• 9.21.18

    Yuko Shimizu Gives Face to SK-II's Regional Exclusives

    Japan is known the world over for cutting edge skincare, earning global fans for dozens of brands that offer their own varieties of scrubs and serums, masks and toners. All of those products find themselves wrapped up in trends that aren’t only based on what’s available but also what the communities are using. For SK-II, a Japanese brand that caters to consumers all over the world, those trends come and go, but they’re always aware of their customers. SK-II recently invited Yuko Shimizu to create a bevy of unique boxes for specific markets, and Yuko created a collection of different pieces that plays on the cultures, aesthetics, and habits of those different markets. 

    SK-II is based in Japan, but their products are distributed everywhere, especially in Asia. So, Yuko created six different illustrations that were affixed to packaging that made its way to Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, and Japan. She filled each image with cultural references specific to the exclusive release locations. The China image features a Chinese woman covered in hibiscus flowers in front of Shanghai’s skyline, while the Japanese image finds a woman weaving through bamboo in front of a sea referencing Hokusai’s famous block print under a red rising sun. Every image features Yuko’s signature sense of humor, her loyalty to detail, and astounding creativity.

    The process was far more expansive than what we get to see in the final compositions, and if you’re curious to see more head over to her blog for some added insight. 

    The boxes were made available exclusively in the markets described at the local airports and catered towards women who partake in the Art of Travel. Plus they were limited edition, so if don’t have a box already: you’ve probably already missed out.

  • 5.9.14

    AI-AP Includes B&A Names in American Illustration 33

    Five Bernstein & Andriulli talents are "Selected" winners of AI-AP's American Illustration 33.

    The catalog contains: Bright Nick Summer bumpers by Jeremyville; two works by Josh Cochran – "The User Experience, Team of One" and "S.E.A. Food: The Street Food of Southeast Asia" for Lucky Peach Magazine; Stan Chow's "Return Engagement," a portrait of Metropolitan Orchestra conductor James Levine for The New Yorker; John Hendrix's "Shooting at the Stars" and "The Sittin' Up" book covers, along with pages from his Church Sketchbook series. Yuko Shimizu rounds out the group with cover art for both DC Comics' "The Unwritten" and Kelly Luce's short stories collection "Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail," and her piece "Birds and Bees" for Nautilus Magazine.

    Submissions by "Selected" winners appear online and in the AI33 book, to be released come November.


  • 12.17.13

    Yuko Shimizu in 3D for Trussardi's 'Sky Watcher'

    Trussardi tapped Yuko Shimizu to draw the characters and scenery for "Sky Watcher," an animated short that marks the 40th anniversary of the fashion brand's greyhound logo. "The greyhound is a distinct symbol of curiosity and elegance with a vein of irreverence, which is why we decided to celebrate it in a modern and fun way," said creative director Gaia Trussardi in a press release. "Working with [director] James [Lima] on the base of Yuko’s illustrations turned out to be a great experience, also thanks to the technologies that allowed us to work together to create this film without leaving our bases in Milan, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo."

    In total, Shimizu submitted close to 100 visuals, after sketching each by hand, asking an assistant to color and scan each, and perfecting them herself in Photoshop. "For a single character, I would do the front, back, side, and a few other variations," she told B&A. "I designed about ten different buildings and they were recreated and put together to form the city." The film was unveiled December 4 in Tokyo, then Milan, and on Trussardi.com the following day.

    "Sky Watcher" is the artist's first 3D-animated project. "My work appears mainly in or on magazines, newspapers, and books, and I have total control – not necessarily in terms of art direction, but I start and finish it. I couldn't imagine my work moving; I couldn't imagine my flat drawings in three dimensions," she explained. "With this, I sent it off [to James] and he did a wholly separate job, and I didn't know how it would turn out. But I think if I want to take my work to the next level, there are limitations to what I can do and the key is collaborating with other professionals. It's scary, yet exciting at the same time."

