• 12.3.15

    B&A Presents the Space52 Mural Project at Art Basel

    Art Basel is a mecca for artists all over the world. Once a year, the most creative minds converge on Miami to rub shoulders with one another, but more importantly to talk about art and creation as a hotbed for inspiration. As an artists’ agency we are acutely interested in the development of creative ideas and think Art Basel is a fantastic opportunity for creative merging. This year we wanted to get more involved and teamed up with Space52 for the Space52 Mural Project. We tapped Tristan Eaton to curate a huge wall in Miami that will play residence for an incredible collection of artists to display their work and engage in a visual discourse of how we should think about the current state of art.

    Murals give us the opportunity to interact with art at an unprecedented scale. They rarely fit in museums and they certainly aren’t the same as checking out a JPEG on our iPhones. Instead, they live out in the real world, forcing us to look up and around, taking ideas and making them as big as our experiences. The wall that the Space52 Mural Project is on is longer than 220 feet, filling an entire street corner, providing the perfect canvas for large-scale communication. It takes some big characters to make pieces robust enough to fill the wall and Tristan picked an impressive group.

    The prestige of muralists is that there’s fugitive power about them. Many of these artists first flirted with spray paint through illicit activity that has blossomed into the development of powerful creative minds, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Stephen Bliss joins Tristan Eaton on the wall, along with Askew1, HUSH, David Flores, Esao Andrews, Drew Merritt, Cyrcle, Dave Kinsey, and Hauser. They’re all working on their pieces as you read this, offering a live demonstration of how they work and inviting the public to see every line of the creative process.

    We knew Montana Gold would be the perfect partner for this wall because of what they offer. As one of the premier spray paint brands in the world, working with their products meant that these artists would get the exact materials they needed to create the most beautiful imagery possible. A huge Thank You is owed to Montana Gold and their generosity in making this project possible.

    Please consider this your invitation to check out the Space52 Mural Project and all the incredible contributing artists at 2160 NW 1st Avenue in Miami, Florida.

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