Travel to 133 Cities Through Art

    America is a melting pot and no city shows that better than New York. New York is where millions come to chase their dreams, establishing it as a new home. But a new home will never replace the old, and that’s exactly the point that Delta wanted to make with a new mural created with Wieden + Kennedy and Celyn Brazier. Delta services 133 cities directly from New York City airports and they want to flaunt it – for good reason.

    Each city that Delta services from NYC airports has its own style and its own flair, like the people who populate NYC, so they asked Celyn to work with the unique airport codes for each of the airports and inject in the unique style of the destination. BZN (Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport) features cowboys and a horse squeezed into the three thin letters. NCE reflects the Mediterranean lifestyle of Nice, France. SEA, the code for Seattle, plays off their coffee culture and rainy days. Each one of the 133 codes each reveals little secrets or trends familiar to anyone from those cities, and gives a flavor to those who still have to visit.

    “Many people who call New York home have another hometown somewhere else,” Ian Hart, Wieden + Kennedy copywriter, told AdWeek. “And since Delta flies to more hometowns from New York than any other airline—133 of them, to be exact—we knew we had a unique opportunity to show some big-city love to hometowns the world over.”

    The mural is on view in Williamsburg, Brooklyn right now and will be up through the end of the month. Go ahead and take a look, post a photo of the #deltadestinations on your social profiles, or grab some gear with Celyn’s artwork on it!

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