• 6.10.15

    The Phantom of the Opera Reimagined by B&A

    Masks have been a part of artistic expression for millennia. Allowing humans to take the face of another being transcends the human experience and brings us into contact with the divine (and the basest of creation). They allow us to step out of ourselves and reach another understanding of how the universe works, and how we relate to it. In many ways, the mask reveals. It gives us the freedom to express our true selves, no longer chained by our identity, finally liberated to be what we explore. For every artist that exploration is different, and every artist’s mask is different.

    2014’s “Art of the Mask” was a celebration of Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera. The longest running show on The Great White Way marked another season of success by inviting fans and artists on a week-long retrospective and behind the scene investigation. Props and costumes from the show were available for study, as well as educational displays about the history and workings of the show. But the highlight of the show was a series of masks created by different artists. There was a contest that engaged all Phantom Fans from around the world, encouraging them to submit their own designs, but there were a handful of working artists tapped by Serino Coyne that included B&A’s Tes One, Victor GadinoGriesbach / Martucci, ilovedust, and Chris Parks who got in on the fun (as well as up and coming artist Claudia Griesbach). The designs were only limited by the artists’ imaginations (and what they could fit on the show’s iconic mask).

    In each of these artist’s interpretations we see how the mask plays creatively with the themes of the story, the artistry of the production, and the distinct style of each artist. All the masks were auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. So at least we know behind the mask is a kind heart.

  • 6.19.14

    Tes One and Martin Sati help McDonalds take a bite out of the World Cup

    You might be only be reading these words between World Cup goals. If you’ve been glued to your television this week like the rest of the world, you might have noticed that McDonalds is all over this thing, trying to remind you that soccer and burgers go together like fried potatoes and salt.

    Whether it’s the ads on TV, the 1,408 children from 69 countries escorting players onto the pitch, or nationally themed burgers (unfortunately available only in Australia), McDonald’s has worked to add a personal, and integrated presence to the competition.

    One of the most personal, and collectable initiatives from McDonalds is their range of colorful fry boxes, celebrating the teams from twelve countries. 500 artists around the world were considered for the twelve spots, and both Tes One and Martin Sati got chosen to illustrate the boxes themed for the USA and Spain, respectively. Tes One wasn't going to take it lightly, saying, "I hope to rep [the US] well."

    Tes One used the panels on a soccer ball like the frames of a sports photographer. We catch glimpses of the player in action: a ball here, a cleat there, his focused stare, and his arm counterbalancing the flourish. The image represents the universal experience of soccer, with the shapes and movements of any player, that any veiwer would recognize, regardless of nationality. Tes One explains, "I wanted to make a collage of sorts that captured the energy of the game, and felt familiar to not only the players, but also to the fans across the globe."

    Martin Sati, inspired by the natural movement of circles, also caught a player in motion, in the joy of a scored goal. Suspended in fluid movement, the colors, lines, and shapes coalesce into an image of jubilation, surrounded by the energy of a crowd.  Martin starts with a circle because he sees the world, and his experience as being inherently circular. He explains, “I believe and I want to think that all important things in life are circular.” That circular energy compounds on itself, and the result is a super sized expression of triumph that fits squarely on your Medium Fries. “Any soccer fan dreams for four years of celebrating a goal in the World Cup Final with your team, with your friends, with passion. We all want to live that magic moment.” That was the moment that Martin captured.

    These boxes are being distributed throughout the world to millions of McDonald’s customers over the course of the World Cup. It represents a reach that most artists don’t dare dream of. For Martin it wasn’t even a question of whether he should be involved. He said, “How could I refuse something like this?” Tes One concurs saying the project, "was too big of an opportunity to pass up." Lucky for everyone, neither he nor Tes One refused.

    Happy munching.

  • 3.10.14

    Tes One Live-Paints for Condé Nast and New Corvette Stingray

    Condé Nast Media Group asked Tes One to partake in its Corvette Precision Drive Event and create an artwork inspired by the 2014 Stingray.

    Over the course of three days at the end of February, Tes worked on his piece, "Fast Forward," at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, as car enthusiasts and subscribers to Condé titles Architectural Digest, GQ, Golf Digest, and Wired watched. "By utilizing colors directly from the Corvette line, I wanted to convey a balance of speed and serenity," the artist explained. "The technology involved in the all-new Corvette is now naturally integrated into the vehicle, a concept I wanted to showcase in my painting."

    The shapes and palette of the completed piece spoke to the Stingray's aerodynamic design and power; plus, the canvas was a tiled wall and attendees could take home part of the original art.

    Tes One has partnered with Condé Nast in the past, live-painting a 30-foot wall in the Architectural Digest lounge at Raleigh Hotel during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2012.

  • 12.5.12

    Art Basel Miami Beach Preview

    Art Basel Miami Beach is the largest collective art show in the US and officially gets underway tomorrow. Three Bernstein & Andriulli artists will be participating in several events throughout the week.

