• 9.12.11

    Brian Doben Captures DSW's Fall Campaign

    Brian Doben photographs the fall 2011 campaign for footwear retailer DSW. The campaign is themed around the idea that putting on a new pair of shoes brings a person's fantasy to life. The fantasies of becoming an actress or a model are seen as reflections in mirrors, windows, and glass doors.

    Doben captured the campaign on location in New York City. He collaborated with Translation advertising to bring the sketches of the campaign to life. It was a challenging shoot that involved carefully matching up the reality with the fantasy. Each were shot separately, both on the streets of New York and in studio, and then combined in post-production. A certain amount of re-touching and compositing and CGI were employed to create the final image. For example, in the shot of the woman walking towards a glass door, the buildings in the reflection were actually three blocks down from where the model was captured.

    Doben's photographs for DSW are running as print ads in the September issues of fashion magazines Vogue, InStyle, Allure, and Elle as well as the October issues of Glamour, GQ, and Men's Health.

    See more of Brian Doben's photography here.

    Client: DSW
    Agency: Translation
    Art Director: Slate Donaldson
    Photographer: Brian Doben

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