• 10.22.10

    Brian Doben's Taylor Swift Cover of People Magazine Hits Newsstands Today

    Taylor Swift is on the cover of People magazine's November 1st issue to promote her new album Speak Now, available October 25th, 2010. Inside, she talks about her fast rise to success, what makes her happy, and the autobiographical songs that have people guessing. Any potential love interest should not be surprised if he ends up in a few of her lyrics. She tells People magazine about her propensity to draw from personal experiences, "This is album No. 3, so I figure that these people have had fair warning."

    Brian Doben photographs the young star for the cover and feature story, the images reflect her easy-going attitude and girl-next-door appeal. The outdoor setting and feminine clothing play up her sweet and unabashed attitude. Despite her four Grammy awards, the singer admits "I've never felt like the coolest girl in the room. Ever." Read the entire interview in this week's issue of People magazine and buy the iPad app for a special behind the scenes video.

    The cover of the November 1st issue of People magazine, featuring country/pop musician Taylor Swift

    The People magazine shoot took place on the Johnny Cash compound outside of Nashville. In the behind the scenes video, Swift recalls the significance of shooting on the Cash compound - the same place where she shot her first music video with Tim McGraw.

    Says Doben, "[Taylor Swift] photographs very well. She's not a difficult subject." The two bonded over their mutual love of Tokyo, with Doben imparting some tips on hidden Tokyo for the singer's upcoming world tour.

    The day of the shoot started out bright and sunny until the rain began to pour down heavily. This shot was actually taken during the torrential rain!

    The 20-year-0ld singer/songwriter baked cookies for the entire crew and personally handed them out to everyone.

    Doben notes, "[Taylor Swift] is an extremely talented songwriter who I have always wanted to photograph." He got his wish on his birthday, photographing her last week.

    Brian Doben has collaborated with People magazine on several issues and covers. Check back in a few weeks when we reveal an upcoming project also featuring Taylor Swift!

    Publication: People Magazine
    Issue: November 1st, 2010
    Story: Taylor Swift, My Untold Story
    Photography: Brian Doben
    Prop Styling: Loren Lyons

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