• 9.26.11

    Brian Doben and Olaf Hajek for Lily of France

    Brian Doben and Olaf Hajek collaborate on a new ad campaign for lingerie company Lily of France. Doben photographed the models in the brand's lingerie while Hajek created the background illustrations.

    Doben photographed the models in a studio in New York City. The casting of the models was specific to the brand and the ads. The model rests on a moon created especially for the shoot. Doben says Hajek created "beautiful work, really fantastic," and that he had a great time helping to bring the illustrations to life in the photographs.

    Hajek loved the idea of combining painting and photography in a project. Floral and natural elements are recurring themes in his artwork and he was excited to use them "to create a wonderful, fairytale-like universe in which the women present the sophisticated products from Lily of France." Hajek adds that the painted text resembles the style of old French posters.

    See more of Brian Doben's photography here.

    See more of Olaf Hajek's illustrations here.

    Client: Lily of France
    Agency: Richards Group
    Photograper: Brian Doben
    Illustrator: Olaf Hajek

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