  • 4.30.13

    Announcing AI-AP B&A Winners

    American Illustration and American Photography recently announced their selections for 2013 featuring work from the world's top image makers. John Hendrix, Tara McPherson (winning piece pictured first), and Yuko Shimizu were among the B&A illustrators selected for American Illustration 32. Works by photographers Jamie Chung, Nick & Chloe, Michael Turek, and Stephen Wilkes were chosen to appear in American Photography 29.

    American Illustration 32 B&A Artists:

    John Hendrix
    Teddy Roosevelt, Disney/Hyperion Books
    George Washington, Disney/Hyperion Books
    Kingdom Sport, Sports Illustrated

    Yuko Shimizu
    Man on Bike with Tulips
    Samurai Hanging in Tree
    Woman's Pubic Hair

    American Photography 29 B&A Artists:

    Jamie Chung
    Oyster, Real Simple Magazine
    Tough Mudder, Men's Health

    Nick & Chloe
    Female Nude with 3D Sculpture
    Female Nude with 3D Sculpture
    Kid with Clown Hats, Moon

    Michael Turek
    Horse Jumping Triptych, Departures

    Stephen Wilkes
    Aerial Sandy Storm Damage, TIME Magazine

  • 1.24.13

    Spotlight on Yuko Shimizu's Sundance Illustration

    Yuko Shimizu was invited to create an image for Todd Oldham's new art book Sundance Film Festival A to Z. 26 illustrators came together to create images for this alphabet book that celebrates the history and legacy of the films, actors, and directors of the festival.

    By the time Yuko signed onto the project, there were only two letters left. Yuko asked Todd Oldham Studio to choose one and they picked the Letter K. For the piece, Yuko had to incorporate four unrelated things into one image: actress Catherine Keener, film director Barbara Kopple and films Kentucky Fried Movie and The Kid Stays in the Picture. "I took inspiration from Stenberg Brothers - Russian illustrators and graphic designers from the 1920s and two artists I look up to. They created a lot of posters cleverly juxtaposing multiple scenes," Yuko says.

    Sundance Film Festival A to Z can be purchased on Sundance Festival Store, Amazon, or through other booksellers. There will be an exhibit of the artworks scheduled during the festival.

    Art Direction: Todd Oldham Studio
    Artists: Yuko Shimizu, Wesley Allsbrook, Morgan Blair, Chris Buzelli, Marcos Chin, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Alison Dubois, Daniel Fishel, (PLC) Jessica Grindstaff & Erik Sanko, Caitlin Heimerl, Patrick Hruby, Ricky Katowicz, Jean Kim, Greg Kozatek, Kevin Laughlin, Hillary Moore, Chris Silas Neal, Robyn Ng, Victo Ngai, Michele Romero, Dadu Shin, Armando Veve, Aaron Kent Warder, Jing Wei, JooHee Yoon and Bill Zandel

  • 1.3.13

    Yuko Shimizu Illustrates Her First Children's Book

    Yuko Shimizu illustrates her first children's book called Barbed Wire Baseball. The story takes place in a wartime Japanese internment camp and follows Kenichi "Zeni" Zenimura as he pursues his dreams of playing professional baseball.

    The book's dust cover references the aesthetic of John Gall's Sayonara Home Run!: The Art of the Japanese Baseball Card. Art Director Chad Beckerman handled the book's design and Yuko had help with the coloring process from Dadu Shin and Victor Ngai. Four spreads from Barbed Wire Baseball were also featured in American Illustration's recent annual publication. Barbed Wire Baseball is written by Marissa Moss and is scheduled for release later this spring.

  • 5.14.12

    B&A Illustrators in the American Illustration 31

    Tatiana Arocha, Thornberg & Forester, Olaf Hajek, John Hendrix, Rod Hunt, Peter Kraemer, Yuko Shimizu, and Simon Spilsbury make the list for this year's AI-AP American Illustration 31. The annual competition recognizes the best illustrations from the past year. A distinguished jury of editors from Rolling Stone, Men's Health, Random House, The New York Times, and Young & Rubicam selected the best from 2011 that will be published in a book later this year.

