• 1.16.15

    Sadaf Razi Gets Friendly with Fashion

    Style is all about identity. We wear the clothes that make us feel like how we want to be seen. Whether dressing for an occasion, work, or a lazy weekend, what we put on our backs is an expression of who we are. But what are we without our relationships?

    Stylist Sadaf Razi’s latest project with Seventeen Magazine explores how fashion and relationships come together. Photographer Tom Schirmacher posed friends, sisters, roommates, and young love to show how relationships come together, and Sadaf’s styling showed off how they connect through fashion.

    Sadaf highlights colors, textures, and patterns and how styles can play off one another and reflect in the people we spend our time with. Whether those reflections are direct, like two twin sisters, or show differences, like the two BFFs whose polar styles highlight variation, we are made better by those who we share our lives with. And it doesn’t hurt that we can get some good style tips along the way. 

  • 11.3.14

    Sadaf Razi Gets Cozy with Seventeen

    The word “glamour” pulls up images of city streets and sleek black nighttime looks. But let’s not forget that those looks, as beautiful as they are, are not for everyone. Most Americans don’t live in big cities. They live in areas that are smaller with closer communities that find glamour and grace with a more relaxed looked. For Seventeen’s story, “Cozy Up,” the young lifestyle magazine showed off that other side, and Sadaf Razi was on deck to make sure the looks were as cozy as advertised.

    Drawing inspiration from rural cues, plaids, layers, and distressed fabrics take center stage in this story. The story is set on a farm where utility is king. Warm layers like shearling find their fashionable note with Sadaf’s pairing of well-calibrated prints, while the traditional mix of faded denim is reinvigorated with special tones and unique fits.

    What is perhaps most inspiring about Sadaf’s work in this story is the mix of shapes, colors, prints, and fits. Sadaf shows how much power the wearer can get out of singular pieces that might not otherwise get a second look. With the right context and mix, any piece can sing like a lark. Especially with Sadaf’s touch.

  • 9.5.14

    Sadaf Razi Strikes the Perfect Chord

    Kylie Jenner has no memory of a life before reality TV. She has spent the last eight years growing up on camera, including the last few that have turned her into a style idol. With the creation of her own line with her sister, Kendall, Kylie is understandably a symbol of style.

    That means that when Sadaf Razi styled her for the Australian magazine, Girlfriend, she was walking into well-trod territory. Here is this young girl who has spent every moment of her remembered life in front of the camera, considering her presentation and identity. Sadaf was about to help write a passage in a well-read book, so she had to get it right.

    Kylie discussed this specifically with the magazine, and the omnipresence of judgment by saying, "If you make a mistake, everyone's hearing about it, it’s on every blog." The pressure was on.

    At 17, Kylie has been photographed in everything from Givenchy to Zara, her personal style has been honed and tested, while shifting over time. Sadaf had to bring something to the table that was going to fit into Kylie’s aesthetic so it felt natural and authentic. But, she couldn’t include something that Kylie had already been photographed in. It had to feel fresh and new, but still true to Kylie’s personality. It was the challenge of effortless change.

    Using Australian brands like MINKPINK and Finders Keepers (appropriate considering Girlfriend’s provenance) Sadaf struck a chord, straddling the balance between Kylie’s rocker aesthetic while staying true to her young energy, with a coy twist as a nod to the readers of Girlfriend. Like any youth magazine, the readers of Girlfriend are impressionable and hungry for inspiration. They look to figures like Kylie for pointers on how to dress and how to present themselves. The looks are edgy and fresh, but still age appropriate. It’s a line that’s hard to walk, but Sadaf managed it just fine.

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