• 5.1.14

    Monorex Inspires Next Gen of Talent With Secret Walls x CONS Project

    Monorex recently brought its Black Book Battles approach to Converse's CONS Project: Los Angeles, the second in a series of global community events meant to inspire the next generation of creative spirits through art, style, music, and sports.

    "The Black Book Battles started in London as a micro version of Secret Walls, the art battle event that features the best artists I can find," explained Terry Guy, founder of Monorex, Secret Walls, and High Rise Murals. "There's always hundreds of artists who want to get involved, so we set up a three-hour-long session on Saturdays in London, where young talent could turn up, meet some of the bigger names, and ask questions before it becomes a social experiment." Guy and his team distribute A4 sheets of paper divided down the middle and attendees have ten minutes to draw on one side before handing it off to another participant who fills the remaining half.

    Guy called the CONS workshop amazing and noted that it was at capacity with "a real mix of people – from kids coming in with their moms and dads to artists in their mid-twenties." Frequent Secret Walls headliner Disco Teck fielded Qs from the crowd, and he and street artist OG Slick each created a mural. "There was a lot of appreciation of the Black Book concept – it was the first time we did it in the States – and we scanned all of the images that were made (and asked the artists to put their Twitter or Instagram handles on them)," Guy said. "It's all a very nice give-back initiative from Converse."

  • 7.31.13

    Recap: Secret Walls at the MLS All-Star Games

    Monorex, marketing agency Gigunda Group, and an assortment of other co-conspirators inaugurated the Major League Soccer All-Star games with a Secret Walls art battle.

    The event, held in Kansas City, pitted New York-based L'amour Supreme against L.A.-based DiscoTeck. Beforehand, the two artists collaborated on a backdrop for beatboxer Hobbit, who provided the battle's soundtrack. Come showtime, they split to work on their own canvases: a pair of white Volkswagen Passats. At the end of the night, L'amour Supreme was named the winner from the roar of the crowd.

    L'amour Supreme and DiscoTeck also created a limited-edition MLS poster that was distributed to attendees during the week. Anyone could modify the collector's item using Microsoft Fresh Paint at select Microsoft stores and stations in Kansas City. 

    Read more about B&A's last art battle, ABCecret Walls, here.

  • 6.8.13

    Recap: ABCecret WALLS

    A good time was had by all at Ace Hotel NY last Thursday at Bernstein & Andriulli's Monorex event: ABCecret Walls. A heated art battle took place between two teams: advertising stars Matt Egan of BFG9000 and Gian Galang of The Brooklyn Brothers versus art stars Jeremyville and Buff Monster. Black pen and paint splashed on 6 ft x 10 ft canvases, as some crazy imagery took form. B&A's Aaron Barr played emcee for the night, keeping the crowd amped, checking in with iconic judges Ron English, Carlo Mccormick, Goodwives and Warriors and Stephen Bliss for their thoughts on who had the edge. Deejay John McSwain rocked the house, and Stoli served up Secret Walls branded cocktails with intriguing names such as “Sticki Canvas” and “Battle Portion”.

    Everywhere film crews and photographers documented art history in the making, and we took a few pics of our own, including some Vines of the drama in action. It was a close competition, with the ad creatives getting a good strong start, but in the end artists Jeremyville and Buff Monster triumphed with their inspirational “Stay Free Forever” piece. We all felt like winners though, with the mass of free swag available, including a copy of Mass Appeal magazine, Jeremyville RAW, and a freshly minted “ABCs of Contemporary Creatives”, penned by CDs Tim Nolan of BBH and Jen Lu of Droga 5, designed by Shotopop, and illustrated by B&A artists.

    Persue here http://abcbook.tumblr.com/ or email us for your physical copy at info@ba-reps.com.

    Thank you to everyone who made it out and a very special thanks to Ace Hotel, Stoli, and Mass Appeal.

    Photo credit: Angie Bruno/Josh Wong Photography

  • 5.30.13


    Monorex is turning nine years old and celebrating their birthday in style. Over 500 creative influencers and friends will be in attendance at this three-day party from June 13-15th at the Hoxton Arches, and you are invited too! The event showcases Monorex’s growing family of brands and projects including Secret Walls and features creative talks, live art battles, DJs and more. More info is available on the Monorex website here.

    Purchase your tickets to Monorex’s 9th Birthday here.

  • 4.2.13

    Secret Walls Kicks Off the ADC in Miami Today

    It's battle zone at the Art Directors Club Awards today where Monorex will host a "Secret Walls" live art competition. Two teams of experienced artists will compete in front of a live audience using digital and physical art set to the beat of music. And did we mention that one of our very own Illustration agent Aaron Barr will be MCing the entire thing?

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