• 7.9.18

    Tristan Eaton's Bowery Wall Mural Offers an Intermission

    Made famous by Keith Haring’s legendary “Crack is Whack” mural from the 1970s, the Bowery Wall on Houston Street is the most well-known canvas for street art in New York City. Managed by Goldman Properties, the wall is more than a rite of passage for street artists, it is practically the peak of the form. Until a couple weeks ago, the wall hosted an original piece by Banksy, but he requested it come down early so Tristan Eaton grabbed his cans and got to work. He wanted to give us an indulgence that we often won't even give ourselves.

    Street art is one of the fastest forms of art and created outside of the pressures of capitalist structures. The results tend to be reactive and truthful, responding to the culture and politics with agility and boldness. Americans are currently engaged in intense political turmoil, the ramifications of which will likely to reverberate for decades. It's not just an American experience, but New Yorkers feel the issues acutely as the center of American culture. It’s a lot to take in on a daily basis, almost oppressively so, and Tristan wanted to give us a break. An intermission from the terror.

    “This piece is meant to be a break from the daily horror of global events, a momentary pause to let your mind wander and escape the collective anxiety felt in the United States today,” Tristan explained on his Instagram. “I was compelled to paint something intentionally apolitical. A literal INTERMISSION from the noise and madness - nothing more.”

    It’s notable that Tristan took over from Banksy whose piece was sharply political, an indictment of the Turkish government over their persecution of Zehra Dogan for painting an image of a destroyed Kurdish town draped in Turkish flags. In the endless battle to bend the curve of history towards justice, emotional and visual fatigue is real and a well-sharpened tool of the oppressor. Every soldier needs their rest, their respite. Tristan’s latest piece offers an intermission to find that rest, inspiration, and some colorful joy.

  • 12.7.16

    Tristan Eaton and Hublot Honor the "Concrete Jungle"

    The common wisdom about street artists is that they come from those streets themselves, drawing power from the grit between the sidewalk stones and the car exhaust that drifts between painted buildings. There’s a truth to that sentiment, but it’s not the exclusive truth. High fashion melds with more pedestrian arts all the time, and often gives over to these artists to help guide them creatively and move into unchartered waters. Tristan Eaton did that this fall when legendary watch company Hublot invited him to help them create a limited edition watch with his spin on things.

    The “Concrete Jungle” Classic Fusion Aerofusion Watch was inspired by the streets of New York. Tristan had Hublot create a mixture of concrete and epoxy resin, the first time that concrete has been featured on a Hublot face. On the other side of the watch, against the wearer’s skin, is Tristan’s painting of The Statue of Liberty. Even if the concrete aspect is too conceptual to understand the theme it’s there on the back.

    “When I met Jean-Francois [Sberro, Hublot America’s Managing Director], he had come to Miami to meet me, and I was painting a wall, sweaty and covered in dirt, probably had the worst B.O., and wearing a spray mask. He saw through all of that,” Tristan says. “[New York] made me the artist I am today. I’m sure everyone here knows how hard this city can be, so to fight through that jungle and persevere means a lot. This project is a really great way to honor [that].” 

    The watch is limited to 50 pieces, so if you want one act fast! Each watch retails for $19,500.

  • 7.26.16

    Tristan Eaton Takes a Bite Out of Overfishing

    It’s a well-trod line that we know less about the ocean floor than we do the surface of the moon. And although this is entirely correct, there are a few things that we do know about the world’s oceans for sure. The most important being: we need them. Oceans over two thirds of our planet and these incredible expanses of water contain uncountable life and are the regulators of our planets. Rising temperatures present their own savage threats to these carefully balanced systems, but overfishing is another component and one that Tristan Eaton finds himself inspired by. His latest work, in conjunction with non-profit PangeaSeed attempts to raise awareness about this challenge and it’s something you can take your own piece of.