    Peter Kraemer's entry was his illustration "House of Heroes." The piece depicts the doorbell of an apartment tower and each name belongs to a superhero from movies and comic books. Tatiana Arocha's entries are two of her children's illustrations, featuring colorful and bright characters. Thornberg & Forester's entry is a composite illustration of the subway at DeKalb Avenue in New York. Olaf Hajek was recognized for his personal commission "Black Antoinette" for a private collector.

    Four illustrations by Yuko Shimizu made the list. Two illustrations are from the upcoming chidlren's book Barbed Wire Baseball, about a baseball player in a Japanese internment camp during World War II, out next year. A commissioned illustration for Playboy and one of her covers for the monthly comic book series "The Unwritten," were also recognized. Three illustrations by John Hendrix, two from his "Drawing in Church" series and his commissioned piece for Rolling Stone's Rock Trivia issue, were selected. Rod Hunt's cover for the book Transwonderland: Adventures in Nigeria was also selected. Finally, two of Simon Spilsbury's collage drawings made the list.

    Read more about the AI-AP American Illustration 31 here.

  • 9.9.11

    B&A Artists Exhibit at The Society of Illustrators

    John Hendrix, Yuko Shimizu, and Gary Baseman are among a celebrated list of illustrators showcasing their work for Rolling Stone at The Society of Illustrators in New York City. "Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review" includes over 80 original illustrations commissioned for the Record Review column of the magazine. The art spans over four decades and represents music legends such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, and Bob Dylan. The exhibit will also include rock and roll memorabilia and ephemera on loan from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio.

    John Hendrix's featured illustration is his first for the magazine, for the Beastie Boys' 2004 album "To The Five Boroughs." The album had post-9/11 themes and Hendrix chose to highlight them and the band's native New York setting in the artwork. The band is seen standing over Downtown Manhattan, facing the Statue of Liberty, whose torch has been replaced by a microphone.

    Yuko Shimizu's illustration in the show is for Garbage's 2005 album "Bleed Like Me". Lead singer Shirley Manson is seen front and center, with the stripes of her outfit bleeding out into the background where her bandmates appear in black, each holding a heart.

    Two of Gary Baseman's illustrations for Rolling Stone are included in the show. The first was for Fiona Apple's 1999 album "When the Pawn..." The second was for Sheryl Crow's self-titled album from 1996. They are both acrylic on canvas.

    "Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review" is on now at The Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators. The museum will hold an opening reception tonight at 6:30 pm. The show will run until October 22nd. For more information visit The Society of Illustrators website here.

    See more of John Hendrix's illustrations here.

    See more of Yuko Shimizu's illustrations here.

    See more of Gary Baseman's illustrations here.

  • 5.18.11

    B&A Artists Illustrate Bottles for 1800 Tequila

    Five B&A artists collaborate with 1800 Tequila on the third edition of the Essential Artists Series. Tes One, Gary Baseman, Tristan Eaton, Ray Smith, and Yuko Shimizu produced unique interpretations of Luchadore (professional Mexican wrestler) for the Lucha Libre-themed tequila bottles. The series is a chance for 1800 to bring a contemporary, artistic touch to the brand.

    Ray Smith's bottle was inspired by his ongoing series of mask-like pieces called Symmians. His Lucha Libre Symmian gets his power from elemental forces and tequila. Yuko Shimizu's bottle features a close-up shot of a Luchadore face. She added drama by cropping the face and adding flying flames. Since tequila is made from the agave plant, Shimizu based the Luchadore's mask on the plant's shape and pattern.

    Only 1800 bottles were produced for the limited edition run, which launched with a party sponsored by VICE Magazine on May 5th.

