• 4.4.16

    B&A's Seven American Photography Winners

    Each year American Photography releases their compendium of images from the last year that they found to be most arresting. This isn’t an award delivered to a photographer for the work they did that year, instead this is given to particular photographs regardless of who was behind the camera or what else that photographer achieved that year. Each image is chosen for what fits between the edges of the image, without the drag of reputation or expectation.

    This year, nine images from seven B&A photographers earned the distinction to be featured in AP32, the thirty second collection of these accolades. Please join us in congratulating Chloe Aftel, Jamie Chung, Tara Donne, Marco Grob, Steven LaxtonJoe Pugliese, and Michael Turek.

    Chloe Aftel
    Chloe Aftel’s attention grabbing shot was for Billboard Magazine. Shot on location at Ms. Brownstein's home in Portland, the image was paired with a short interview. The Portlandia star and Sleater-Kinney rocker offers a dozen looks at her characters through her creative ventures, but catching Carrie at home is something her fans are always hungry for. Chloe’s portrait shows us the woman behind the characters and music, displaying a quiet readiness that exudes with the creative generosity we’ve come to expect from her.

    Jamie Chung
    One of the biggest stories from this past year has been the incredible rise of Donald Trump as a political figure and how he’s galvanized a section of the American electorate. Jamie Chung’s incredible visualization of this stratospheric rise graced the cover of The New York Times Magazine in a unique image that saw Mr. Trump as a balloon. Jamie was particularly careful with how the placement of the balloon in the composition of the image. Balloons rise and fall, but it’s up to you to decide where Trump’s balloon is in its journey. 

    Tara Donne
    This fall Tara Donne shared with all of use her recipe for Hazelnut Pumpkin Tart and it caught enough attention that AP had to include her photograph in AP32. Don’t let the sumptuous look of the dessert fool you: this is for all of our friends, including those who are gluten free. Tara’s ‘Wild Apple’ project is an ongoing online magazine that proves a gluten free lifestyle isn’t a taste-free lifestyle, and invites you to find out for yourself. Dig in!

    Marco Grob
    It’s been half a century since the Beach Boys recorded ‘Pet Sounds,’ but the story of the band’s front man, Brian Wilson, will live on in infamy. His complex past is the subject of the upcoming biopic ‘Love & Mercy,” and the subject of a illuminating portrait by Marco Grob for Variety Magazine. Marco’s image finds the musician in a haze, considering the piano keys at his hand, opening a window for us into a private moment before his story becomes ever more public. 

    Steven Laxton
    Kathoey cabarets are a popular tourist destination for travellers in Thailand. The ‘ladyboys’ that perform are one of the country’s brightest international delights, but under the glitz and glam is a highly choreographed puzzle that keeps the theaters running and holds the hopes and reams of the performers. Steven Laxton got access backstage to the world that supports this movement in a series of images that was featured by The New Yorker. 

    Joe Pugliese
    Joe Pugliese has three different photos featured in AP32 this year.
    When he sat with Christopher Walken for a Saturday Night Live anniversary issue of The Hollywood Reporter, he found a man so at the top of his game that Joe was merely an audience for what Christopher had to offer that day. And it was exactly what Joe wanted.
    His portrait of Dr Dre came as a part of a Beats cover story for Wired that examined the history of the brand from its inception to its acquisition by Apple and how it operates under its new identity. The unique story allowed Joe to explore color and play with light in new ways.
    Leading up to the Oscars, Joe sat down with six A-List actors to discuss the state of Hollywood and where they fit within their craft. Samuel L. Jackson brought with him his signature energy that thundered through the portrait session, delivering the Sam Jackson the public has come to love. But there was one moment of stillness that Joe was able to capture, catching Jackson in a unique instant and catching AP’s accolades.

    Michael Turek
    As athletes feel called deeper towards nature, open water swimming has taken off all over the world. Michael Turek teamed up with a group of mataeur swimmers who take a five day aquatic trek over twenty miles of ocean that separates the British Virgin Islands. One of Michael’s images for this commission by British Airways High Life was tapped for AP32.