    Specifically, Tristan is taking on over fishing of large fish. The numbers are shocking. In the pursuit of shark fins alone, 100 million sharks are killed each year. Sharks have been a part of our global ecosystem for 400 million years, and just in the last 50 years humans have killed over 90% of the ocean’s big fish. It’s a trajectory that is not sustainable. The name of Tristan’s piece, “Moriría Por Ti,” translates ‘I Will Die For You,’ and features a shark in his signature style, whose special trajectory is literally to die for the pleasure of humanity. 

    “I hoped to make a statement about how much marine life such as sharks are affected and threatened by human life, human greed and industrial activity,” Tristan says. “They are literally dying for us.”

    Tristan’s piece was made into a print that was available for a limited time through PangeaSeed. A portion of the proceeds from each print sold support PangeaSeed’s Foundation to raise awareness about issues like overfishing. Unfortunately the prints have already sold out but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them and engage with the message.

  • 5.17.16

    HBO's Game of Thrones Gets the B&A Royal Treatment

    A well-told story outlives the words required to create it. It will ignite the imagination and tease the heart. It inspires and lives on long past its telling. A good story elicits a response. HBO’s Game of Thrones has arrested audiences the world over with its sweeping epic tale and characters that create homes deep in our psyches. To kick of this season, with the help of Bernstein & Andriulli they commissioned five artists to create artwork inspired by the series and tapped Tristan Eaton, Pop Chart Lab, and Jeff Nishinaka, CYRCLE and Marcos Chin for this original work. The collection of work was called "Art the Throne," and for good reason: each artist created a veritable royal masterpiece for all to enjoy.

    “As I grew up I only wanted to paint characters in the streets,” says Tristan Eaton. “I’ve always had that affinity for nerd fantasy. I’m proud of it.” Tristan created a series of six paintings, each a play on the same image. A greyscale portrait of Daenerys Targaryen, the dragon queen, is replicated in each painting, with additions that reflect relationships and story points that have arisen along the way. Each painting has its own color themes, creating a final series of images that both reveal something about this crucial character and play with the eye. “Game of Thrones has some of the most amazing, strong female leads out of any show I’ve ever seen,” Tristan explains. “That really inspires.”

    Pop Chart Lab were inspired by one of the series’ most gut wrenching scenes known as ‘The Red Wedding.’ In this horror show, a family of a spurned bride-to-be murders the family who didn’t hold up their end of the marriage bargain. Complicated rules of promise and honor factor into the event, resulting in the almost complete decimation of a bloodline. The families in Game of Thrones each have their own histories and lore, weaving into the rich fabric of the story. “Each family is so unique from the next,” says Becky Joy, a designer for Pop Chart Lab. “There’s a lot of symbolism throughout.” They wanted to remember the Starks with a huge 12-foot tall, engraved glass piece that memorialized the family while offering dread by lighting it up totally red. “I’d like people to walk away from this feeling like something bad happened here,” says Ashley Walker.

    One of the biggest conflicts in the series is the ever-present danger from the North, the White Walkers (a type of ice zombie) are constantly threatening to invade the Seven Kingdoms, overrunning everyone and everything and covering the land in an icy death. When Jeff Nishinaka was looking for inspiration he turned to a scene where in the midst of battle the White Walkers raise our hero’s fallen allies from the dead turning them into White Walkers themselves. “It really does have a huge emotional impact,” says Jeff. “It’s kind of one of those ‘Oh my God!’ moments.” With the raising of his arms the leader of the White Walkers raises these zombies from the dead, and that’s the exact moment that Jeff wanted to immortalize in paper. Hundreds, if not thousands, pieces of cut paper come together to create the White Walker as he raises his hands above his head, bringing a kind of foul life to those who have fallen around him.

    'Art the Throne' was on view in NYC’s Lower East Side at the Angel Orensanz Center for a limited time, but you can see the art of these B&A artists, as well as CYRCLE and Marcos Chin, here and teaser videos that we’ve included below.

