• 10.21.10

    Bigshot Toyworks Brings Ape Face to Life for Sun Bum

    Bigshot Toyworks helps Sun Bum bring their love-able ape face logo to life with 16" tall vinyl figures (shown above) and 2.5" keychain figures. The vinyl toys and keychains are used as promos in-store and as takeaways during tradeshows. Sun Bum is a line of specially formulated sunscreens that protect the skin from UV rays.

    Bigshot Toyworks transformed the existing icon without losing the essence of the original image. The translation from 2D image to 3D figure has bode well for Sun Bum, retailers reported quick sales of their display figures as well as immediate reorders for more figures.

    The original Sun Bum logo

    The digital sculpture by Bigshot Toyworks, to be broken down for production

    The final Sun Bum vinyl figure and keychains in production

    The 2.5" keychain versions features a closed finger/thumb sculpt on the hand that allows for a ball-chain to be threaded through. This allows for the sturdy attachment of the keychain while avoiding additional pieces or carved holes that would detract from the integrity of the character.

    Sun Bum Retail display

    Sun Bum
    Bigshot Toyworks at Bernstein & Andriulli
    Bigshot Toyworks on Behance

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