• 2.29.16

    Bose Collins Visualizes Technology for British Airways

    What does technology look like? 

    As a concept, technology is more than a bank of computers or bundles of cords. Technology is an idea, a way to understand this world of ours that is somewhere in the future, being pulled towards us by technicians, engineers, and creatives. It’s a construct that allows us to imagine that future and create a space for it. San Jose, California and London are two hotbeds of technological advancement, and because of the way we connect to one another today they can communicate almost instantaneously. But even with digital portals, sometimes the best way to work together is to be together.  British Airways is closing the gap between these two cities, offering a new gateway of travel with direct flights between them and asked Bose Collins to help them announce it.

    In a series of ads that bridge the gap between these two technological hubs, we see them come together in a beautiful tangle of tech tentacles, wrapping around each other in concert. Each ad is a deeper exploration of our expectations and understanding of technology and how it works for us, and if that weren’t enough they turned one into a gif in constant, undulating movement so tangible you can almost touch it.

    Because of Bose Collins’ mastery of CGI what we’re looking at is something that – without the right artists’ hands – could only exist in our imaginations. Just like the foresight that technological visionaries have, Bose Collins must pluck an entire world of invention and serve it to us within our own narrow context of understanding. They root these ideas in the metal wires and housings of imagination machines that look like the component parts of a future airplane. It is the results of their collaboration, the middle of the space they inhabit, and the overlap that British Airways is creating, where the magic happens. Creating a bridge for San Jose and London is laying the foundation for an incredible future of creative collaboration, and Bose Collins is whetting our appetite for the fruits of that new path.

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