  • 4.28.16

    Tristan Eaton and Jeff Soto Team Up with Converse for Good

    Bringing art home always makes us feel good, but did you know it can make others feel good too? This year, Converse’s Lovejoy Art Program teamed up with 22 global established and emerging artists to create 48 original pieces of work that would be put up for auction. Tristan Eaton and Jeff Soto are a part of this impressive roster whose pieces are now available for bid at Paddle8.com. 

    The auctions are set up to benefit Artists for Humanity, a Boston based non-profit that focuses on job training for underprivileged youth. Their whole mission is to create a sustainable pipeline for kids who are interested in building careers that they might otherwise not have access to. Artists for Humanity is in the middle of a massive expansion, and the proceeds from this auction will help to build the future of this organization. 

    “At Converse we owe so much to artists and their abundant creativity,” says David Carrewyn, Global Creative Brand Director at Converse. “The Converse Lovejoy Art Program is an amazing opportunity for us to both give back to the creative community and offer all artists a platform to showcase their work. We’re proud to host our first auction to benefit the great work Artists for Humanity does in Boston and look forward to continuing this program next year.”

    Before Converse lets go of all this incredible work, they’ve hung it in their Boston headquarters to soak up the inspiration and creativity for their own employees. We think of sneaker brands as being places where technology meets the road, but everyone at Converse is trying to push the boundaries wherever they can and look to artists like Jeff Soto and Tristan Eaton to help them think about their processes in new ways. Converse is already benefiting from having this art all around them, and now you can too (while at the same time benefiting Artists for Humanity). 

    Both Tristan and Jeff’s work is still available to be bid on at Paddle8.com until Monday, May 2. You can find Tristan Eaton’s ‘Against All Odds’ here, and Jeff Soto’s “Distant Sounds in the Night” here. The rest of the work as a part of Converse’s auction are here.

  • 1.27.16

    Tristan Eaton Revamps World War II History with Public Art

    During World War II, the Red Sands Sea Forts were created as a base to protect the east coast of England from incoming Nazi fighters. After their retirement, subversive pirate radio stations took over as a way to shape the political conversation at a time when the government wanted to speak louder than the people. Now, in 2016, they will find a new life again with Painted Oceans, an international public art project helmed by B&A’s Tristan Eaton.

    In the summer of 2016 Tristan will be joined by Shepard Fairey, Futura 2000, How & Nosm and The London Police, to turn these standing monuments into sculpture of culture. It won’t be easy, and it will have its risks, but each of these creative titans will reclaim the forts for the aesthetic pleasure of the people as a place of expression. Along with turning these industrial memorials into pieces of living art, the Painted Oceans crew will film a documentary that follows the entire project through the eyes of the artists themselves. Painting is going to take a month, and with the limited resources available at the forts, along with the physical task of even getting to them, it’s a true challenge. There will be ups and downs, but the cameras will roll to capture it all. 

    Painted Oceans is fully permitted by the Ministry of Defense, Crown Estate and English Heritage Foundation along with the cooperation of Project Redsand, but needs some help with funding to become a reality. So they’re launching a Kickstarter campaign that is now live. Less than 24 hours after launch the campaign is already almost 15% funded. There is a hunger for this kind of work and experience, and we’re proud one of our artists has taken up the mantle to make it happen.

    Click through here to learn more about the project and find out how you can help – and what rewards you get for your support that include anything from a souvenir tee-shirt to original artwork from Tristan. Check out what Tristan and his team have in store.

  • 12.3.15

    B&A Presents the Space52 Mural Project at Art Basel

    Art Basel is a mecca for artists all over the world. Once a year, the most creative minds converge on Miami to rub shoulders with one another, but more importantly to talk about art and creation as a hotbed for inspiration. As an artists’ agency we are acutely interested in the development of creative ideas and think Art Basel is a fantastic opportunity for creative merging. This year we wanted to get more involved and teamed up with Space52 for the Space52 Mural Project. We tapped Tristan Eaton to curate a huge wall in Miami that will play residence for an incredible collection of artists to display their work and engage in a visual discourse of how we should think about the current state of art.

