• 8.8.13

    Shilo Animates the Vikings' Softer Side

    Shilo, with the help of ATELIER BRÜCKNER, developed a short video for the National Museum of Denmark's "Viking" exhibit – the largest showcase of Viking accoutrements in 20 years, with contributions from a dozen European countries.

    In "Chapter One: the Invasion," things become a bit cartoon-bloody; however, "Chapter Two: the Journey Home" reveals the Nordic inhabitants' softer sides. "They were not just raiding a village for enjoyment, but rather, they were doing so to provide for their families," said Shilo co-founder Jose Gomez in a press release. "To us, showing that aspect of their lives was definitely key to making the entire story work."

    ATELIER BRÜCKNER imagined telling the tale with a hand-drawn aesthetic, which, explained Shilo creative director Tom Green, "could really only be reproduced by painting each frame individually." So, the Emmy Award-winning creative production company "took aspects of traditional animation and modernized them with today's technology," Green noted.

    The exhibition runs through November 17, before moving on to the British Museum in London and Museum für Vor-und Frühgeschichte in Berlin.

  • 6.20.13

    Shilo Brings Magic to Qatar TV

    Over the past year, creative production company Shilo and director Jose Gomez took on the challenge of creating a huge library of stunning cinematic content for Qatar TV. 

    After traveling to Qatar to learn more about the culture and people, Shilo crafted this original HD content and much more for Qatar TV's on-air identity. In Jose's words, "We were asked to make each promo a metaphor for different aspirational subjects such as education, business, environment and family. The main creative challenge was to render these stories in artistic and simple ways that didn't require further explanation or language. We focused on conveying a feeling and tone for each subject in ways that are abstract and metaphorical but still understandable."

    Client: FilmWorks Dubai
    Agency: Les Folles
    Production Company: Shilo
    Director: Jose Gomez
    Music Company: White Noise Lab
    Composer: Roger Lima

  • 3.7.13

    Shilo Soars with DC Shoes

    Last month Shilo and DC Shoes teamed up to create a short film entitled "AIR.CRAFT" that's racked up almost 2 million views to date. In "AIR.CRAFT," Shilo set out not only to feature Robbie Maddison's awe-inspiring freestyle motorcross talents, but also to introduce something completely original to the genre of motocross films. "It was a pleasure working with Jose and the team at Shilo," said DC's marketing director Brian Cassaro. "We worked well together to create the best short film possible."

    Now DC Shoes has released a behind-the-scenes film where we get up close and personal with Robbie as he works through his stunts and perseveres through four shoulder dislocations. Shilo founder and director Jose Gomez also provides some interesting insights into the filming process: "We treated this like a full-blown production for a film, and I think that approach really elevates AIR.CRAFT into something new for the motocross genre." Head over to Shilo's Facebook page to see some previously unreleased stills.

  • 10.29.12

    Shilo Animates La Linea for New Ford Campaign

    Shilo worked with Ford and Team Detroit on a campaign to launch the new Ford C-MAX Hybrid. Team Detroit identified Shilo because of the project for the ambitious production, VFX and post-production it required.

    The campaign includes a series of broadcast spots, short brand films and other cross-media campaign assets featuring La Linea of the popular Italian animated series. "La Linea is generally known to be a masterpiece of animation," Arthur said. "From the beginning, we were very focused on the direction of La Linea's actions, especially given the importance of the transition to live-action," Jose explained. La Linea's agency, Quipos, worked with Shilo director Jose Gomez and executive producer Arthur Portnoy to give the character life.

    Two of four :30 television spots recently launched with more spots and content debuting next year. Head on over to Shilo's portfolio to watch the second television spot.
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