• 9.17.13

    Jeff Nishinaka and Tatiana Arocha for DFS Galleria

    DFS, the world's leading luxury retailer catering to travelers, tapped B&A's Jeff Nishinaka and Tatiana Arocha to create a campaign for T Gallerias, the brand's new generation of department stores.

    "The brief consisted of images of models and products Photoshopped with paper sculptures I made for past projects," said Nishinaka. "There was also a storyboard for a stop-action video ... and the concept was to represent parts of Asia and Hawaii using a white, dreamy, and surreal landscape." 

    After submitting rough sketches and a round of revisions, "I went on to draw clean blueprint like drawings to actual size of the paper sculpture," he recalled. "From there, I transferred the drawings to paper, then cut, cleaned, and shaped each piece, and glued them together. Building a paper sculpture is a step-by-step process where one step has to follow another in order and [you] can't skip around." Although he describes his method as "labor-intensive and time-consuming," Nishinaka uses basic tools: an X-Acto knife, tweezers, a pencil, a kneaded eraser, wood and acrylic dowels, a French curve, triangles, and "good old Elmer's Glue-All." 

    The finished print ads mark the first time Nishinaka has combined paper craft and people. Upon seeing the results, he was amazed by the chemistry between his sculptures and model Karen Elson. "I was happy beyond expectations!" he remarked. "The look of wonderment in Karen's eyes just worked."

    For the video component, Nishinaka relied on Arocha; as he said, "I made it and [Tatiana] made it come alive!" She transformed six of his tableaux into animated pieces, adding her own sensibility.

    "I started by using Jeff's sketches, before he had made anything physical, and imagined different scenes for each piece, sometimes combining them where I felt like I could make a narrative," Arocha explained. She aimed to make a series of vignettes that subtly mimicked nature during its calmest moments, providing a canvas for showcasing DFS' products. "Once these compositions were approved, I made some rough motion tests in After Effects. With these tests, I was able to give Jeff a more precise idea of what additional pieces and elements he would need to create in order to bring his paper world to life."

    Following three days in the studio (and 700 photos snapped), Arocha began to edit; "the last part was to adjust the color correction so all levels and tonalities were similar or matched." It took one month to complete the short film. "It was the most interesting and fun experience I've ever had with another artist," she said. And both Arocha and Nishinaka mentioned how much they enjoyed working with the rest of the team. 

    Paper sculptor: Jeffrey Nishinaka
    Director: Tatiana Arocha
    Director of photography: David Griffiths
    Producer: Gabrielle Lirot
    Stop-motion animation: Taylor Jordan and Hayley Morris
    Gaffer: Perry Styga
    Compositing: Jose Luis Gonzalez
    Rotoscoping: Owen Hammer
    Agency: AR New York
    Client: DFS GALLERIA
    Chief creative director: Raul Martinez
    Executive creative director: David Israel

  • 3.26.13

    Gerald the Dog Comes to New York City

    Gerald is not your ordinary dog. Gerald was born in 2008 as part of a rebrand for British design studio Lazerian and came as nine easy to assemble paper panels. Starting in 2011, hundreds of Geralds were shipped to artists' studios all over the world with the only instruction for creatives being to put their own spin on it. Now all 100+ Geralds have been wrangled and can be seen together for the first time starting in May. B&A artists Jimi Crayon, Kai & Sunny, Simon Spilsbury, Stan Chow, and Tatiana Arocha will all have their very own Gerald on display at the exhibit. The exhibition will run from May 17-19th with a special preview on Thursday the 16th in New York City.

    Jimi Crayon's Gerald (pictured above) is aptly titled "The Universe, flys, diamonds, rocks and paint". Here's what he had to say about his creation: "I like to work across any and all mediums. I decided to bombard my Gerald with everything I was working on at the time to capture some real energy and variety. I worked across a flattened Gerald randomly placing my imagery across the cuts and folds with little thought, meaning the piece could take on a life of its own during construction. I didn't really know how it would look until I saw the finished dog."

