• 9.17.14

    Zach Gold Shows Us What We Were Missing

    Just this week, The Brooklyn Museum opened their show “Killer Heels” sponsored by W Magazine. The show includes hundreds of vintage and reconstructed high heels that span the entire history of the famed accessory, as well as six fashion videos by Steven Klein, Nick Knight, Zach Gold, Rashaad Newsome, Ghada Amer, and Reza Farkhondeh. Though this show only just opened, Zach Gold has been working on the project for years. When the idea first came to him he approached the Brooklyn Museum to foster the project, and has been involved in the conception, artist selection, and completion of “Killer Heels.” The results of which are, according to The New York Times, unparalleled: “Killer Heels is among the most gorgeous and meticulously organized shows mounted by the Brooklyn Museum in some years.”

    “Fashion has historically been communicated as still images,” Zach explains. “But fashion is so much more about the creation of a fantasy space, people in motion, and clothes meant to be worn and seen in motion. These films have the abstract ability to create fairytale.” By choosing a collective focus, like the high heel, all of these artists had the same central idea to play off of. A through line that connected them all. However, it’s really about pushing the edges of what audiences have come to expect from fashion films. “This could really be a return to what fashion photography was: this incredible collaborative playground where stylists and designers and people like me can explore the fantasy landscape that fashion makes available and creates fresh experiences for the audience,” Zach says.

    Zach compares the experience of the fashion video to the music video. Prior to “Video Killed the Radio Star” fans only listened to the music and accepted the experience from one of five senses. When music videos hit the scene in the early 80s, suddenly music lovers had a revolutionary way to interact with songs for a more complete sensory experience. “I lived through that as a teenager and it was a revelation,” Zach says. “Music videos shifted the whole communication. It changed the message. It created new worlds and universes in three and a half minutes.” That participation is exactly what Zach is eliciting with his work in “Killer Heels.” 

    Zach is careful to not put a pin in defining exactly what he and the other artists are doing with their work. He doesn’t want to constrain the possibilities into named boxes and a bound future. Instead, he’d prefer to step back and see where it goes. “The general idea is to keep this as a playground for people who work, think and see in this way, and to avoid what happened with the rigid form of a thirty second commercial,” Zach says. That way the fairytales keep spinning. It transcends story and goes directly into the experience of consuming fashion in a fundamentally more exciting way.  Like that first music video, Zach is working to force us to see the layers behind what we normally see. “That was a big part of where I came from and those are my influences,” he says about growing up watching those videos that changed everything. “So to have that chance to do that with fashion is really a gift.”

  • 9.3.14

    The Multidisciplinary Oasis of Zach Gold and Shotopop

    The skyline of Las Vegas traces its own reputation of luxury and vice. Indulgence meets excess in the city that keeps your secrets. The whole city is a bustling economy built into the middle of the desert, a true man made city. It is an oasis, an escape from the desolation around itself, designed by the architects of extravagance.

    The latest addition to the human island in the sea of sand is the Delano, a resort built upon foundations of dunes and the openness of the flat lands around it. Rather than shrugging off the desert surrounding as a liability, the Delano uses its heritage as a jumping off point, bathing itself in the stripped down aesthetic. To capture this internal contrast the hotel tapped photographer Zach Gold and animation studio Shotopop, both Bernstein & Andriulli Artists, to combine their talents into the perfect communication of the new standard the Delano bears.

    The Delano presents the impossible: plush luxury placed in the middle of an unfriendly environment. But it thrives anyway. To present this impossibility is to play off the expectations and assumptions of the viewer. The intimacy that Zach Gold’s print campaign exposes between the two subjects in the film is curious, effortless, and quiet. The intensity is internal, and close.

    In Shotopop’s video, the bare landscapes of the sand flats reflect off 3D renderings of explosive geometry. Textures mirror from CGI to practical furniture finding consistency in theme and variation in tone. It is a marriage of the impossible and possible, like elegance in the desert. It is the playful geometry of the unshapable. Shotopop’s animation explores the greater strokes, the energy that moves beyond the tangible self into the extracorporeal experience. They combine 2D and 3D animation, bending reality and moving beyond our preconceived limits.

    The combination of these two mediums communicates an understanding and experience that could not be managed alone.

  • 6.10.14

    Zach Gold's Rolling Stone cover finds an adult Jack White in a boyhood dream

    Just a few years ago, Jack White left his home of Detroit Michigan for a new one in Nashville, Tennessee. The “Music City” was the perfect place for this neo-iconic Rocker to build his “eigenes Imperium” (that’s German for “Private empire”). Zach Gold, who took Jack’s photo for the cover of Rolling Stone Germany, summed it up aptly saying, “He has created a special environment that feels like a fully realized boyhood dream.” What is that boyhood dream? “To make a creative space for yourself that is completely your own,” Zach explains.