  • 5.13.14

    B&A Talents Selected for AI-AP's American Photography 30

    AI-AP flagged a group of Bernstein & Andriulli talents as American Photography 30 "Selected" winners.

    The list includes: Jamie Chung's florals for Document Journal; Joe Pugliese's picture of musician Jack White for The Hollywood Reporter; Stephen Wilkes's haunting image of The Star Jet Roller Coaster, submerged in the Atlantic Ocean after falling from the Seaside Heights pier during Hurricane Sandy; Erwin Olaf's much-talked-about photo of model Ymre Stiekema for Vogue Netherlands; Chloe Aftel's "Agender," a portrait of the movement by the same name for San Francisco Magazine; and Robert Maxwell's black-and-white shot of future NBA star Andrew Wiggins for GQ. Michael Turek completes the B&A collection with a pair of images – a landscape of Verbier Ski Slopes in Switzerland for Condé Nast Traveller and a mountain gorilla chasing a Rwandan guide printed in Porter magazine.

    Submissions by "Selected" winners appear online and in the AP30 book, to be released come November.


  • 2.27.14

    Michael Turek's Quick Turnaround for Thomson Hotels

    Thomson Holidays and BMB put Michael Turek on his most intense deadlines to date for a campaign that ran in The Times, The Telegraph, and The Guardian, among other British newspapers.

    Headlined, "This photo was taken yesterday at 7.51am in Sensatori Mexico," and, "This photo was taken yesterday at 8.11am on a Thomson holiday in Egypt," the images used in the advertisements were, in fact, photographed by Turek each Friday morning before going to print on Saturday. "The creatives at BMB wanted to be very true to the tagline," he recounted, adding, "They were after a first-person feeling. I traveled alone – without an assistant – to four different locations, scouted and communicated with London in a 24-hour span, and decided where to shoot the next day."
    Because of the quick turnarounds, the pictures had to be nearly perfect in-camera, Turek noted. "The project was very fast and furious – but a great experience."

  • 4.30.13

    Announcing AI-AP B&A Winners

    American Illustration and American Photography recently announced their selections for 2013 featuring work from the world's top image makers. John Hendrix, Tara McPherson (winning piece pictured first), and Yuko Shimizu were among the B&A illustrators selected for American Illustration 32. Works by photographers Jamie Chung, Nick & Chloe, Michael Turek, and Stephen Wilkes were chosen to appear in American Photography 29.

    American Illustration 32 B&A Artists:

    John Hendrix
    Teddy Roosevelt, Disney/Hyperion Books
    George Washington, Disney/Hyperion Books
    Kingdom Sport, Sports Illustrated

    Yuko Shimizu
    Man on Bike with Tulips
    Samurai Hanging in Tree
    Woman's Pubic Hair

    American Photography 29 B&A Artists:

    Jamie Chung
    Oyster, Real Simple Magazine
    Tough Mudder, Men's Health

    Nick & Chloe
    Female Nude with 3D Sculpture
    Female Nude with 3D Sculpture
    Kid with Clown Hats, Moon

    Michael Turek
    Horse Jumping Triptych, Departures

    Stephen Wilkes
    Aerial Sandy Storm Damage, TIME Magazine

  • 2.8.13

    Hitting the Waves of Sumba with Michael Turek

    Michael Turek and UK Traveller Editor-At-Large Sophy Roberts wanted to do a inspiring and refreshing story for the March edition of the publication. The proposal was to shoot the Nihiwatu resort on a little-known island called Sumba in Eastern Indonesia. Unlike other luxury travel resorts, Nihiwatu is no holds barred and engages with the local community at a high and active level. Sure it's one of the best beach hotels in the world, but the resort doesn't hold back in presenting the extraordinary issues affecting local people.

    Michael's photographs capture not only the undeniably blissful Nihiwatu resort but also the rich island culture. "Michael immerses himself completely in his subject matter. He chose to sleep in a local village, rather than in his luxury suite, just to get deeper into the culture," Sophy said. Hopefully Michael's deep dive into Sumba and sharing what responsible luxury tourism looks like can inspire a wave a change in the industry.