    Kai & Sunny: "Flower"
    "Sunny and I were amazed by the structure of the Gerald Dogs so when asked to be involved it was a definite yes. The large Gerald has so many platforms and angles our flower print felt like the correct piece. Our line work fitted the various platforms perfectly. For us to see our 2D print 3D was very exciting. We were thrilled with the result."

    Simon Spilsbury: Dogod 01 & Dogod 02
    About Dogod 01:
    "You don't get to draw on an origami dog very often, so that was inspiring enough. This was experimental and painted after construction so was a bit suck it and see. I have a spontaneous, impatient style and it was a test not to stamp on the damn thing when it started bending in my grip as I wrestled with its planes and angles. I used spray paint and stencils to start, adding character detail later. I think I painted it out twice and started again before settling with the madness you see in front of you."

    Limited Edition of 500 Buy Here

    About Dogod 02:
    "This was drawn onto template. An altogether easier task than manoeuvring brushes and pens around the constructed version. I adopted my BuiltByPeople amorphous characters, laid down on a sprayed background."

    Limited Edition of 500 Buy Here

    Stan Chow: Pink Tulips
    "When I first saw the actual model, the first thing I did was to give it cartoon eyes and pair of wings. This is what naturally comes first when I doodle. I tried it and I thought it would have looked like I was taking this project seriously. Ultimately I just wanted to do something simple and elegant, as that's how I want most my work to look, so I decided on a repeat flower pattern."

    Limited Edition of 500 Buy Here

    Tatiana Arocha: Don't Stay Too Long in the Woods
    "I love the process of illustrating, losing all sense of time while imagining entire worlds down to the finest detail. I want people to fully immerse themselves in my images discover something new with every viewing."

    Limited Edition of 500 Buy Here

    Exhibition Details:
    Gerald and James Exhibition, New York
    Curated by Liam Hopkins. Presented by LAZERIAN in partnership with James Cropper
    Friday 17 - Sunday 19 May 2012, 10AM - 5PM daily (preview Thursday 16 May, 6:30PM)

  • 5.14.12

    B&A Illustrators in the American Illustration 31

    Tatiana Arocha, Thornberg & Forester, Olaf Hajek, John Hendrix, Rod Hunt, Peter Kraemer, Yuko Shimizu, and Simon Spilsbury make the list for this year's AI-AP American Illustration 31. The annual competition recognizes the best illustrations from the past year. A distinguished jury of editors from Rolling Stone, Men's Health, Random House, The New York Times, and Young & Rubicam selected the best from 2011 that will be published in a book later this year.

    Peter Kraemer's entry was his illustration "House of Heroes." The piece depicts the doorbell of an apartment tower and each name belongs to a superhero from movies and comic books. Tatiana Arocha's entries are two of her children's illustrations, featuring colorful and bright characters. Thornberg & Forester's entry is a composite illustration of the subway at DeKalb Avenue in New York. Olaf Hajek was recognized for his personal commission "Black Antoinette" for a private collector.

    Four illustrations by Yuko Shimizu made the list. Two illustrations are from the upcoming chidlren's book Barbed Wire Baseball, about a baseball player in a Japanese internment camp during World War II, out next year. A commissioned illustration for Playboy and one of her covers for the monthly comic book series "The Unwritten," were also recognized. Three illustrations by John Hendrix, two from his "Drawing in Church" series and his commissioned piece for Rolling Stone's Rock Trivia issue, were selected. Rod Hunt's cover for the book Transwonderland: Adventures in Nigeria was also selected. Finally, two of Simon Spilsbury's collage drawings made the list.

    Read more about the AI-AP American Illustration 31 here.

  • 3.30.11

    B&A Artists Create Origami Cranes for Japan

    In the wake of the devastating March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan, five B&A artists have created original work to benefit relief efforts. The Selby, Tim Marrs, Ilovedust, Paul Oakley and Tatiana Arocha have submitted designs to One Thousand Cranes for Japan that can be downloaded and made into origami cranes. A donation to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund offers up a downloadable design with instructions for how to fold it into a crane.

