• 5.16.11

    Broomberg and Chanarin Curate ALIAS in Krakow

    Broomberg and Chanarin curate ALIAS, the 2011 edition of Krak'ow Photomonth in Poland. Photomonth is one of Poland's largest visual arts events and one of the leading European festivals of photography. The festival comprises over fifty exhibitions and accompanying events. The theme this year is the artistic alter ego.

    For the 2011 edition, Broomberg and Chanarin invited artists and writers to collaborate in pairs to create a fictive third persona. The writers invent a fictive persona, which the visual artist then inhabits. Participating artists include Jeremy Deller, Gabriel Orozco, Johan Grimonprez, Andro Wekua, Ketuta Alexi Meskhishvili, Beatrice Gibson, Celine Condorelli and David Goldblatt. The writers participating include Jennifer Higgie, Lynne Tillman, Clare Carolin, Siddhartha Mukherjee and Brian Dillon. As a survey component to ALIAS, photographic copies of works from celebrated artists who have embraced the nom de guerre tradition, including Marcel Duchamp (as Rrose S'elavy) and Richard Prince (as John Dogg) will also be exhibited.

    ALIAS opened May 13th at Krakow's Stained Glass Museum and will run until June 12th, 2011. The festival coincides with the opening of MOCAK, a new museum of contemporary art in Krakow built in the former Schindler factory.

    See Broomberg and Chanarin's portfolio here.
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