• 9.3.13

    Mick Marston's 'Sorry, I Was Eating a Milky Way' Ads

    Illustrator Mick Marston stamped his signature graphics on Mars, Incorporated's new Milky Way campaign. With the taglines, color palette, and layout already in place, he had to develop figures in scenes that portrayed the "Sorry, I Was Eating a Milky Way" spirit.

    "Alex Zamiar, the art director, sought a very simple, quirky style and after a few discussions, we decided that the characters would be the same throughout," Marston said. "I came up with the couple almost immediately and then broke up the shapes to add more clarity than if I'd used a filled-in silhouette." He particularly likes the if-looks-could-kill expression on the suffering girlfriend's face: "We've all been there."

    As for his creative process, Marston draws in a sketchbook, later picking out good shapes. "Flat graphic designs require interesting, dynamic forms to work well," he explained. "I mess around with the scale a bit – big head, small shoes – until I achieve a good balance. I'm not interested in realistic renditions or proportions." He then scans his drafts and redraws them in Adobe illustrator.

    The rest of the ads will break this fall.

    Agency: DDB Chicago
    Art director: Alex Zamiar 
    Art buyer: Karen Blatchford

  • 4.14.11

    B&A Artists Create Art for Newport Beach Film Festival

    Every year the Newport Beach Film Festival brings together over 350 filmmakers from 40 countries to showcase their work on the big screens. This year, a select group of artists, including B&A's Henry Obasi, Mick Marston, and Shotopop, were commissioned by agency RPA to create bespoke artwork to celebrate the festival. Artists were asked to interpret the 24 letters that make up the festival's name in their own style.

    Shotopop took the inspiration for their piece from furniture they had recently seen. They created an abstract-style hat out of foam-board and cardboard. The hat is modeled against a two-color background, creating a simple, yet aesthetically strong visual. The idea behind Obasi's piece was to develop a film poster as a comic strip. The concurrent panels, featuring the necessary letters, run like snapshots of individual stories. Marston chose to create expressive characters with cute attributes out of the 24 letters. In black, white, and red against a sky blue background, the letters stick their tongues out, smile, and show off bowties, crowns and zipper mouths.

    RPA's V.P. Creative Director Scott McDonald says he was "taken aback by the inspired originality of the interpretation and the artists' dedication to their vision," and "the range of styles covered on this project is just inspiring." RPA is excited to present the final collection of artwork to the festival's international crowd in a gallery exhibition.

    The Newport Beach Film Festival will run from April 28th until May 5th. The gallery exhibition will be at Variety Hospitality Lounge at Triangle Square in Costa Mesa, CA.

    Client: Newport Beach Film Festival
    Agency: RPA
    Creative Director: Scott McDonald
    Art Buyer: Deb Grisham
    Talent: Shotopop, Henry Obasi, Mick Marston

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