• 8.28.19

    Brook Pifer Gears Up for Class with Levi's

    In her latest campaign with Levi's, photographer Brook Pifer captures the excitement of Fall in a series of images that show off the best fits of the season. No matter the equipment required, Brook doesn't show up to set without her film camera. Brook created GIFs using the striking portraits and inspiring group shots she directed.

    “What makes a really special GIF is when you get that added third dimension. It’s very much about thinking less like a photographer and more like a cinematographer,” explained Brook. “Anytime where there’s an action moment that didn't line up against a wall, I know I can create something special. I like to look for when I can see that depth between the camera, the subject, and the background. There is a bit of a technicality to make it look the way it does, it can’t look flat and also have that dimension. It has to have the room for movement.”

    “On set, it’s work but it’s a fun environment. I like to play music on and off set. Once they’re in front of me while I’m rocking and rolling, we can crank the music up and I can be vocal with direction but if I see something serendipitously happening, I let it happen. I give the subjects the time to be creative and have that moment to breathe because that's when you get those special in-between moments. On set it is work, but you’ll see people waiting to be brought to frame who were having fun off set and now they’re jumping onto set and keeping the fun flowing.”

    For this project with Levi’s, Brook captured the fresh-faced cast in a suburban neighborhood in California. The team worked with locals to include the classic white Jeep parked outside into their set, which became one of the iconic backdrops in the shoot. The shoot focused on a pattern of neutral backdrops to draw into the energy of the choreography of the photography, whether it was a group shot or portrait, to make the subject pop.

    “We were drawn to backdrops with light or even some texture to tie in that story so it looked consistent and very high end. We wanted it to feel back to school. That’s what you would do with your friends. You would grab an ice cream after school hanging out. We’re listening to music and now we’re dancing and hugging and creating a human pile up! That’s how I see the stories we create. I think it creates a more honest narrative,” explained Brook. “Something that was really great about the casting for this project was the focus on an approachable, aspirational, relatable aesthetic. It was incredible, the team was so great to work with. They loved what I’ve worked on in the past and trusted my vision, knowing that we can adjust if we needed to. They're kind of a dream client, to be honest. It’s a huge blessing to get that as an artist.”

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