    Murals give us the opportunity to interact with art at an unprecedented scale. They rarely fit in museums and they certainly aren’t the same as checking out a JPEG on our iPhones. Instead, they live out in the real world, forcing us to look up and around, taking ideas and making them as big as our experiences. The wall that the Space52 Mural Project is on is longer than 220 feet, filling an entire street corner, providing the perfect canvas for large-scale communication. It takes some big characters to make pieces robust enough to fill the wall and Tristan picked an impressive group.

    The prestige of muralists is that there’s fugitive power about them. Many of these artists first flirted with spray paint through illicit activity that has blossomed into the development of powerful creative minds, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Stephen Bliss joins Tristan Eaton on the wall, along with Askew1, HUSH, David Flores, Esao Andrews, Drew Merritt, Cyrcle, Dave Kinsey, and Hauser. They’re all working on their pieces as you read this, offering a live demonstration of how they work and inviting the public to see every line of the creative process.

    We knew Montana Gold would be the perfect partner for this wall because of what they offer. As one of the premier spray paint brands in the world, working with their products meant that these artists would get the exact materials they needed to create the most beautiful imagery possible. A huge Thank You is owed to Montana Gold and their generosity in making this project possible.

    Please consider this your invitation to check out the Space52 Mural Project and all the incredible contributing artists at 2160 NW 1st Avenue in Miami, Florida.

  • 7.14.15

    Tristan Eaton and Jeff Soto Paint Long Beach for POW! WOW!

    Earlier this season, artists from all over the globe converged on Long Beach, California in a celebration of creativity. They were brought together by POW! WOW! Long Beach, an event that calls themselves “a gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art.” Fifteen artists participated in mural projects, gallery shows, and programming all over the city in celebration of the event that they titled, “Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape.” Tristan Eaton and Jeff Soto were among the roster that created original murals that were scattered around the city.

    For Tristan’s piece, “The American Way,” he attacked racial inequality. Drawing inspiration from a 1937 photograph by Margaret Bourke-White, the figures that are lined up in Tristan’s mural reflect an image of disparity. “[The photograph] depicts a group of African American men and women waiting for food and relief in Kentucky after a flood disaster,” Tristan explains. But what makes the image so shocking is an advertisement in the background that portrays a happy and healthy white family. “The billboard behind them makes this photograph an ironic symbol of inequality in America. Unfortunately, this still resonates today,” says Tristan. The twelve figures in Tristan’s murals represent this “bread line,” but feature contrasting snapshots from American history. “It's definitely one of my most ambitious walls yet,” says Tristan, not just because of the subject matter but also for the scale. The wall was gigantic, but after a few very late nights, Tristan was able to complete the huge undertaking.

    Jeff’s piece engaged his signature style, amplifying the iconic eyes that feature highly in so much of his work. The pair of owl peepers were expanded into a massive mural, spreading their heady gaze across the pavilion where they were placed. “Every painting is a challenge and there’s an uncertainty,” explains Jeff. Embarking on a project at the scale and demand of this mural for POW! WOW! presented unique challenges that were met after days of application, helping to make POW! WOW! a enormous success.

    You can find “The American Way” at The Varden at 335 Pacific Avenue, and Jeff Soto’s Mural at the LB Convention Center at 280 E Seaside Way (at the Seaside Meeting Rooms Entrance).