    Client: 1800 Tequila
    Talent: Gary Baseman, Tes One, Tristan Eaton, Ray Smith, Yuko Shimizu

  • 2.2.11

    B&A Artists in the Society of Illustrators' Annual Show

    Each year, the Society of Illustrators recognizes the top achievements within the field of illustration. Exhibitions and awards encompass all genres, media and level of expertise, from students to lifetime Society members. Illustrators 53: Book and Editorial Categories will recognize illustrations used in or for the cover of books and work commissioned for newspapers, magazines, medical or scientific journals, and online magazines.

    B&A would like to congratulate the following artists, Andrew Bannecker, Marcos Chin, Josh Cochran, John Hendrix, Rod Hunt, Yuko Shimizu, Mark Todd, and Steven Guarnaccia on their entrance into the show. Cochran will also be awarded a silver medal for his work Zombies vs. Unicorns, seen above.

    The opening reception will be held Friday, February 6th at 6:00 pm at 128 East 63rd Street in New York City. The show will run until February 19th. For more information visit the Society's website here.

    [caption id="attachment_5200" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Andrew Bannecker"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_5201" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="John Hendrix"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_5202" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Rod Hunt"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_5203" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Mark Todd"][/caption]

  • 9.1.10

    Yuko Shimizu in "Blow Up" at the Society of Illustrators

    Starting today through October 16th, 2010, the Society of Illustrators will exhibit "Blow Up" featuring Yuko Shimizu, Sam Weber, and Tomer Hanuka. Each artist comes from a distinct cultural background - Japan, Canada, and Israel, respectively. The show explores how their identities get "remixed" through meeting at an American crossroad.

    Shimizu creates 3 new works specifically for the show (Blow Up No.0 and No.1 pictured above). She says, "I wanted to show my creative process. I normally create loose sketches first, blow up the sketch to the size I want to draw, cut the watercolor paper, very loosely trace the sketch onto the paper using light box, then spend long hours (sometimes days) drawing with a Japanese brush that is specifically designed to write sutra as part of Buddhist practice. I try to figure out the details of the images as I create to make the long drawing process interesting and refreshing."

    L: Blow Up No.2, R: Blow Up No.3

    The finished drawing is then scanned and digitally colored. Color proofs are done to ensure consistency and to check details. Of the four works shown in the upstairs gallery, three are created specifically for the show.

    Shimizu explains, "'Blow Up No.0' was an actual recent assignment where the AD gave me a lot of freedom so I was able to play around and experiment with coloring, composition and imagery itself. Using this image as a starting point, I decided to create new pieces that play around with the definition of word 'blow up': bubble, storm blowing and explosion."

    The opening reception is September 10th at 6:30pm at the Society of Illustrators on 128 E. 63rd st, New York, NY. Hope to see you there.

    Original Art by Yuko Shimizu:
    1) Blow Up No.0: prelude (color corrected version)
    Originally published in PLANADVISER Magazine, AD: SooJin Buzelli
    Original drawing: ink on watercolor paper 17" x 22", colored on Adobe

    2) Blow Up No.1: The Bubble
    Created specifically for this show
    Original drawing: ink on watercolor paper 22" x 30", colored on Adobe

    3) Blow Up No.2: Storm Forming
    Created specifically for this show
    Original drawing: ink on watercolor paper 22" x 30", colored on Adobe

    4) Blow Up No.3: The Big Bang
    Created specifically for this show
    Original drawing: ink on watercolor paper 22" x 30", colored on Adobe

    Society of Illustrators
    Yuko Shimizu
    Yuko Shimizu at Drawger

  • 5.24.10

    Heart Art for Haiti Art Auction

    Heart Art Productions holds an art auction to raise funds for Haiti earthquake relief efforts. All proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders/M'edecins Sans Fronti`eres. Artwork from Tatiana Arocha, Kareem Black, Tristan Eaton, Yuko Shimizu, Michael Turek, Stephen Wilkes, and more are up for auction. Begin your bidding here. Auction closes June 17th at 11:59pm.