    The project is inspired by an ancient Japanese legend that promises that any person who folds one thousand cranes will be granted a wish. The project's creators hope that participants will display their cranes prominently so as to inspire others.

    Donate and download at crane at OneThousandCranesforJapan.com.

  • 2.3.11

    Jitesh Patel Designs The Tote Bag Book

    The tote bag has become a ubiquitous icon of the green movement in recent years. As consumers attempt to reduce the use of plastic bags, the tote bag has seen a surge in popularity. Jitesh Patel was inspired by this rise in popularity to create The Tote Bag Book, a showcase of totes from illustrators and designers around the world.

    Patel asked the artists to submit striking and inventive designs for tote bags. Designs included range from floral prints and typography to illustrations and characters. Artists such as Angus Hyland, Bosque Studio, Catalina Estrada, Central Illustration Agency (C.I.A.), and more submitted work as well as fellow B&A artists Sarah J. Coleman, Josh Cochran, Kai & Sunny, Jeremyville, and Tatiana Arocha. Each book comes packaged with an original tote bag.

    The Tote Bag Book will be released in the UK on February 7th. It is available on Amazon for US readers to pre-order now.

  • 1.26.11

    Tatiana Arocha Creates Scarf Scenes for Anthropologie

    Tatiana Arocha collaborates again with Anthropologie on a new video, "Scarf Scenes." The live-action stop-animation video shows five different ways to wear a scarf. Arocha shaped the narrative around a girl who leaves her home for a walk in the park and finds the scarf has a mind of its own. Arocha previously created a stop-motion video of Anthropologie ornaments for the holiday 2010 season.

    The stop-motion technique on Arocha's previous video was limited by the set's miniature scale. For this video, she was able to play with perspective and scale to make the scene around the model as dynamic as possible while changing the backgrounds on camera. Arocha's concept was to bring an Anthropologie window display to life. She used wallpaper they decorate with and sell in their stores, as well as objects like the mushrooms, a bunny, and a jackelope that are also available for purchase. Arocha approached the set design much like she creates her illustrations, by "using many different media and borrowing from different sources to create scenes that are somewhat fantastical but still feel real."

    "Scarf Scenes" is airing now on the Anthropologie website.

    Director & Set Design: Tatiana Arocha
    Animator & Art Director: Kaori Sohma

    Anthropologie Crew
    Art Director: Jamie Allison
    Producer: Lina Watanabe
    Photogrpher: Ryan Scott
    Fashion Stylist: Pia Panaligan
    Hair & Makeup: Christina Reyna
  • 12.8.10

    Tatiana Arocha Brings Ornaments to Life for Anthropologie

    Anthropologie gets into the holiday spirit with a short film starring their new ornaments and decorations. Tatiana Arocha brings the ornaments to life using stop-animation in "Trim." Arocha's idea was to create a story that would connect all the ornaments together. For example, a polar bear knocks over a box of fake snow to coat the landscape while two bundled-up dolls make snow angels. She says, "It was a lot of fun to play around and figure out what each ornament was going to do, what its personality was and to create little worlds for them all to live in."

    The film was shot over two days at the Urban Outfitters studio in Philadelphia. One aspect of stop-animation that Arocha appreciates is that it allows for improvisation. While she planned many of the shots, some of the best ideas came together on set. For example, the creation of the word "trim" with a garland of yarn balls was a collaboration between Arocha and Anthropologie's crew.

    Arocha says she was excited about working with Anthropologie because they offered "inspiring creative direction along with the freedom to do something cool." She found herself right at home with the brand's feminine style and appreciation of texture and color.

    "Trim" is currently playing on Anthropologie's website here.