  • 5.29.15

    Tristan Eaton's Inspiration On Wheels

    It’s hard to go almost anywhere in the world, especially in New York City, without finding something that Tristan Eaton has put his mark on. His murals are on surfaces from Little Italy to Paris to Australia, each in his unique style that is immediately identifiable. He plays with conventions, pop culture from different eras, color, and movement in ways that are essentially Tristan Eaton, but also rooted deeply in their thematic and local inspirations. The Statue of Liberty graces a building in downtown Manhattan. An archetypical Film Noir damsel pales in the face of Botox on a Los Angeles wall. Napoleon rides into a philosophical battle, unaware of his essential irony, on a very post-war French building. Tristan understands context and draws inspiration from his own creative history, as well as the history around him, and there is no better example of this process than his latest multinational project.

    Tristan partnered up with Guess to begin this huge project in New York City. Drawing inspiration from Guess' aesthetic history and current photographic imagery, his murals focus on the fresh energy of contemporary life. In NYC's "Big City Dreams," the signature bold colors and movement of Tristan's work pops, but with a subtlety and calm inspired by Guess' identity.

    Tristan’s creative relationship with CEO of Guess, Paul Marciano, was a crucial element to making this project happen, something that isn’t lost on Tristan. He explains: “Paul’s history in the art world as a collector and supporter of the arts is on full display with this project.” But that’s not all.

    The journey continues through Europe as Tristan takes part in Gumball 3000, a cross-continental road trip. Tristan is strapped in one of Guess’ three official Dodge Vipers customized by Tristan's artwork. You can follow all three cars as they rip across Europe by following their progress on social media.

    All New York City photographs courtesy of Rey Rosa for The LoMan Art Festival and The L.I.S.A. Project NYC. Video created by Jordan Ahern.

  • 8.21.14

    Tristan Eaton's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dream Comes True with FLüD

    The folks at FLüD Watches have always wanted to work with Tristan Eaton, but they weren’t really sure how they wanted to do it. They didn’t want to go to him with a half-baked idea, instead they wanted to use their network to bring him the perfect project. “We’ve always wanted to work on something with Tristan just because we’re big fans of his work,” says Mel Peralta of FLüD. “We just didn’t know exactly what that was.” Around the same time they were trying to conceive of the perfect project, they were working out the details for a collaboration with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the eve of the film release. It turns out this was exactly the kind of thing that Tristan would want to work on.

    “From the comics illustrated by Mark Bode to the Saturday Morning Cartoons, TMNT have always had a prominent place in the Pop Culture of my youth,” Tristan says about the animated turtles. “I grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, so I felt a natural kinship for the project.” But it wasn’t just the pizza obsessed, bickering amphibians that Tristan liked about the TMNT universe. He was really drawn to the arch nemesis of the turtles: Shredder.

    Shredder’s origin story is deeply steeped in samurai and ninja tradition, and his conflict with the turtles is based on the avenging of a blood debt – something that most childhood viewers of TMNT might have missed. But Tristan was aware of this Japanese inheritance and used it as the primary inspiration for the aesthetic of the piece. “I immediately gravitated towards Shredder,” he says. “I played up his Samurai aesthetic and created a piece inspired by ancient Japanese water color paintings.”

    It wasn't at all what FLüD would have expected. "We never thought of doing that Japanese style," says Mel. "Even though it sounds like such a layup." When Tristan created the original design for FLüD about a year ago, they put the image together into a mural for SXSW in Austin. The design was very similar to the watch, but in blue (check out the video on the right). Shredder stands in front of hand painted clouds, waist deep in patterned waves, reminiscent of some of the most iconic Japanese art in history.

    FLüD has been working with a group of artists for this project, but it just so happened that it was Tristan's watch that lined up exactly with the release of the movie. And good thing too, his passion for TMNT is one of the strongest. He says, “This project is one of those rare opportunities to interact with and contribute to Pop Culture in a way I dreamed of as a kid.”

    If you want to grab a watch for yourself, they're available now via FLüD.

  • 6.10.14

    Tristan Eaton renovates Versace's logo in Hawaii

    Versace teamed up with Tristan Eaton to usher in their new flagship store in Honolulu, Hawaii. Playing with his signature approach utilizing an array of textures and unexpected colors, Tristan reinterpreted the classic logo into an assault of styles.