    Pictured above: Kareem Black: Untitled and Untitled
    Learn more about Kareem Black's time in Haiti.

    Michael Turek: Yorkshire

    Stephen Wilkes: Horse in Meadow

    L: Tristan Eaton x Filth: Untitled
    R: Yuko Shimizu: Untitled

    Tatiana Arocha: Red Yellow Sun
  • 4.27.10

    B&A Artists in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 51

    Communication Arts juror and design director of ALM Media Joan Ferrell says, "Illustration still has the power to communicate, inspire and, yes, sell in a more innovative and effective way, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon." Bernstein & Andriulli artists Josh Cochran, Dan Craig, Nathan Fox, John Hendrix, Kristian Olson, and Yuko Shimizu continue to inspire and innovate. Their work appears in the 51st issue of the Communication Arts Illustration Annual.

    Pictured above: Nathan Fox
    Art Director: Brian Anstey
    Designer: Jackie Blum
    Client: Entertainment Weekly
    "Heroes and Villains" debates whether the effect of pop icons are positive, negative, or somewhere in between.

    Illustrator: Yuko Shimizu
    Art Director: SooJin Buzelli
    Client: Asset International

    Shimizu created a series of illustrations for the covers and interiors of PlanSponsor and PlanAdviser investment magazines. Shimizu's wrap-around cover illustration for Ryunosuke Akutagawa's The Beautiful and the Grotesque is also honored in the "Unpublished" category. The novel will be published July 2010.

    Illustrator: Kristian Olson
    Art Director: Jay Dea
    Design Director: Joan Ferrell
    Client: The American Lawyer/ALM Media

    Olson's series looks at five emerging legal markets - Abu Dhabi, Brazil, India, Russia, and Singapore.

    Illustrator: John Hendrix
    Art Director: Matthew Lenning
    Client: American Illustration

    Hendrix's drawing appears on the front and back cover of American Illustration 28, a publication containing winning works from a jury selection.

    Illustrator: Dan Craig
    Art Director: Colin Jones
    Ad Agency: BBDO London
    Client: Birdseye

    Craig gave fish a posh life in an advertisement, poster, and bus stop image promoting a high-end line of frozen fish. The tagline reads "A Better Class of Fish." His advertisement for the Grand Victoria Casino "You Rule" also appears.

    Illustrator: Josh Cochran
    Art Director: Sonia Chaghaztbanian, Lauren Rille
    Client: Simon & Schuster

    Cochran captures unicorns and zombies at war for the cover of a young adult book of short stories that will be released September 2010.
  • 7.1.09

    Yuko Shimizu Wins Four Awards in Illustration Annual

    Every year Communication Arts publishes heavy tomes full of the best work in Illustration, Interactive, Design, Photography, and Advertising. In the 50th Anniversary edition of the Communication Arts Illustration Annual, Yuko Shimizu won not one, but four awards in the following categories:

    -Print Ad for the Beijing Paralympic Games (pictured)
    -Billboard campaign for Tiger Beer that ran in the United Kingdom

    -Covers for The Sandman: The Dream Hunters, a four issue mini-series comic that takes place in historical Japan

    -Article about the science, fact and fiction behind nightmares in Bostonia, an alumni publication of Boston University

  • 7.1.09

    Communication Arts Illustration Annual

    Out of the 5,470 entries that were submitted to the Communication Arts Illustration Annual (an 11% jump from the previous year), five Bernstein & Andriulli illustrators won in the following categories:

    Yuko Shimizu, Marcos Chin

    Josh Cochran(pictured), Yuko Shimizu

    For Sale:
    Victor Gadino

    Yuko Shimizu

    Fernanda Cohen

    For a full list of winners, see Communication Arts.

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