    Client: Anthropologie
    Direction and Animation: Tatiana Arocha
    Director of Photography: Andrew Casey
    Senior Web Art Director: David Chanpong
    Senior Art Director: Simon Lee
    Art Director: Jamie Allison
  • 5.24.10

    Heart Art for Haiti Art Auction

    Heart Art Productions holds an art auction to raise funds for Haiti earthquake relief efforts. All proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders/M'edecins Sans Fronti`eres. Artwork from Tatiana Arocha, Kareem Black, Tristan Eaton, Yuko Shimizu, Michael Turek, Stephen Wilkes, and more are up for auction. Begin your bidding here. Auction closes June 17th at 11:59pm.

    Pictured above: Kareem Black: Untitled and Untitled
    Learn more about Kareem Black's time in Haiti.

    Michael Turek: Yorkshire

    Stephen Wilkes: Horse in Meadow

    L: Tristan Eaton x Filth: Untitled
    R: Yuko Shimizu: Untitled

    Tatiana Arocha: Red Yellow Sun
  • 3.23.10

    Tatiana Arocha Works 5 to 9 for Centric

    Tatiana Arocha works with Centric TV to create vibrant and fun opening animations for Centric's "5to9" prime time hours. Arocha and Centric collaborated together to create an identity for their prime time block, making a series of IDs for each of their shows during the "5to9" programming. Says collaborator Gary Encarcion, "The idea behind the look of '5to9' was to create a sense of winding down, a changeover from day to night. We also wanted a strong connection to the main channel brand and the symbolism of the logo mark, that Tatiana kept intact while adding her own flair. From the start of the curtain raiser to any one of the show IDs, this package has proven to be a huge success. Its lush color palette and playful animation help bring a distinct, yet organic, look to a relatively young channel."
    Says creative director Kesime Bernard, "With Centric's 5-9 positioned to be our signature primetime block, we thought it made sense to capitalize on the networks logo and it's underlying visual story. The Centric logo is essentially a Venn Diagram of color in which the overlapping hues come overlap to create the color brown. It's a subtle nod to our audience and the culture that we celebrate." Centric TV is owned by BET, a division of Viacom, and launched last fall/winter of 2009. The new channel targets upscale and sophisticated multicultural adults with aspirational values. Watch for Tatiana Arocha's animated spots on air now!

    Creative Director: Kesime Bernard
    Producer: Gary Encarnacion, Pamela Esposito
    Creative Direction, Design and Animation: Tatiana Arocha
    Design & Animation: Bran Dougherty-Johnson
    Typographical Treatments: Tatiana Arocha and Melissa Gorman
  • 12.22.09

    Bernstein & Andriulli Wishes You A Warm and Wonderful Holiday!

    2009 is coming to a close and we would like to thank all of our talent, clients, agents, and friends for a wonderful year. A blog was started (which became our homepage), new artists were signed on, and lots of cool projects were carried out. We leave you with this animated video and wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

    The blog will resume January 4th, 2009. Cheers!
    Animation and direction by:
    12 foot 6

    Art By:
    Andrew Rae
    Andrew Bannecker
    Stan Chow
    Am I Collective
    Josh Cochran
    Nishant Choksi
    Nathan Fox
    Big Chief
    Tatiana Arocha
    Tristan Eaton
    Sarah Coleman
    Ben Wachenje

    Sound, Music, and Voice:
    Expansion Team

  • 12.9.09

    Gary Baseman and Tatiana Arocha for JWT's GAPA/BS World Aids Day Safe Sex Campaign

    In order to raise awareness on the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, the World Health Organization established World Aids Day in 1988. Observed on December 1st, it is a chance for organizations and individuals to "demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic." According to 2008 data from the United Nations, approximately 33 million people around the world are living with HIV.

    In Latin America, JWT worked with GAPA/BS (Grupo de Apoio `a Prevenc~ao `a AIDS da Baixada Santista) on a campaign with the message "Be pure. Safe sex is never wrong." GAPA/BS is a philanthropic foundation that hopes the campaign will change the perception of purity - that to remain pure, all it takes is protection. Several artists including Gary Baseman (work pictured above) and Tatiana Arocha volunteered their talent for the project, creating art for T-shirts, print media, and animation.

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