• 5.18.11

    B&A Artists Illustrate Bottles for 1800 Tequila

    Five B&A artists collaborate with 1800 Tequila on the third edition of the Essential Artists Series. Tes One, Gary Baseman, Tristan Eaton, Ray Smith, and Yuko Shimizu produced unique interpretations of Luchadore (professional Mexican wrestler) for the Lucha Libre-themed tequila bottles. The series is a chance for 1800 to bring a contemporary, artistic touch to the brand.

    Ray Smith's bottle was inspired by his ongoing series of mask-like pieces called Symmians. His Lucha Libre Symmian gets his power from elemental forces and tequila. Yuko Shimizu's bottle features a close-up shot of a Luchadore face. She added drama by cropping the face and adding flying flames. Since tequila is made from the agave plant, Shimizu based the Luchadore's mask on the plant's shape and pattern.

    Only 1800 bottles were produced for the limited edition run, which launched with a party sponsored by VICE Magazine on May 5th.

    Client: 1800 Tequila
    Talent: Gary Baseman, Tes One, Tristan Eaton, Ray Smith, Yuko Shimizu

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