• 6.17.16

    Tiffany Patton and the Unique Beauty of Amina Blue

    Standing at a formidable five feet tall, just a year and a half ago Amina Blue walked off the street into an audition to join the modeling crowd of Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 1. She didn’t know it at the time but she was entering an entirely new chapter of her life. Her unique figure and shape inspired the musician-cum-designer and that distinction has lit a rocket turning her into an in demand model on the way to the top. In the latest issue of The Cut a feature on the model includes an editorial to show off her unique features that includes makeup by Tiffany Patton who highlights what it is about Blue that underscored her singular look.

    Her special features are a veritable counterpoint to everything we consider conventional. Her nose is short and broad, her cheeks and chin are round and full. But that’s her appeal, and exactly what Tiffany highlighted for this shoot. A smokey brown eye accentuates the round lines of her face, while her skin is dewey giving her the appearance of a perfect doll. Tiffany’s work dances: a natural touch edging on plasticine, making Blue look both familiar and perfect. That’s where Blue’s look exists, between our conventional world and the world of inspiring the greats and Tiffany helps us see that.

  • 4.15.16

    Older Is Better with Tiffany Patton

    We don’t have to tell you that age is just a number. As we grow older our relationships with the world change, and that changes us. Style and tastes develop and shift, reflecting new points of view, how we see ourselves in our communities, and in our part of history. But that doesn’t mean it’s one steady march towards the end. As Tiffany Patton’s latest editorial in Bullett Magazine, hilariously titled “Granny,” teaches us: you can get inspired by any age at any age. The fashion is rooted in traditional “granny” looks but updated and freshened for a younger generation, while Tiffany’s makeup work helps to root it in modernity. 

    Using exclusively M.A.C. beauty products, Tiffany’s youthful looks build the aesthetic tension that injects the shoot with a unique life. Her applications create flawless bases for the model, giving her a youthfulness that sings off the retro styling that includes babushka style scarves and gigantic framed glasses. Bright eye shadow and dewy cheeks and lips keep the whole look fresh proving that we can look to our elders not only for great stories but also badass style.

  • 2.23.16

    Tiffany Patton Maintains a Living Balance

    SUITED magazine is all about independence and creativity. They focus on telling stories of individuals who go against the grain and create work that often defies categorization. The second issue features two stories with makeup by Tiffany Patton, including an editorial focused on Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s latest apparel collection. The series of black and white images, shot by Joshua Woods, are provocative in their simplicity and internal contrasts, a balance that Tiffany’s work helps to maintain.

    Tiffany’s very natural hand offers an accessibility to the models’ looks that makes the compositions particularly arresting. The ungilded styling plays off dramatic arrangement inviting the abstract into our very tangible world. A very light eye shadow is laid on the same model whose glistening lips frame a mouth full of matches about to be set alight. A seemingly bare skinned beauty cradles knotted rope as if it were a young baby. These internal conflicts of mood draw us in, and thanks to Tiffany the equilibrium is feverishly alive.

  • 11.12.15

    Kareem Black's Cast of Characters for Smirnoff

    As a photographer, Kareem Black does two things really well. First, he loves a certain kind of creative structure. He wants to make sure every detail for a project is perfectly in line, using the right lights and making sure his set is in flawless order. The other side of him lets everything fall away during the shoot so that he can photograph what he refers to as “kinetic energy and unscripted moments.” When those two aspects come together, when thorough preparation meets authentic moments, you get a campaign like Kareem’s latest work with Smirnoff. The series of images feels improvisational and full of life, while as crisp and clean as if they were well scripted.

    For Kareem, the secret of this kind of success is about engaging with his subjects and allowing them to speak through what makes them unique. He’d rather not fake it, instead opting for bringing in people who are what they say they are, who are what they look like. “There were characters that we were looking for, or character types,” explains Kareem. He suggested that they bring in the real thing. “If we’re going to have ravers, let’s have actual club kids. Let’s get them to bring some of their own stuff so we’re actually shooting these people and not our interpretations of what these types of people might wear. That authenticity added to it.” They blended their directorial elements with what their subjects brought and it combined into moments that were as authentic as could be.

    Since Kareem and Smirnoff got models who were real people, all they had to do was be themselves. That’s what Kareem loves to do: engage his subjects and let their authentic selves bloom in front of the lens. “It’s about encouraging the models to let their personalities come out and just be free about it and not hold back. I’m making a safe, comfortable environment,” explains Kareem. “The whole campaign was a celebration of their character.” Those characters come through in Kareem's interaction with them (given fresh looks by Tiffany Patton's makeup work), he acts as our eyes and ears on the day so it's like we're there with them.

