• 8.22.17

    Bewilder Opens the Potential of Facebook

    Social media connects us. It brings users together from all over the world and acts as a meeting place for anyone who logs on to interact. It started with status updates and sharing photos, but has become the most powerful tool in the world, offering captive audiences for brands and forums to gauge, change, or witness massive social movements. Facebook is the new meeting house, Instagram is the new museum. And all of them can be the perfect platform on which to launch your next business. Facebook just teamed up with Bewilder to show off their Creative Shop that helps businesses tell their stories on the social media platform. In a series of three videos Ruan Vermeulen and his team focused on three different messages that every business needs to know and understand to activate their base on Facebook in the best and most effective ways.

    The three messages from the three videos are each unique, but each shows the power of the platform. The first video, “Spark Client Relationships,” portrays two kernels of popcorn pop from their vigorous handshaking, showing that they each become better through their relationships. Plus much more delicious. Your business can meet new clients through Facebook, engaging new members of a community and showing off your skills.

    In Bewilder’s “Be The Hero” animation, a lollipop gets a call and transforms into a caped defender. As a social media platform, Facebook offers users a space to offer complaints or grievances. Access to that allows for quick witted businesses to create solves.

    Finally, the “Shake Up Ideas” spot shows dozens of bottles of soda dancing along to a new groove and finally exploding with ecstasy. Since social media is so fast, it’s offers the perfect opportunity to test new ideas and strategies and see how they work before making them bigger messages. It can help the risk averse and the creatively willing.

    What do you need in your business? Bewilder shows that maybe the way you approach Social Media can help.

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