• 9.14.16

    Ben Rayner from Start to Finish

    Ben Rayner got his start in music photography and let the rest of his career grow from there. It’s been a natural evolution since the first time he picked up a camera in his teens. To an outsider his lack of formal training might seem like a disadvantage, but it’s actually allowed him to create a relationship with his camera and image making as a process that is more energetic and based on direct human interactions. He brought that visceral expertise in his latest shoot with Hailey Baldwin, playing off her personality in a pitch-perfect study for the way he operates. “I was trying to capture her spirit and essence and just trying to make her look great and cool and as natural as possible,” says Ben. With Hailey it was about her as a subject, but he brings the same eye to fashion.

    When Ben was commissioned by apparel brand Lazy Oaf to offer his aesthetic to their lookbook, he dove right in. The tone of the brand was just the right match for his style. “The playfulness of the brand and the products was relatable,” Ben says. “It was a youthful playfulness and fun energy that I hope that came across in the work.” It’s a native match with Ben’s energy, making for effortless results.

    Ben combined both the worlds of portraiture and fashion photography for UK Glamour in a shoot that acts almost as a micro chasm of the way he loves to create. “In an ideal world my fashion work is almost a photo diary of a day,” says Ben. “I’d like to make it feel like it’s just me and her. It’s that kind of feeling and aesthetic. Ultimate comfort, really, between me and the subject. These are the pictures we would make if we weren’t being commissioned by someone. A running commentary on my daily experience.” In total you can almost line all of his work up, image after image, in a parade as a single project. He wants to bring that same excitement, energy, and relatability to every image and relationship he creates with his camera in hand and deliver it as an accessible experience drawing his viewers into that world. Everything you see Ben work on is authentically Ben, lending out his point of view to all of his collaborators.

    Please join us in welcoming Ben Rayner to the roster at B&A.


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