    Tristan’s remix is both an update and a return to the roots of the OG logo, something that producer Jasper Wong of POW! WOW! Hawaii knew he’d get from the artist.  Jasper says, “Tristan is the perfect fusion of high luxury and street art… When Versace approached me about a mural project, his name was the first that came to mind. I knew his aesthetics would be right up their alley.” Five days and untold cans of paint later, the logo stood splashed across the building’s façade of the corner of Ala Moana Boulevard and Keawe Street.

    Where the classic Versace logo loses some of the qualities of Medusa’s traditional look in graphic translation, Tristan took inspiration from the Ancient Greek villain putting no fewer than ten different photo realistic snakes atop her head. Sliding around leathery wings and the fingers of smoky grey scarves, the serpents stand sentinel in defense of their stone-faced mistress.

    The opening of the store coincided with a limited edition tee-shirt featuring Tristan’s design available only at the flagship store. “I'm looking forward to seeing people rock Tristan Eaton Versace tees," said Jasper. So are we.

  • 10.18.13

    Tristan Eaton & Deron Williams Team Up for Red Bull

    B&A's Tristan Eaton debuted a mural featuring Brooklyn Nets' Deron Williams as part of the duo's collaboration for Red Bull on Thursday evening. Located at Flatbush Ave. and Dean St., around the corner from Barclays Center, the 70-foot-long wall depicts the point guard and riffs on his tattoos – a panther and a rattlesnake.

    "Working with Tristan was great," remarked Williams. "We got to know each other, and based on what I told him and his observations, he came up with the design ... it's different to see [this]. I've had a couple of art pieces done, but nothing this extreme. It's really cool."  

    Eaton also enjoyed his Q.T. with the basketball player. "We went to Barclays and shot hoops before the game when the arena was completely empty," the longtime Brooklyn resident said. "To be honest, I found a lot in common with Deron in terms of the focus and determination we share. With an athlete of his caliber, sports is a lifelong dedication; it's the same with me as an artist. I've dedicated my life to something I love and I'm always trying to become better at it."

    When Williams stopped by to check out the work-in-progress earlier in the week, "he loved it," Eaton noted. "I told him it was his first time on a graffiti wall and my first time on a Jumbotron," referencing the Red Bull promo airing on the screen inside.

    The mural is a (much) bigger rendition of a limited-edition Red Bull can created by Eaton, which includes another three images of Williams, portraying him as a triple threat: He passes, shoots, and drives to the hole. For the next few months, each Red Bull stocked within 75 miles of Manhattan will be the D-Will x Tristan edition.

    See photographs of the mural and watch a video about the partnership at right.

  • 9.25.12

    Ideas Come to Life with Decon

    In a new video for the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet produced by Decon, artist Tristan Eaton turns the device into a living canvas to bring the images of his dreams into the real world. For the video, Decon's Jason Goldwatch teamed up with Tristan to direct and shoot this out-of-the-box video. Tristan's experimental Los Angeles studio space was picked as the perfect location for things to unravel naturally, the only script being written by Tristan's stylus pen.

    Tristan's animated story unfolds at a relaxed rooftop party of close friends. There he transforms two large pieces of plywood into a makeshift screen by spray painting them black. Two large circular holes are left blank to imitate a pair of binoculars, and from there the show into Tristan Eaton's mind begins. By using the stylus pen and his fingers to apply different amounts of pressure, Tristan does everything from taking simple notes to animating the expressions of a redheaded girl. The most impressive part is when Tristan animates a pair of eyes - shifting them back and forth. And the big finale? Getting eaten by a zombie.

