• 3.20.15

    Sophie Haig Brings May Flowers

    April Showers bring May flowers, so the saying goes. But sometimes those rainstorms can be a drag, especially if the water dampens up a fresh spring look. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! As Refinery29 teaches us, sometimes we can be those May flowers that thrive in the rain. Hair and Makeup Artist Sophie Haig was tapped for Refinery’s story showing off how to still look amazing despite the wet weather. To show off these looks, Sophie and crew headed over to Aqua Studio in downtown NYC, and got wet from head to toe.

    To keep it looking natural while the model sashayed through the water in her waterproof looks, Sophie employed the use of natural tones on the face accentuating the natural rose her face. A slightly smokey eye adds a touch of drama, while nude lip-gloss keeps the model looking fresh and weightless. Her hair was kept light and effortlessly sophisticated with the dewy look.

    Sophie’s sophisticated artistry was also seen in the most recent issue of Footwear News, in a story highlighting how couples can use different styles for classic pairings. Once again her light hand showed off the natural beauty of the models who fit into the larger context of the compositions, emphasizing subtle elegance.

  • 10.28.14

    Robert Maxwell Introduces Eddie Redmayne

    The Ice Bucket Challenge gripped the nation this Summer, inspiring thousands of participants to get involved with raising money and awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Before the disease was known by that name, British theoretical physicist and cosmologist was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease related to ALS. It was to be a terminal diagnosis, expected to claim his life within two years. He was 21. Today, he is 72, and although he is almost entirely paralyzed, continues to stay active in the scientific community. 

    The upcoming film, The Theory of Everything, looks to tell Stephen Hawking’s story through his time earning his PhD during and after his diagnosis, and the relationship with his first wife, Jane Wilde. Regardless of the emotional dexterity needed to play the role, the physical demands are extreme, and Eddie Redmayne was cast to portray Hawking’s entire physical and emotional journey for theatergoers, and Robert Maxwell was recruited to capture Eddie for the cover of Variety. For all the energy and style around The Theory of Everything being a faithful period piece, the image that Robert took of Eddie for Variety is a very contemporary representation of the young, virile actor. This is not a mistake. “I tend to keep things really simple… I don’t think a whole lot about the shoot before I shoot,” explains Robert. He deals with the person in the room, and doesn’t try to guild the lily. “I feel their personality and kind of try to take a cue from that.”

    Eddie’s other major release this year, Jupiter Rising, is an interplanetary SciFi epic full of zero gravity battles and futuristic weaponry. But The Theory of Everything is an intimate drama about the relatable struggles of life. That focused, intense energy is calibrated perfectly for Robert’s own temperament. “I’m a loud guy that takes quiet pictures,” explains Robert with a healthy laugh. Sophie Haig, another member of the B&A family was on hand to groom Eddie and add to his effortless look.

    Eddie Redmayne has been on international movie screens for the better part of a decade, but The Theory of Everything represents his first major lead role. In a way, we’re being introduced to him for the first time, and Robert’s image is the perfect introduction. It is a personal introduction, almost as if we’re mid conversation with the actor. It’s intensely open and available. Almost a moment stolen from an impossible history. How does Robert do it? “I don’t know how I do it, I just do it,” he explains. The photographer’s job is to capture and present moments that will never happen again. But Robert’s images give us the opportunity to see those moments, but also offer experiences we could never have ourselves.

    The Theory of Everything opens November 7th.

  • 10.1.14

    Sophie Haig Crowns the King and Queen of the Streets

    The real royalty of a city reign over the streets. Gowns and tuxedos are the armor for those with false power. The pack that's really in control wears jeans, running amok between Broadway and Fifth Avenue.

    For Nylon’s highlight of Buffalo David Bitton, they found the King and Queen of the streets and it was up to Sophie Haig to show off these merry monarchs. Using Laura Mercier products exclusively, she hit just the right amount of glam for the street.

    The collection is perfect for this couple. Buffalo David Bitton represents a special collaboration for the heritage denim company, Bitton adding a new angle that Sophie was on hand to highlight. Minimal makeup brings out the effortless beauty of Gabriela’s gaze, while a tender shadow gives Timothy the perfect punch to his boyish grace.

    This duo has already left the party, but that doesn’t mean it has to end.

    If you happen to have the September issue of Nylon, you should also catch Sophie's full page work with Dior. Don't miss it!