    But even though his empire is like a boyhood dream, the photos that Zach produced for the German branch of music’s premiere publication are vignetted by a solemnity, a shadow that could only be cast by an impression of lived maturity. The star has seen his share of public trials, along with attempts to shrug them off by saying, “Everything apart from the music is a trick.”

    But Zach explains that the reverie we see Jack in is not entirely spontaneous. That the musician is “at the same time both completely aware of what he wants the pictures to be like and being really open to other ideas.” So maybe we’re all in on the trick?

    It all comes with the territory. Zach explains the admiration he has for Jack White saying, “I have been a huge fan of his work and think of him as one of the biggest talents of his generation.” That voice has to be very well calibrated to make sure it comes through precisely the way it’s supposed to.

  • 3.26.14

    Zach Gold and Ariat Bring Horseback Riding to Brooklyn Studio

    Zach Gold brought the horseback-and bull-riding worlds to his Brooklyn studio for Ariat's "Know Where You Stand" advertisements. "It's a cool campaign because it takes a traditional equestrian apparel brand rooted in tradition and gives it a contemporary feel," the photographer remarked. "It allows Ariat to be seen differently by a new audience."

    The images feature professional bull rider James Burton "J.B." Mauney and Hannah Selleck, a show jumper. "Working with pro-athletes always makes movement concepts easy to shoot," Gold explained. "They are tough and they are familiar with the physicality of performance." For J.B.'s turn in front of the camera, Gold wanted it to appear as though he was dismounting a bull: "In the end, we had my set designer, Michael, help out … J.B. would jump straight up and Michael would hip check him as hard as he could once he was airborne."

    "J.B. was game," Gold noted. "For someone who gets slammed by 1,500-pound bulls for a living, it wasn't really a stretch."

  • 2.3.14

    Drake by Zach Gold Covers Vibe's Race Issue

    Zach Gold photographed Drake, the 27-year-old rapper responsible for last year's best album according to Vibe, for the publication's winter issue. "I had a few conversations with the magazine's team about my approach," Gold remembered. "Drake is a great, easygoing guy and in most images, he's wearing a huge grin, so I wanted to show a different side of him – something internal and aggressive." Shooting black-and-white closeups added to the intensity of the portraits.

    Gold opened up his Brooklyn studio to the musician and his team. "They're all friends from high school and you can feel the connection," he noted. "When Drake arrived, we talked about the creative direction and he was on the same page. I think the pictures came out really well and achieved what we wanted them to."

    Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Drake on set below.

  • 10.3.13

    Two Sides of Taylor Swift by Zach Gold for Diet Coke

    Zach Gold captured the many faces of Taylor Swift for Diet Coke's latest campaign.  

    "The concept was to make images based on those graphic, old playing cards to illustrate two of her roles," explained Gold. "She does so much for her own career – she's the CEO of her company, she's the songwriter, she's the performer, she's a style icon both on and off the red carpet ... the advertisements show her range and celebrate her."   

    Gold gave Swift mostly positional and mood direction, and noted that she remained enthusiastic for the duration of the ten-hour shoot. "Anybody else would be a puddle of exhaustion on the floor, but she knows exactly what needs to happen and delivers," the photographer said. "When she put on her iPod, she was taken to this other place and I could see how deeply her music is her life. When I see a person that is that passionate, it's really inspiring."  

    He also appreciated the opportunity to photograph the musician in a studio, instead of on location with plenty of production: "It was a very civilized way to work."

    Agency: Droga5

  • 6.28.13

    Moving at Warp Speed with Zach Gold & Nike

    Zach Gold shifts things into hyperdrive with two video clips for Nike's "Warp Speed" campaign. The first focuses on Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson and showcases his signature Nike CJ81 Elite TD cleat, as well as some of Calvin's on the field moves. The second clip is a montage of the NFL's top athletes and includes Calvin, Baltimore Raven Ray Rice, San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick and more. In both clips the shots shift quickly between close ups of the athletes and action shots because this is warp speed after all.

  • 1.14.13

    Zach Gold Shoots Deron Williams for Red Bull

    Zach Gold shoots Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams at Barclays Center for Red Bull. Zach played a heavy role in concepting this campaign that was shot to coincide with the Center's opening. The video pictures Deron dribbling a basketball in slow motion and resolves with the text "Brooklyn's Got Wings". This ran along the outside of the stadium during the Center's opening.

