• 11.15.13

    Brian Doben Captures the Different Sides of a Lexus

    Brian Doben combined the hallmarks of his portraiture and flawless shots of Lexus's new 2014 GX for his first major automobile campaign.

    "The ads showed a breakdown of the many sides of a Lexus owner," he said. "It might be someone who attends red-carpet affairs; it might be someone who kayaks or cycles; however, I tried to humanize the models. The car was obviously significant and heroic, but the people had to feel genuine, as well."

    Doben devoted a week to storyboarding and traveled to L.A. in advance to scout and study locations: "I found an area outside of the city with picturesque vistas and dramatic, tall grass, and I wanted to get a sense of how the sun interacted with the environment." He and his team worked from late morning until dusk, photographing the car and each of the characters (styled by B&A's Stacey Jones and with makeup by Amy Chance).

    The various elements were then composited to form a single image. "It was an absolute pleasure to have technology in my corner," Doben remarked.

    Ad agency: Team One
    Executive producer: Elle Sullivan Wilson
    Retouching: Taylor James Ltd.

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