    Chris Parks of Pale Horse Design is one of the featured artists at Basel Castle. Produced by The Overthrow, Basel Castle is a minifestival bringing together some of the world's most influential contemporary artists and musicians. The Castle features artist-created interactive games where attendees can win limited edition prizes. Pale Horse has created a game where people throw bean bags at six, printed skate decks that spin and combine to reveal two new Pale Horse illustrations. Winners will receive limited edition Pale Horse koozies and stickers. Music for Basel Castle is curated by Brooklyn's Fool's Gold Records and the lineup includes the likes of Twin Shadow, Purity Ring and Brenmar.

    Kai & Sunny are featured special guests at AD Oasis at the Raleigh on Friday, December 7th. The event is curated by ICA/Boston's Pedro Alonzo and will feature various Kai & Sunny pieces. Also at the Raleigh, Tes One will be doing a live painting on Thursday and Friday. Tes One will be creating a large scale painting comprised of 60 individual panels along a 30 ft wall. Both events are presented by Architectural Digest.

    Our Lady of Luchadores by Pale Horse Design

    Buddha Gamer by Pale Horse Design

  • 4.9.12

    Tes One for Converse

    Tes One creates in-store graphics for Converse's new Padded Collar shoe release. The newly updated shoe features extra padding around the ankle for a more snug fit and comfort. Tes's colorful illustrations feature the new slogan "Turn It Up" and a drawing of the new shoe. His graphics will appear in Footaction stores around the country.

    Converse also released a free mix-tape, available here, called "Brooklyn Good Guy." Tes designed the type to match the padded collar campaign and the mix-tape features animated banners with his art.

    See more of Tes One's illustrations here.

  • 9.7.11

    B&A Artists for Fashion's Night Out

    Fashion's Night Out, the after-hours shopping event, returns for a third year this Thursday, September 8th. The global initiative is sponsored by Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and was first put on in New York back in 2009. It expanded around the US and the globe the following year. For one night only, retailers stay open late and throw parties and offer giveaways in the hope of getting people to shop. Jeremyville, Stockton Johnson, Kareem Black, and Tes One lend their talents this year to the events.

    Jeremyville will be at the Swatch store in Milan to launch his watch for the Swatch x KidRobot collaboration. He'll also be painting a large swatch and a 4 foot Dunny live at the event. In China, Stockton Johnson's photographs of Chinese designers' exclusive FNO outfits will be part of an exhibition at Xintiandi Style in Shanghai. The images will later be part of a fashion editorial spread in the October issue of Vogue China.

    Tes One will be at the GUESS store in Soho, New York to custom illustrate canvas totes. The store is hosting an I Heart NYC-themed evening and the totes will be given away as gift bags for attendees. Kareem Black consulted with Neiman Marcus on a live fashion shoot for their event. The uptown store approached Black for help making their event cooler and livelier.

    Fashion's Night Out will be held in stores and online worldwide on September 8th. For more information, including event listings, visit the official site.

  • 5.18.11

    B&A Artists Illustrate Bottles for 1800 Tequila

    Five B&A artists collaborate with 1800 Tequila on the third edition of the Essential Artists Series. Tes One, Gary Baseman, Tristan Eaton, Ray Smith, and Yuko Shimizu produced unique interpretations of Luchadore (professional Mexican wrestler) for the Lucha Libre-themed tequila bottles. The series is a chance for 1800 to bring a contemporary, artistic touch to the brand.

    Ray Smith's bottle was inspired by his ongoing series of mask-like pieces called Symmians. His Lucha Libre Symmian gets his power from elemental forces and tequila. Yuko Shimizu's bottle features a close-up shot of a Luchadore face. She added drama by cropping the face and adding flying flames. Since tequila is made from the agave plant, Shimizu based the Luchadore's mask on the plant's shape and pattern.

    Only 1800 bottles were produced for the limited edition run, which launched with a party sponsored by VICE Magazine on May 5th.

    Client: 1800 Tequila
    Talent: Gary Baseman, Tes One, Tristan Eaton, Ray Smith, Yuko Shimizu

  • 10.8.10

    B&A Artists in RE:FORM SCHOOL, A Redu Project

    This weekend in New York City October 9-11, RE:FORM SCHOOL will be taking over 233 Mott St. in a call for the reform of the American Public Education System. RE:FORM school is an art exhibition, event series, and public awareness campaign that believes it is the right of every child to have access to high quality education. It is open to the public between 10:00am-6:00pm.

    Artists involved include Andrew Bannecker, Gary Baseman, FunJob, Shepard Fairey (founder of Studio Number One), Tes One (pictured above: Wonders Never Cease), TrustoCorp, and many more. Events include a silkscreening workshop with Faile, a paper mural workship with WK Interact, and a breakdancing class with Ken Swift. Don't forget to stop by the old fashioned bake sale! Proceeds support local arts and education.

    Tes One is featured at RE:FORM SCHOOL's blog in their "Meet the Artist" series. He explains, "When I was younger, I had a hard time concentrating in school because my imagination was quite vivid. I would daydream a lot. I wanted to explore and discover things as much as I could. As I got older, the capacity of my imagination would shrink to make room for practicality, limitations, life, etc.

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