    Artist: Zach Gold
    Agency: Doubleday & Cartwright

  • 11.19.12

    Zach Gold Takes a Dive with Ford

    Zach Gold shoots the campaign for the Ford B-MAX on location in Barcelona. The B-MAX is a new kind of car with rear sliding doors, no B-pillars and more room. The concept for the project was to show how large the interior of the B-MAX is and that's where the Olympic diving pool and stuntman come into the picture.

    Zach worked with Karin Onsager Birch, Serge Pennings and Steve Clarke from BlueHive (UK). The talent was stuntman Bobby Holland-Hanton who has done work for the Batman, Thor and James Bond films. Zach and BlueHive tried a few different ideas but decided on the see-through view of the B-MAX opening into a shot of the diver.
  • 10.11.12

    Zach Gold and Nike: #FastisFaster

    "Fast can't be contained. It can't be stopped. Fast will leave the stadium. Fast will become life."

    These are the opening lines for Nike's Fast is Faster campaign that's draws on the company's commitment to speed and pushing performance to the limit. Fast is Faster originally launched in conjunction with the NFL Draft earlier this year, and now Nike's giving new life to the campaign with a line of clothes and with bringing on Zach Gold to shoot the collection.

    The campaign features prominent footballers Victor Cruz, Mark Sanchez, DeSean Jackson, and Calvin Johnson. On the women's side, WNBA player Swin Cash and Sports Illustrated models Hillary Rhoda and Chrissy Teigen are included.

  • 10.4.12

    Zach Gold for Redd's Angel or Demon

    Zach Gold is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to photography and film. Named "one of the leaders in creative image making," Zach combines photography and computer graphics to capture movement beautifully. In this short, Zach has teamed up with Redd's Beer for their "Angel or Demon" campaign.

    Redd's is not a typical beer so Zach took an atypical approach. The Polish beer is preferred primarily by women, who like its fruit taste because it offsets the bitterness. So instead of focusing on the experience around social drinking as most beer advertisements do, Zach focused on the individual experience consumers can have with the beer. The video starts with close up shots of colorful flowers and apples and a woman asking, "are you ready to play with me?" The narration continues throughout, peaking the viewer's curiosity as to what the product could be. Zach orchestrates the video so that movement is perfectly timed with the drums in the African inspired music. Through the short, the fruit and flowers seem to take on a life of their own, moving without propulsion. The video reaches a climax when we see a red and green apple (the angel and demon) collide and explode, dissolving into a fine cloud of red dust. The final shot is of a red orchid floating down slowly to land next to a bottle of Redd's Dry Beer.
  • 4.23.12

    Recent Photography from Zach Gold

    Zach Gold photographs recent campaigns for Adidas, Ubisoft, and Dominic Louis. Gold shot two campaigns for the sportswear company, including a women's campaign and a second campaign with martial arts star and actor Jet Li. He also shot campaigns for the Ubisoft video game "Assassin's Creed" and up-and-coming designer Dominic Louis.

    Gold traveled to Beijing to shoot for the two campaigns for Adidas. He photographed Adidas Womens with Yao Chen, an award-winning Chinese actress and celebrity. The concept was "Come Out and Play" and incorporated modern dance movements and group play themes. The second campaign, with Jet Li, is for Wuji, the brand's line of martial arts-inspired clothing. Gold photographed it in an old movie studio outside Beijing. The concept was to take important chapters in his life and find an image that represented that time and project it on the wall behind him. Gold says Li "an amazing presence - very powerful and an intense gaze," and adds, "watching him do his wuji is one of the most powerful things I have ever seen."

    Gold reunited with Travis Britton, a Creative Director at Cutwater, on the new Assassin's Creed campaign. The ad features three athletes, Adrian Peterson, BJ Penn, and Derrick Rose, who are also fans of the video game. Gold found them all great to work with and adds,"it was really cool to see how much respect they have for each other as well."

    Gold collaborated with Dominic Louis, a young menswear designer, for the first time on a series of portraits. The subjects were people who had had some hurdle or difficulty to overcome in their life to become who they are today. Gold shot 10 people in one day. The portraits were hung at Louis' recent fashion show.

    See more of Zach Gold's photography here.

