• 11.11.16

    Tim Marrs and Green Day Reject Realism for Truth

    Music is poetry and poetry isn’t always supposed to make sense. Some songs tell stories, but more often songs are about experience through emotions. Those ideas don’t always attach themselves to literal truth. That’s where the soul of music comes from: speaking directly to our hearts. This can be a tricky issue when creating the visuals for a music video. We’re so used to seeing images that make narrative sense. So when Tim Marrs was invited by Green Day to help create their music video for ‘Young Blood,’ he had to find something in the middle.

    The resulting video for ‘Young Blood’ uses a combination of typography, illustration, photography, and video, all blended together into a representation that doesn’t have a traditional plot but speaks the same language as the poetry of the song. Images described through lyrics are brought to life both realistically and figuratively, bringing us along the journey in a way that’s closer to memory than a movie. In reality, this is how we process events, this is how we process emotions. So, in a way, Tim Marrs’ video for Green Day is more honest and truthful than it could have been if it had been made in any other way.

  • 10.5.16

    Three B&A Artists Kick It Off with the NFL

    Nothing says Fall quite like Football and just last month the season officially began.  Bay Area News Group celebrated the start of the season with their annual Kick Off, and invited three B&A artists to contribute to the celebration. Will Barras, Tim Marrs, and Ryan McAmis each brought their singular styles to tell the variety of stories in the pages of this publication.

    The cover is created by Tim Marrs, who brings together everything you can imagine in the world of football. It’s a single compositional study on the energy and moments that make the game what it is. Numbers, angles, athleticism, and in the background of it all: the fans. Tim’s illustration, like our memories, is distilled past reality, bringing in colors that are unnatural but true to experience. It’s hyper realistic in its rejection of realism. It’s honest in execution.

    The broadest spread created by our B&A artists is by Will Barras who was tasked with bringing the world of Fantasy Football to life. Fantasy Football is a notoriously diverse experience with a wide fan base, but at the root of the game it’s strangers trading real life humans in a fantasy space. It’s easy to forget that the players are people too. Will brought together all the players that the magazine spoke to into one image, bringing in the aspects of their lives that we may forget just watching them on our screens, or seeing their status through Fantasy.

    Ryan McAmis brings his signature style to two full body portraits. The magazine featured two editorial essays on the performances (or lack thereof) of two General Managers in the league. Marcus Thompson wrote about the success of the Raiders’ GM Reggie McKenzie, and Ryan brought through the managers coy humility and passion for his team. On the other side is Tim Kawakami’s piece about the suffering Trent Baalke who manages the 49ers. Ryan presents him as hard and stiff, exactly what you’d expect from a manager who is misdirecting his world-class team.

    Every publication presents a bevy of experiences and stories. We’re thrilled to bring multiple artists together to help a publication like the Bay Area News Group’s Kick Off tell the range of stories that they tell every day.

  • 12.3.13

    Ferragamo-Inspired Art by Tim Marrs

    Tim Marrs created two pieces for Salvatore Ferragamo's Los Angeles pop-up shop. "A handful of artists were asked to make images that were based on classic Ferragamo designs; I chose a pair of unalike bracelets and using them as a starting point, I put my own spin on it, keeping California in mind," said Marrs. "The first played with substitution – the jewelry reminded me of an infinity pool, so I set that against the L.A. landscape." His second submission combined a more literal representation of the luxury item and urban grittiness. "I wasn't expecting them to go for it," Marrs admitted, "but they were rather happy."

    He began by spray-painting canvases and brought the backdrops and miscellaneous elements into Photoshop to put them together. The completed works went on display as part of the "Hollywood Experience" exhibition in the store, which is situated in the newly opened Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. One was shown on an interactive screen and the other was printed and placed with an exclusive line of accessories. "It was challenging to not be overly concerned with the Ferragamo aesthetic and to have faith in my process," Marrs remarked. "It ended up being good fun because it was such a loose brief … I tried to let go a bit and hopefully that comes through in the imagery."

    Ferragamo's L.A. pop-up shop closes December 22.

  • 7.26.12

    Tim Marrs for Mopar's 75th Anniversary

    Mopar, the automotive parts and service arm of Chrysler, is celebrating 75 years in business. In honor of the anniversary, Mopar and Union Agency tapped Tim Marrs to create an illustrated 30-second advertisement. Chris Curtis of Passion Pictures directed the ad.

    Marrs and Curtis collaborated on the mood and style for the ad early on. Marrs also helped with the initial pitch and edit and then developed the illustration style and compositions for each frame once the ad content was chosen. He art directed alongside Curtis and the team at Passion Pictures to help breathe life into his flat images. The fast-paced and colorful ad packs a punch and reflects the muscle and specialism that Mopar is known for.

    See more of Tim Marrs's illustrations here.

    Client: Mopar
    Agency: Union
    Director: Chris Curtis, Passion Pictures
    Art Direction and Illustration: Tim Marrs
  • 5.31.11

    Tim Marrs Creates Illustrations for Audi's Epic Ad

    Tim Marrs creates illustrations for Audi's new short film "A day in the life of an Audi driver." The two and a half minute film highlights the teamwork and stamina needed to the win Le Mans, the iconic 24-hour race in France. Two-time Le Mans winner Allan McNish stars.

    Marrs created scenes based on McNish's narrative. At first he didn't take into consideration how they would fit together as a moving image, but rather how to portray the dynamic and intensity of the race in hard-hitting images. The scenes were later stitched together by Passion Pictures' Chris Hemming, with great care to retain the handmade feel from Marrs' initial illustrations. The final narrative was pulled together in CGI and 3D.

    The film ran May 28th during the UEFA Champions League soccer match on ITV and Sky Sports. A 3D version of the film will run this summer in theaters with the last Harry Potter film.

    See more of Tim Marrs' illustrations here.

    Client: Audi
    Agency: BBH
    Creative Director, Writing: Nick Kidney
    Creative Director, Art Direction: Kev Stark
    Creative Direction, Illustration: Tim Marrs
    Director: Chris Hemming
    Production: Passion Pictures
    Sound: Factory Studios
  • 3.30.11

    B&A Artists Create Origami Cranes for Japan

    In the wake of the devastating March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan, five B&A artists have created original work to benefit relief efforts. The Selby, Tim Marrs, Ilovedust, Paul Oakley and Tatiana Arocha have submitted designs to One Thousand Cranes for Japan that can be downloaded and made into origami cranes. A donation to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund offers up a downloadable design with instructions for how to fold it into a crane.

    The project is inspired by an ancient Japanese legend that promises that any person who folds one thousand cranes will be granted a wish. The project's creators hope that participants will display their cranes prominently so as to inspire others.

    Donate and download at crane at OneThousandCranesforJapan.com.

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