    When Kareem and Smirnoff first sat down, the liquor brand had a wish list they wanted for an ideal version of the campaign. Kareem got his client all those shots but then he kept shooting. Sometimes the best images you get are images you don’t plan for (with a little help fro Rachel Stickley's props). “I would always rather have more than less,” Kareem explains. “The inflatable hamburger wasn’t even in the brief. That just sort of happened. All of the sudden now it’s part of the campaign. I think it’s important to get what the client wants and then have room for improvisation and inspiration.” When you provide for every detail upfront, amazing unplanned things can happen and those moments are good for everyone.

  • 7.28.15

    Tiffany Patton Gets Dramatic

    Tiffany Patton is making a habit out of proving dramatic styling is wearable, as evidenced by her recent editorial with Refinery29. In “Cat-Eye Liner Just Got A Lot Cooler,” her work shows that this timeless feline inspired makeup can fit into any lifestyle.  Suffused with drama, the designs are bold in their application, but remain completely accessible. As Refinery29 points out, this look can be tracked back through decades of celebrity fashion, but they left it to Tiffany to update it for every day wear. Take a look and let Tiffany inspire you to challenge your own flair.

    Fashion is only as good as you can wear it, and with their latest style of “Seriously Stretchy Jeans” Aéropostale is working to make their clothes as wearable as possible. In a new ad that stretches from a rooftop in DUMBO overlooking the Manhattan Bridge to a warehouse in Greenpoint, they highlight jeans that are so fun to wear you’ll want to dance in them. Tiffany was on hand to make sure the make up was as flawless as the choreography. Dancing to music that includes the lyric, “I run New York,” the ladies in the video look effortless as Brooklyn is supposed to be. Tiffany’s light hand was all about accentuating the natural assets of the dancers, while keeping them fresh faced and energized, so their looks really pop.

    Check out the video below.

  • 4.14.15

    Tiffany Patton Rocks Out

    Who said the 90s are dead? With Scream and XFiles about to return to the screen, Madonna taking the stage for MTV, and some familiar names on upcoming Presidential tickets, it looks like we’re taking the best of the 90s and repurposing them for our new age.

    Refinery29 has noticed the same trends in jewelry and teamed up with Makeup Artist Tiffany Patton to help show off these traditional wares. From Clueless inspired snap bracelets, to luxe mood rings, and even a barrette or two, these neo-retro accessories offer bold colors rooted in punk influence. Tiffany’s make up artistry reflects those same roots. Playing off colorful hairstyles, screamingly bright eyeshades, rich lips, and fair base colors complete the story of a decade that set the tone for the new millennium.

    This is the punk you remember with the fresh face of a contemporary era. Tiffany's creations bring a unqiue look at recognizable styling that is uniquely crisp and original. This is 2015, but still oh so 90s, and we missed it.

  • 10.14.14

    Tiffany Patton Gets Classy with the Boys of Penguin

    For Penguin’s latest season of menswear, they set their lookbook as a gentleman’s weekend in the mountains. (A gentleman’s weekend is like a boy’s weekend with a little extra class.) Penguin has offered their classic looks since the 1950s, and even as they’ve stayed as current as ever, there’s a timelessness to their looks. Something that Tiffany Patton is very familiar with.

    Tiffany was on hand to groom the gentlemen modeling off Penguin’s looks, and even though the setting was open spaces in the snowy chill of the mountains, she was able to keep it fresh and relaxed.

    Penguin is no fuss. They’ve always been the brand of the effortlessly sophisticated young man, the responsible youth. Whether it’s a hairstyle that is naturally flawless, or the clean lines of a 6 o’clock shadow, Tiffany was on hand to provide these details and fill in the story that Penguin is telling to their customers. That they can be relaxed, be stylish, be themselves. And it’s just right.

  • 8.21.14

    Tiffany Patton Gets Wild in the Jewish Museum

    When Tiffany Patton arrived at the Jewish Museum in New York City to shoot an editorial for The Wild Magazine, she knew it was going to be something special. She was working with a brand new Parisian style magazine, a photographer she loves and trust, Drew Malo Johnson, and they were using a bold makeup execution.

    The whole idea behind their story was inspired by the museum's exhibit Other Primary Structures (no longer in exhibition). Bringing together an international roster of artists, the exhibit consists of bold 1960s minimalist sculptures that challenge space, form, and color.

