• 9.10.15

    Bigshot Toyworks Takes on Uncle Sam with Ron English and Kidrobot

    We're about to finish the first episode of the American electoral process for electing a president in 2016. Pomp and circumstances are the flash points now while tone is dissected more closely than policy as we weed out who won't be able to hold our attention for the next year of campaigning. With such a long process to come, the heavy hitters are just starting to warm up, and the serious issues have hardly begun to peek out of the sand. Art has always been a way for underserved voices to be heard in democracies and there's no reason this cycle should be any different. Bigshot Toyworks' latest project is a collaboration with Ron English and Kidrobot that directly engages the American political process. "Uncle Skam" examines and exposes the weaknesses of our particular form of representative government and comes with a challenge to do it better. 

    Bigshot first worked with Ron English 10 years ago, and has revisited this working relationship since then. Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks explains that because of their different working processes, there’s a lot of room to create something together. Ron’s big ideas, in this case an Uncle Sam obese off the backs of the taxpayers, pair with the details that Klim fills in. “The nice thing about working with Kidrobot and Ron is that it’s very collaborative,” says Klim. “There were opportunities for suggestions that weren’t in the original drawings like the hamburger filled with money and that hat’s removable so you can see a really funky, awesome comb over. Ron had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted to do and the rest was up to us to turn his ideas into a 3D object.“ It’s these small details that end up rounding out the whole thematic experience and make the toys into precious works of art that find a home in the most exclusive collections.

    Bigshot Toyworks is no stranger to taking on political issues, and subverting popular iconography to make a point. Whether it’s Tony the Tiger aghast at the contents of contemporary cereals or a My Little Pony distracted from its own expiring media (and many more), Bigshot likes to play with these ideas. As a result, working with Ron on this project was a no brainer. “A lot of Ron’s messaging is really on point,” says Klim. “He just kind of pokes fun and peels off the layers of the stinky onion. He communicates his messages through cartoony imagery so it makes you kind of look at it a different way. It’s always great fun to work with Frank Kozik, the Creative Director of Kidrobot, and his team, and Ron of course. He’s always a blast.”

    The release date for "Uncle Skam" is still under wraps but it's coming up fast. Stay tuned. 

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