• 10.26.17

    Ornamental Conifer Brings New Life to Rare and Collectable Cars

    Nico Sclater, a.k.a. Ornamental Conifer, recently got the opportunity to travel to Texas where he was given total freedom to paint vehicles from an incredible private collection of cars.

    His client opened the doors to the garage and standing in front of Nico was a Pinzgauer truck, one of the rarer picks for serious collectors. As he’s wont to do, Nico covered the truck with copy in his signature style that offers a laugh, and a thumb at traditionalists. “The Pinzgauer truck was inspired by my love for the Swiss style movement within typography, also known as the International style,” explains Nico Sclater. “The fact the truck was an ex-Swiss Army vehicle as well as the construction naturally having a grid formation on its panels, lead me to design a layout that felt utilitarian but at the same time reflected the humorous approach of the owner. These trucks are highly sought after and the purists don't feel that any form of customization is acceptable, but my client tends to break rules with his cars and enjoys poking fun at the masses of car nerds, so I came up with a few Coniferisms / idioms that highlight this.”

    The Pinzgauer was cool, but the Porsche 911 was personal. Nico’s client bought as an anniversary gift for his wife (who is also a big fan of Nico’s), but the car also hold emotional real estate for Nico who has loved it since he was a kid.

    “The Porsche was a very special project for me, not only because it’s been my dream car since I was a child, but also because this specific vehicle had been restored and customized using only period correct parts to resemble a golden era in Porsche motorsport,” explains Nico. “Being confronted with such a beautiful (and, not to mention, extremely expensive) canvas, I took my time to digest the concepts running around in my mind. Once the blank canvas fear had been tucked away in the back of my mind I decided to use the car as a platform to convey a message of love from husband to wife.”

    Vehicles like these are rare to interact with, and even rarer to paint – so this was truly a once in a lifetime event and one that Nico grabbed by the wheel.

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