• 3.11.15

    B&A Plays with Oreo

    Everyone has their own way of eating Oreos. Whether it's dunking in an ice-cold glass of milk, twisting the cookies from The Stuff, or eating the sandwich cookies whole, there's no wrong way to do it. The myriad of flavors, colors, and themed special editions mean that there's an Oreo out there for everyone, and they can fit comfortably into anyone's experience. Oreo's latest campaign, Play with Oreo, highlights the customizability of Oreos current generation offering a unique flavor for everyone. Oreo collaborated with a handful of artists to illustrate all the experiences Oreo can partner on. Working with ten different artist and studios, including B&A artists Ryan Todd, Jeff Soto, Shotopop, Andrew Bannecker, and McBess, each creative brought their own spin on the story that Oreo is telling in the campaign: that there’s an Oreo for everyone.

    Ryan Todd, who contributed illustrations to the campaign, explains that the campaign is really about the personal experiences that each illustrator could bring to the collection. Each illustration features an Oreo character, whose head is a smiling Oreo cookie that acts as the central character in the compositions. “The Oreo character became a personification of playfulness and was central in everyone’s artwork,” says Ryan. “In a way, the iconic Oreo cookie existing as a smiling character was a way for us to channel and represent our own approach to playfulness.” Each ad uses a different word to express each unique experience. Whether you’re discovering, twisting, wondering, rolling, or dreaming, Oreo can partner with you on your journey. By using all these different artists, different styles play off the different actions and create a campaign that’s as varied as Oreo’s customer base.

    That creative breadth requires artistic agility, something that was acutely felt by the artists. “It was very exciting to work with a brand who were really keen to promote and encourage playfulness,” says Ryan. “This approach really resonates with me and the way I work so it was a dream project to be involved with.” That freedom and collaborative energy means that each artist’s aesthetic is immediately recognizable. Jeff Soto’s signature characters populate his piece, with their extending antlers, and topographical elements singular to the artist. Andrew Bannecker’s shaded vector style is beautifully suited to his space themed scene. Shotopop’s detail oriented flair offers all the necessary features to speak to their twisty composition. And who better than McBess to inject an honest depiction of the rock lifestyle into Oreo’s world?

    Oreo can truly fit into any lifestyle, and for every lifestyle there’s a new Oreo flavor. Recently Oreo has released flavors like Red Velvet, Cinnamon Spice, and Cookie Dough. Out of all the flavors that he could choose, Ryan Todd’s pick is a little smoother. “Here in the UK, we’re not quite as well versed with the variety of flavors on offer compared to that in the US but Oreo ice-cream is always a winner for me!” says Ryan. Wonderful!

  • 1.5.15

    Mcbess and Nike+ Issue You a Challenge

    The end of a year is the perfect time to celebrate every success and investigate where to improve. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make plans for those improvements. It is the birth of resolution, where we determine our course of actions for how to make ourselves the best possible versions of who we are, and live our best lives. For Nike, the Nike+ program has always been a way for users to literally measure their effort and success, and measure it against others. But with a milestone like a full calendar year, there’s a larger rubric that everyone can get behind.

    To illustrate how successful 2014 was for all Nike+ users, Nike teamed up with Mcbess for a quick video summarizing the triumphs of the last 12 months. “Welcome to the story of our year,” the video begins, followed by staggering facts that are interspersed between moments of achievement in classic Mcbess style. Burpees, squat jumps, and sprints through Washington DC, Portland, and Los Angeles all play background to the statistics that include the total number of Fuel Points earned all year (228 billion), and the distance Nike+ users ran (enough to run to the moon and back 450 times). It was not easy, and Mcbess and Nike remind us that in every moment. Each challenge is a struggle, but the success at each challenge makes every win sweeter, and every athlete better.

    The high energy, invigorating music only goes off beat for one moment when our protagonist athlete is faced with the prospect of 2015: a whole new year. A whole collection of 365 days, empty of success, devoid of triumph. So far. Then Nike issues their challenge “BEAT 2015.” It is that challenge, that goal, that forces our hero through the looming barrier. The final appeal is to “Outdo you,” reminding us all what we all need reminding of, “The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.”

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