  • 7.17.12

    Tristan Eaton Collaborates with Thierry Henry

    Art meets action in a collaboration between Tristan Eaton and international soccer superstar and current Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry. Henry used his soccer talents to unveil a 24 x 21 foot mural created by Eaton at Madison Square Garden this past Friday in front of an audience of thousands. From 30 feet out, Henry struck the ball at five targets that launched a series of triggers and objects-in-motion that produced and revealed a work of art inspired by the Red Bulls and the city of New York.

    Eaton and Henry met in the months before the project launch to discuss logistics and their common vision. Eaton was not only inspired by the team and New York, but by Henry's passion for art, music, and fashion as well. Of working with Eaton, Henry said "I have a huge admiration for the type of pop and modern art that Tristan does plus we have our love for Marvel Comics in common- so it was easy to connect." Eaton was similarly impressed with Henry saying, "It was also awesome to give a superstar like Thierry a challenge and make him sweat."

    The mural will exist primarily at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

    See more Tristan Eaton's work here.

    All photos courtesy of Red Bull North America

  • 7.10.12

    Best Piece of Advice Ever ebook and prints now available

    Bernstein & Andriulli celebrated their latest book "Best Piece of Advice Ever" - a collaborative effort with Creative Social, designed by ilovedust - in London at the infamous Shoreditch space "Village Underground" on June 26.

    The event featured talks from the leaders of the global creative community and a lively panel discussion, chaired by B&A Director of Illustration and Interactive, Louisa St.Pierre. Numerous artists featured in the book were also on-hand to sign books and talk about their inspiration and work, and Andrew Rae illustrated live his response to a stream of people's "best piece of advice" submitted to the website. A Samsung notebook and its signature stylus were his tools, and the images were projected onto huge screens for all to view, facilitated by interactive hot shop: Special Moves. See the whimsy and irreverence here:


    In addition, Sir Peter Blake limited edition bags containing Kidrobot toys were gifted to those who purchased the book and tickets for the event.

    The e-book can be purchased now at Blurb here.

    Limited edition art prints from the book are available for purchase now from Jealous Gallery.

    The Best Piece of Advice book was born of a simple yet quite fantastic question by one of the Socials at Creative Social Paris to one of the speakers - 'What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?'

    Jim Haynes, an accomplished fellow, notorious for the lively open dinner parties hosted at his Parisian apartment for 35 years responded "if you do something for someone, forget it immediately. If someone does something for you, remember it always".

    Advice we try to adhere to every day.

    The book collects the best piece of advice from each of the members of Creative Social, matches them with the talented illustrators and designers from Bernstein & Andriulli, and brings them to life.

    It's a bigger idea that will live on way beyond the event, so we'd like to pose the question to you: what's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

    Submissions published here: http://www.bestpieceofadviceever.com/

    [caption id="attachment_10083" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Tristan Eaton"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10084" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Andrew Rae"][/caption]

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  • 2.24.12

    Tristan Eaton Brings Star Wars to Life at Brisk Bodega

    Brisk Bodega brought its pop-up shop devoted to art, music, and Star Wars to New York City last night. The multi-city "Brisk Bodega Cantina" series features original artwork inspired by Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, recently re-released in theaters in 3D. The pop-ups expand on Brisk's "Dark vs. Light" campaign, which finds Darth Maul battling Yoda for control over the universe's iced tea. Tristan Eaton, Artek, POSE, Eye One, Mark Dean Vega, Jasper Wong, and Dual Forces contributed original artwork.

    Eaton embraced the light side with an acrylic painting on wood of Yoda. Yoda, who Eaton calls "One of the best icons of all six films," is made up of a variety of other Star Wars characters and elements to tell a larger story. The event also celebrates the continuing influence of Star Wars on pop culture.

    For more information on the Brisk Bodega Cantina pop-ups, visit their website.

    See more of Tristan Eaton's artwork here.