  • 7.25.14

    Sophie Haig Makes Less Mean More for Refinery29

    Any artist can add more. Layering paint and styles one on top of another until a shiny, crusted mask emerges, creating more distortion than representation. It takes a real artist to step out of the way and enhance what’s already there. Make up artist Sophie Haig’s latest shoot with Refinery29 was about staying fresh in the oppressive heat of Summer, and that means letting beauty shine through with as little work as possible. Sophie has an expert hand, and it takes that kind of knowledge to create such effortless looks, but we caught up with her for some insight.

    The shoot was profiling "12 Killer Outfits for Summer's Worst Days.” Those days filled with sticky humidity and are so hot it’s like a punch in the face. But, luckily for Sophie and the crew, they got to escape the city for a little adventure on the shoot. “There were no complaints about getting out of NYC and spending the day among beach goers at the beautiful beach and boardwalk!” she exclaims. Asbury Park, New Jersey acted as the backdrop for the free and easy shoot. Since the clothing was going to be light and airy, the make up had to reflect that feeling. In order to communicate that same feeling Sophie wanted, “to show natural skin, with hints of colors and pastels either on the eyes or lips.”

    This kind of work is Sophie’s specialty and she’s got a few tips for all of us. The heat in Summer can do a number on the skin, so Sophie started everything off with Avene Skin Recovery Cream for some hydration. She tells us that it “can be used on its own or mixed in with your foundation to create a more sheer coverage.” The foundation was applied as a combination of MAC Face and Body with Cinema Secret Ultimate Foundation palettes. She followed that up by contouring the face with Anastasia Contour Palette and Make Up For Ever Soft White/Gold pigment for highlights. The dewy, sun-kissed look on the cheeks is thanks to cream blushes from RMS beauty, Stila, and Make Up For Ever. Make Up For Ever was also featured prominently on the eyelids after curling the eyelashes so they looked bright and awake. OCC Lip Tars helped to bring color in for looks that worked for both day and night.

    Over all, the shoot was as fun as it looked, Sophie said. “It was a wonderful day, working with such a lovely team of people in such a new beautiful location.“

  • 10.16.13

    Sophie Haig's Stripped-Back Dior Look for Bullett

    Sophie Haig brought a stripped-back look to Bullett's "Represent" editorial. She collaborated with photographer-friend Richie Talboy, who was asked to submit an interpretation of social cults. "Our take on it was studying the symbols used by our generation," explained Haig. "That's what the hand signals are about in each photo," like W for whatever and the Blood gang sign.

    Using Dior's 5-Colour Eyeshadow palette in Blue Lagoon, Haig placed a single line on the models' eyelids, as seen on the runways; for the pink lip, she picked Dior Addict in 465. "I actually paled the skin," the hair and makeup artist noted. "I selected a color two shades lighter than the models' natural skintone and blended it through down to their necks – there was no blush, only Diorskin Nude for foundation and Diorskin Forever powder." She flat-ironed their hair, slicking it with TRESemmé's Smooth & Silky No Frizz Shine Spray.  

    Haig particularly enjoyed the shoot because she, Talboy, and stylist Jennifer Huynh are friends but have never collaborated: "We were really comfortable working with each other. Everyone had so much talent and suggested complementary ideas."

    Photographer: Richie Talboy
    Stylist: Jennifer Huynh
    Models: Mariya at Boss and Sarah at Major

  • 8.7.13

    Jesse Nemeth Does Double-Duty for Time

    Time enlisted a team of B&A artists to collaborate on images for this week's cover story, "The Childfree Life." 

    "Although we had all of the prop elements available, communicating the concept visually presented a challenge, despite its simplicity," recalled prop stylist Jesse Nemeth. "Using a borrowed beach cart, I carefully rigged all of our props and inflatables with wire, creating a colorful beach sculpture on wheels, within twenty minutes." But his work didn't stop there; Nemeth did double-duty, posing as the Sysiphean dad, "which was easy as a father of two-year-old twins."

    Stacey Jones, the wardrobe stylist, noted that the photographer envisioned a Norman Rockwell sensibility with a modern twist. "Using this as a starting point, I tried to bring a vintage style and color palette to the wardrobe," she said. "The location, which was also a throwback to that era, was a perfect backdrop to capture the overall feeling."

    Makeup artists Gregg Hubbard and Sophie Haig used the afternoon before the shoot for experimentation. "My only concerns were sun protection for the models and making sure their glowing skin did not come across as sweaty," Hubbard noted. On the morning of, "We arrived before the sun was up completely and we were finished by 11:30. Awesome day."

    Photographer: Randal Ford
    Prop Stylist: Jesse Nemeth
    Wardrobe: Stacey Jones
    Makeup: Gregg Hubbard, assisted by Sophie Haig

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