• 10.13.17

    Ben Rayner and Jigsaw Take On The Issues of the Day

    Fashion is one big conversation that started as soon as we humans began putting clothes on our backs and it continues to this day. We see styles across the street, across the ocean, across the border and incorporate them into our own language, constantly blending cultures and redefining our own. That’s why British fashion brand Jigsaw decided to make Immigration the center of their latest campaign, shot by Ben Rayner. They recognize that their work as an apparel brand is only possible because of border crossings. “Without immigration, we’d be selling potato sacks,” they say.

    “It was a really nice campaign to be a part of,” says Ben. “It morphed a little bit but it was such a nice idea because Britain is a multicultural melting pot. That’s why it’s such a nice idea especially in current times when immigration sometimes is seen as negative.” To bring the message home, Ben, Jigsaw, and creative agency The Corner, cast models from all varieties of cultural backgrounds while shooting the images in a 17th century British Manor. It’s a blending. “We were tying together an English country house; really old things and new things as well,” Ben explains.

    But it wasn’t all serious work on set that day. Ben is known for his images that feel intimate and of the moment – and there’s only one way to make that happen. “We knew which models we had to shoot in which outfits, but other than that we got the run of the house,” Ben says. “We really got to experiment a lot and play a lot. So we got the complete run of this awesome old manor house and it was kind of on a lot of beautiful land and it really does look as amazing as it does in the pictures.” The cast and Ben jumped from room to room, photographing set-ups that felt right in the moment, moving as they felt caused to – they were free to move and collaborate, blend ideas and work together, just like a world with no borders.

    The campaign has been received beautifully and it’s restarted a conversation about immigration and fashion in the UK. Even AdAge wrote about the campaign that can be seen in and around Oxford Circus, the London equivalent of Times Square. Check it out! You don’t want to be the last one.

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