  • 1.25.12

    The 3D Book Private Exhibition and Book Signing

    Bernstein & Andriulli are hosting Tristan Eaton's 3D Book signing event at Chateau Marmont in conjunction with The Supper Club. Tristan Eaton, Gary Baseman, Shepard Fairey and James Jean will be in attendance, signing complimentary books, and doing a meet-and-greet for the art-loving crowd. Two ten-feet-high Gibson Les Paul model guitars, customized by Eaton and Fairey, will be placed outside the Chateau for all to admire. These are part of The Maxamillian Gallery's "Guitar Town on Sunset Strip" series, a public art project launched in August 2010 featuring the World's foremost street artists.

  • 12.9.11

    CNN Profiles Tristan Eaton

    CNN interviews Tristan Eaton for the latest installment of their "The Next List" series. The weekly program hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta profiles exceptional individuals who are at the cutting edge of change in their field. The interview highlights his rise from "street punk" to prolific New York artist. Eaton discusses his commercial work for Dell and Puma, his designer toys the "Dunny" and the "Munny," and his design work for the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign.

    Tristan Eaton's interview on CNN airs this Sunday at 2 pm EST. Visit the CNN website for more information.

    See more of Tristan Eaton's work here.

  • 8.9.11

    Tristan Eaton Illustrates Yelawolf's Tour Bus

    Tristan Eaton collaborates with Yelawolf on his brand new tour bus. The Alabama rapper just signed with Eminem's Shady Records and is currently on the Warped Tour.

    Eaton worked closely with Yelawolf to create the concept and design for the bus, even video-skyping on several occasions to discuss ideas. Eaton was inspired by Yelawolf's background, a mix of down-South hip-hop, redneck lifestyle, and skateboard culture. It was Yelawolf's idea to make the tour bus look like a double-wide and Eaton added illustrations of speakers, an American flag, and a recliner to make it look like a party bus that Yelawolf could park outside his mother's house in Alabama. Yelawolf's music video for the song "I Just Wanna Party," also served as inspiration for the bus.

    The bus is on the Warped Tour with Yelawolf now. See a behind-the-scenes video of the creation of the bus here.

    See more of Tristan Eaton's illustrations here.


  • 7.26.11

    Nathan Fox and Tristan Eaton at Comic Con

    Nathan Fox and Tristan Eaton showed at Comic Con, last week in San Diego, CA. The annual convention showcases comic books, science fiction/fantasy and film/television as well as horror, animation, toys, video games, and anime. It took place this past Thursday through Sunday at the San Diego Convention Center.

    Nathan Fox attended the convention to support several projects. He sold original art, books, prints, sketches, and did commissions at the Artists Alley table. For two days, Wednesday and Friday, he signed copies of Stay Tuned!, a 30 postcard book, at the Chronicle Books table. He spoke on the Creepy & Eerie: Comics That Still Scare You panel on Thursday. Additionally, Fox is part of a new creative team for the series Haunt. He joined the rest of the team: creator Todd McFarlane, and Joe Casey for a group signing on Thursday. A limited-edition litho, created by Fox, was also given away at the Haunt signing. Fox says the signing created a lot of new fans for the series. Finally, Boom! displayed the cover art, logo, and poster print design that Fox created for the new series "Key of Z" with the Evil Ink Kids. T-shirts and prints were made from the poster design in addition to harmonicas engraved with the logo, modeled off the harmonica used by the lead character.

    Eaton attended the convention to promote two recent ventures. On Thursday he signed copies of his book The 3D Art Book at the High Fructose booth. The first ten guests to purchase a book received a free 3D art print, "The Geisha and the Swan," (below) by Eaton. Buff Monster and Travis Louis, who contributed to the book, were also on hand to sign copies. On Friday, Eaton joined Plastic City to release limited-edition prototypes of their collaboration, the B-Bot action figure. The action figure, which comes in two editions, Blank or Mascot, is based on Eaton and Peter Cortez's hit iPhone app. It is scheduled for a wide release this December.

    See more of Nathan Fox's work here.

    See more of Tristan Eaton's work here.

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