• 9.1.11

    B&A Artists for Kid Robot x Swatch

    Tara McPherson, Jeremyville, and Gary Baseman lend their artistic talents to a new collaboration between Kid Robot and Swatch. The collaboration brings together the classic Gent Original Swatch and Kid Robot's iconic vinyl Dunny as a collectible pair. McPherson, Jeremyville, and Baseman were three of eight contemporary artists asked to put their own unique design on the pairs.

    McPherson's set is called "The Eyes are Watching" and features one of her characters, Carina a three-eyed space cat hanging out in a field of eyeball flowers. The eyes wrap around the watch's band so they can be seen from all angles. The band is also frosted with a see-through frame in McPherson's signature palette. Of the experience, McPherson says it was "fun for sure," and "it was a nice challenge to figure out how to make something work on such a limited amount of space."

    Jeremyville has collaborated with Kid Robot on toys in the past but this is his first time designing a watch. His set is called "The So Far Away" and features a new character, Ibbity Pop, from his upcoming storybook of the same name. Jeremyville wanted the strap and face of the watch to represent the furry body and the face of Ibbity Pop. The arms also create eyebrows for the character and at 10:08 a frown appears over his face.

    Baseman's set is called "Midnight Magi" and is inspired by one of his original characters. The strap is black matte with black gloss and there is just a hint of color in the ghostly character.

    The Kid Robot x Swatch collaboration is on sale now. Visit Kid Robot's site for where to buy.

    See more of Tara McPherson's work here.

    See more of Jeremyville's work here.

    See more of Gary Baseman's work here.

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