• 10.9.13

    Brian Doben Shot 'Duck Dynasty' Before the Cast Shot Him

    Ahead of Duck Dynasty's season finale – October 23: "Phil puts his own twist on Halloween decorating by making a jack-o-lantern with a shotgun" – B&A chatted with Brian Doben about his summer Parade cover depicting the Robertsons.

    "When I received the call about the Parade project, I ordered a few Duck Dynasty DVDs and became an instant addict," remarked Doben, who isn't alone. More than 11.8 million people tuned into the fourth season premiere of the show, which follows the owners of duck-hunting product purveryors Duck Commander. "Parade wanted a dynamic cover and an inside image, and left the approach up to me ... but the show is about good fun, so I wanted to keep the images fun and easy." The Robertsons welcomed Doben to West Monroe, Louisiana, with a fleet of 4x4s. "We went flying around the property, becoming completely muddied, searching for strong locations."

    Doben won't soon forget his second location: a swamp containing the five deadliest snakes in the state. "At first, I freaked out – because these are five-foot-long snakes and thousands of them – but once I have a camera in my hand, I forget about everything and am excited about the whole process," he recalled. "We went out into the water and I was stomping away like a fool ... and everyone around me had shotguns – the family and others who were there – because they were prepared to shoot a snake if they saw one. The whole time, I kept thinking it would end up like a Quentin Tarantino scene ... on top of being bitten by a deadly snake, I'm going to be shot by 20 people."

    Fortunately, that didn't happen; in fact, the experience "was a blast – no pun intended," according to Doben. "The Robertsons are wonderful, grounded, and genuine people who deserve all of their success."

    Watch a behind-the-scenes video at right.

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