    Publication: UK Traveller
    Photographer: Michael Turek
    Director of Photography: Caroline Metcalfe
    Art Director: Pete Winterbottom

  • 4.24.12

    Michael Turek for Ritz Carlton

    Michael Turek photographs the new ad campaign for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards card. The credit card from the elite hotel chain offers luxury promotions and rewards for travel planning, dining reservations, and ticket procurement. The new campaign highlights the card's 24-hour concierge services, available to use at home for all cardholders. Turek collaborated with agency Roberts + Langer on the ads.

    Turek photographed the Brooklyn Bridge at night for the ad's main image. Ritz-Carlton wanted a nighttime image of a famous vantage point of a major city and settled on New York. After testing several shots from midtown, Turek and the creative team at Roberts + Langer settled on the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan Bridge. Turek spent two nights shooting from various positions along the bridge.

    See more of Michael Turek's photography here.

    Client: Ritz-Carlton
    Agency: Roberts + Langer
    Creative Director: Stacey Parkes
    Art Director: Maura Sullivan
    Art Buyer: Christina Andrushkiw
    Principle: Andy Langer
    Photographer: Michael Turek
  • 6.29.10

    Michael Turek in Vietnam and Cambodia for Cond'e Nast Traveller

    Writer Nick Fraser finds himself pleasantly surprised by the unmeasured beauty and elegance of Vietnam and Cambodia for the July 2010 issue of Cond'e Nast Traveller UK. Family history and urgings from restaurateur Brian McNally bring him to the two southeast Asian countries as he explores Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phnom Penh, and more. Michael Turek follows in his footsteps, spending a week in unexplored territory scaling rooftops and trudging ankle-deep in fields to illustrate Fraser's journey.
    Fraser does the customary pho eating in Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) and also visits Reunification Hall, with a side jaunt to Dalat, a former summer escape for bureaucrats and foreign businessmen. But what stands out most in Turek's memory is Kep, a city in the southern part of Cambodia. While most tourists flock to the Hindu temples of the north, Kep felt "psychologically remote from everywhere else." The place to stay in Kep is Knai Bang Chatt, reachable by a 4 hour drive down a dirt road from Phnom Penh. The resort is a refurbished Le Corbusier inspired building that was abandoned for years before it was revived by two Dutch men.

    For all its natural beauty, delicious food, and welcoming people, it is impossible to write about or visit Cambodia and Vietnam without recognizing the historical significance of such trials as the Khmer Rouge or the Vietnam War. Turek, who grew up in the states and whose father was drafted into the Vietnam War, noted that had he been his father's age flying in the same air space a generation ago, the reactions of the local people around him would have been vastly different. Instead, he was met the entire trip with hospitality and curiosity as people saw his camera and gave him access to their homes, the city, and whatever else he needed.

    "Here I am, trying to sell the place!" he exclaims in mock disbelief at the change in events. "In some ways, I hope that nobody ever reads the [Conde Nast Traveller UK] story, and no one wants to go. It was a beautiful experience." To read the full story by Fraser and to see more of Turek's photographs, check out the UK edition of Cond'e Nast Traveller, July 2010 issue. On sale at newsstands now.

  • 5.24.10

    Heart Art for Haiti Art Auction

    Heart Art Productions holds an art auction to raise funds for Haiti earthquake relief efforts. All proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders/M'edecins Sans Fronti`eres. Artwork from Tatiana Arocha, Kareem Black, Tristan Eaton, Yuko Shimizu, Michael Turek, Stephen Wilkes, and more are up for auction. Begin your bidding here. Auction closes June 17th at 11:59pm.

    Pictured above: Kareem Black: Untitled and Untitled
    Learn more about Kareem Black's time in Haiti.

    Michael Turek: Yorkshire

    Stephen Wilkes: Horse in Meadow

    L: Tristan Eaton x Filth: Untitled
    R: Yuko Shimizu: Untitled

    Tatiana Arocha: Red Yellow Sun
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