    Client: Adidas Women
    Agency: TBWA
    Creative Director: Kevin Lunsong
    Photographer: Zach Gold

    Client: Ubisoft
    Project: "Assassin's Creed"
    Agency: Cutwater
    Creative Director: Travis Britton
    Photographer: Zach Gold

  • 11.9.11

    Zach Gold Photographs Jet Li for Adidas

    Zach Gold captures Chinese actor and martial artist Jet Li for the 2011 Adidas Wu Ji campaign. Gold was commissioned by the sportswear Company and TBWA to shoot four images for the campaign. Wu Ji is a line created by Adidas in partnership with Li. The campaign focuses on Li and his remarkable life and milestones. The first milestone highlighted is the 1975 National Wu Shu competition at which Li took first place at age 12 and then went on to win six times. The second milestone is Shaolin Temple, Li's first major film production.

    The shoot took place in a studio in Beijing. Sets were built to replicate Li's 1975 Wu Shu training space and the Shaolin Temple film set. The sets reference China in the 1970s and 1980s, which proved difficult, as China was a very different place forty years ago. Of working with Li, Gold calls him amazing and says, "he just lets go with his movement and an electricity fills the room and you know you are in the presence of a master."

    The 2011 Jet Li Wu Ji campaign for Adidas is out now.

    See more of Zach Gold's photography here.

    Client: Adidas
    Agency: TBWA
    Photographer: Zach Gold

  • 9.19.11

    Zach Gold for Dickies

    Zach Gold photographs the "Life Hurts" campaign for Dickies. Since 1922 the workwear company has been making tough, durable clothes from heavy-duty twill. Their latest campaign highlights their heritage, claiming "When Life Hurts, Dickies Endures."

    Gold shot models on locations in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and New Jersey. His photographs show working men at the worst moments in their job. A plumber trying to stop an exploding toilet, a rodeo jockey getting bucked by a cow, and a rocker being pummeled by fans at a concert are all shown in the Dickies clothes.

    Gold's ads for Dickies are out now. They can be seen in print and on the Dickies website.

    See more of Zach Gold's photography here.

    Client: Dickies
    Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
    Photographer: Zach Gold

  • 9.2.11

    Zach Gold's Fashion Film Screens at New Holland and More

    Zach Gold's fashion film, "String Theory," for A.F. Vandevorst is currently screening at New Holland in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Gold and the Belgian fashion house collaborated on the film in 2010. It is a dream-like interpretation of the Spring 2010 collection and features a young woman experiencing brief rifts in her reality. Vogue.com described it as "the beginning of a whole new genre of entertainment; fashion cinema, a collision of the worlds of design and moviemaking."

    This year "String Theory" is screening at film festivals around the world. It was recently screened at Out of Fashion, as part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012 alongside other fashion films for brands like Prada and Comme des Garcons. It is currently showing in Sao Paolo and at New Holland. New Holland is an artist island developed by Dasha Zhukova in the heart of Saint Petersburg. The island was first envisioned 300 years ago as the private residence of Peter the Great. However the plans were scrapped and for those hundreds of years it was used for storage and naval purposes. Last year Zhukova and the Iris Foundation began a restoration project to turn it into a space for museums, galleries, and conceptual art attractions and live performances. Later this fall the film will be screened in Moscow.

    See more of Zach Gold's photography here.

    Directed by Zach Gold
    DoP: Steve Romano
    Art Director: Michael Sturgeon
    Stylist: David Dumas
    Hair Stylist: Eloise Cheung
    Make-Up: Vincent Oquendo
    Model: Evelina Mambatova
    Music by: Casa Nova Studios

  • 8.12.11

    Zach Gold Captures Ming Xi for Style Magazine

    Zach Gold photographs the cover and an inside spread for South China Morning Post's Style Magazine. Gold captured Chinese model Ming Xi for a piece on her rise in the industry. Xi models purple hair and clothing from Jason Wu, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana and others.

    See more of Zach Gold's photography here.

    Publication: Style Magazine
    Photographer: Zach Gold
    Stylist: Julie Ragolia
    Hair: Raymond McLaren
    Makeup: Wendy Karcher
    Casting Director: Maurilio Carnino for MTC Casting INC
    Stylist Assistants: Erin O'Keefe, Adrienne Robles

  • 7.29.11

    Zach Gold Captures World Gold's New Campaign

    Zach Gold photographs the latest campaign from the World Gold Council. The council oversees market development for the gold industry and is the voice of authority for gold. Gold was commissioned by BBH to photograph gold jewelry from several different brands based in Asia.

    Gold photographed models in jewelry from brands like Bai and Mingr in a studio in Shanghai. The models were cast from Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. The images are currently running all over markets in Asia.

    See more of Zach Gold's photography here.

    Client: World Gold Council
    Agency: BBH
    Photographer: Zach Gold
    Stylist: Julia Ragolia

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