    Drew wanted to reflect the sculptures in the apparel, but also create a direct correlation to the makeup, which is a bolder step than normal. “We were so thrilled to be at the Jewish Museum with the sculptures,” Tiffany says about the experience. “It definitely did reflect what we were trying to do.” Taking cues from the bold colors and structural elements, Tiffany painted strong, broad lines in bright colors around the model’s eye for a Mod look.

    Shooting in a museum presented a challenge. They didn’t want to risk damaging any of the art, so all makeup had to be applied away from the artwork. They used a small bathroom, whose lighting was beautiful for a bathroom but not quite ideal for makeup application. That meant that Tiffany employed her expertise in color matching and painting to get the precise lines that they needed to reflect the work.

    Other than the colored lines around the eyes, Tiffany avoided using too much makeup on the rest of the model’s face. She wanted to make sure the model’s freckles were visible. “This model loved her spots. I loved her spots. And it felt like summer,” says Tiffany. “In the summer time we wear less. We don’t want to cover up the skin as much.” 

  • 5.8.14

    Tiffany Patton's Natural Look for NYT Now

    Tiffany Patton enhanced talents' natural beauty for The New York Times' recent NYT Now campaign. "The Times casted people who are well-versed in style trends and didn't appear too chiseled or model-like," the makeup artist noted. "My role was to help them look like themselves while ensuring they were camera-ready."

    Patton focused on keeping lips hydrated with Homeoplasmine and hands moisturized with L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. She used Anastasia Beverly Hills' brow gel in Clear and M.A.C.'s Eye Brows pencil to fill in any holes. For skin, "I like everyone – men or women – to appear clean and fresh," she remarked. "Because we shot in multiple locations throughout the day with a variety of talent, I picked products that could be added to any makeup already on [the women], and were versatile enough to apply to those who don't wear makeup [i.e. the men]." Patton mentioned that Stila Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm can go either under or over other cosmetics: "I put this around the T-zone and high point of the forehead, and follow with Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder where needed." She dabbed on Tarte Cheek Stain for a healthy flush.

    Patton kept the hairstyles as they were upon arrival, but she made certain that no strands were in the way. "I'm a fan of Bumble and bumble's Thickening Dryspun Finish, which gives hair a little life while setting it in place," she said. "For the guys, I keep Blind Barber 90 Proof Strong Hold Pomade on hand for hold and texture."

  • 3.4.14

    Tiffany Patton's Perfectly Stained Lips for H Fredriksson's Look Book

    Tiffany Patton provided the makeup for designer Helena Fredriksson's fall/winter 2014 look book. Informed by the brick red, olive, and mustard tones that punctuate the collection, along with twenties-style pleating, Patton created a Clara Bow-like face.

    "I thought Diana, our model, had a 'Great Gatsby' beauty to her," Patton explained. She evened out skin tone and kept away shine with NARS Sheer Matte Foundation, and used the brand's Eyeshadow Duo in Balthazar on lids, focusing on bringing up warmth into the brow line. "To finish, I blended Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars in NSFW and Anime," she added – the former, a balanced red and the latter, a neon pink, that combined to form a perfectly stained mouth.

    Photographer: Jonathan Hökklo
    Hair: Kunio Kohzaki
    Model: Diana at NY Models

  • 2.5.14

    Justin Hollar and Tiffany Patton's True Colors for FOAM Magazine

    B&A's Justin Hollar and Tiffany Patton put their heads together for "She's Like a Rainbow," a resort-season editorial in the latest issue of FOAM Magazine. "I always love working with Justin because he truly understands and encapsulates the FOAM aesthetic," explained editor-in-chief Sari Tuschman. "His work is full of a youthful, positive energy, while still being edgy and sophisticated. I always look forward to seeing the worlds he creates with his images and bringing them to life on our pages."

    Inspired by the head-to-toe monochromatic outfits, the photographer shot in studio, manipulating cascading fabrics and light to create a watercolor feel. "It perfectly replicated a brushstroke and helped tie the whole story together," Hollar said.

    Patton wanted a fresh, but still somewhat edgy beauty look. "I focused on keeping [model Kelsey's] brows full and contoured her eyes using creams in grays and taupes to give her a tougher vibe," the makeup artist noted. "NARS's Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils come in neutral metallics that I like to apply to eyelids as well as lips. I applied tight black eyeliner and skipped the mascara, so she wouldn't appear too girlie." CK-One 3-in-1 face color gave skin a hydrated, yet natural matte finish.

    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Stylist: Doria Santlofer
    Stylist's Assistant: Kate Miller
    Makeup: Tiffany Patton
    Hair: Shintaro Teraoka at Next Artists
    Model: Kelsey at Women Direct New York

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