• 11.23.15

    All Hands on Deck for Jena Malone's As If Cover

    When Jena Malone was cast as Joanna Mason in the Hunger Games franchise it caused a ripple of surprise. Joanna is tough but almost terminally haunted character, a deceptively edgy role that would demand every bit of technique from any actress. To that point, Jena’s resume had included typical teen roles that played off accessible anxieties and understandable challenges. It was an unconventional choice by the directors and producers but audiences were thrilled by her command of the complexities. Since then we’ve come to appreciate the actress for her ability to play in those grey spaces, something that Stacey Jones was more than aware of and took into account for the latest cover of As If magazine. The Fashion Director and stylist worked with Jena at the Bowery Hotel to display what it is that draws us into this artist’s work. Also along for the ride were Liam Dunn and Elisa Flowers to make sure her hair and makeup were on point.

    Jena has explored the musical world parallel to the dramatic, and that’s the vibe that Stacey took advantage of for this shoot. We see an artist who very much looks like a girl dressed up as a woman, but it's a constructed tension that she plays for us so well. The fashion has a super high end glamour feel juxtaposed against Jena's girlish face. Her bold lip and eye, provided by Elisa, gives a red carpet feel while Jena's hair is in a towel, dipping her french fry into a bottle of ketchup. Liam has brought her hair to epic shape and texture, while Jena lounges barefoot in a window, sipping coffee out of a paper cup.

    Because of each of these balanced elements we get a complex picture of an actress who has successfully redefined herself, proving that she has the complexity inside her that we've all wanted to see. It was up to us to see it, and luckily we have Stacey, Elisa and Liam here to make it easier for us.

  • 11.5.15

    Liam Dunn's Psychedelic Cowgirl for Elle Mexico

    Cowboy culture reaches back to the early age of our country when the industrious looked west for the promises of America’s heartland. Wide expanses and a communion with the land offered a romantic quiet away from the city, but over the last few decades Americans have come together into the cities, leaving a lot of the Western culture behind. That doesn’t mean we should leave it to the dustbin of history. On the contrary, the beauty of that chapter of American life is still as vibrant as ever, and Liam Dunn helped Elle Mexico prove it in their latest editorial.

    Shot by photographer Danilo Hess, the feature shows what the magazine calls “a futuristic version of Jessie,” the cowgirl from Toy Story. This sophisticated and psychedelic stylized version of the prototypical cowgirl is a massive aesthetic update on classic Americana. Liam’s work features a really bold eye and a heavy hand with rouge to create dimension and shape that highlights the almost doll-like qualities of the look.

    Liam’s play with color reflects off the unconventional lighting that they used in a very classic setting. Bright reds and blues underscore the vibrancy of the psychedelic inspiration, contrasting the setting and creating the visual tension that makes the images so compelling.

  • 7.7.15

    Stacey Jones and Liam Dunn Make Fashion Personal

    For those who don’t understand fashion there is the common criticism that all the fashionable care about is what they look like. But clothing and accessories require an incredible amount of focus, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. There is artistry and social commentary in every article of clothing, and how they’re placed together into an outfit describe how the wearer is interacting with their world. The story “Intersecting Lines” from the latest issue of As If Magazine shows what it can look like when we absorb beautiful design into our lives. With styling by Stacey Jones exclusively in Max Mara, and hair design provided by Liam Dunn, there is a perfect blend of product and consumer in a story that explores that relationship.

    The photographs alternate between the shoot that Stacey Jones and Liam Dunn worked on, and images from the workshop of a Max Mara craftsman constructing a bag. It is a seamless representation of how much work goes into creating one of these beautiful pieces. Each element is carefully chosen, measured, and shaped so that it will fit in precisely where it needs to be.

    The juxtaposition of these two different shoots illustrates how the style conscious construct their own representation through piecing together what’s in their wardrobe. How they disappear into their things. Liam coaxes the models hair to mirror the textile and threading in the bag, reflected in the threaded propping. At one point, the model is nearly suspended as her hair is incorporated into the threads; she is literally being absorbed into the fashion.

    The model’s vague expressions play second fiddle to the bold apparel that she is dressed in, allowing the clothes to come forward. It is a study in measured balance over volume. Stacey employs texture and tone to convey subtle substance.

    Together, Liam and Stacey’s work help form the foreground of a story that makes a bold statement on the personal nature of fashion, and how we can use it to express and surround ourselves.

  • 5.4.15

    Liam Dunn Creates Effortless Elegance

    Accessories are meant to fit into a life. They are the gilding on a whole look, a whole personality, and it was up to Liam Dunn to help fit the shoes and bags of Russell & Bromley into a larger picture of a woman who doesn’t just deserve them, but commands them. Liam has been collaborating with Russell & Bromley for years now, and their latest work together has resulted in a shoot that has bright updates for spring.

    Effortless elegance is the focus this spring, using expanses of negative space and a super light touch. What we see are variations on the soft and natural. In each progressive image, the model is the same but the look is slightly different, but always supremely pure. Each is fresh and casually sophisticated, placing the footwear and bags into a context that is immediately obvious and tranquil. To help contextualize these images, Liam’s hair and makeup creations are organic.

    On the face, his light touch brings out the model’s natural soft beauty, without adding anything dramatic to distract from her assets. The hair is loose, pulled back away from her face, or allowed to flow freely, both in ways that are uncomplicated but refined. “Fashion is about the individual style of the person,” Liam says. These images help us achieve an understanding of this woman, even if she’s a character.

  • 12.5.14

    Liam Dunn Makes the Drama Real

    We caught up with Liam Dunn while he was on set with Russell & Bromley shooting their upcoming spring collection, but it’s winter now, so we got to chat about his last shoot with them . Liam’s been working with Russell & Bromley for a while, and their creative relationship has been an evolution. When it came time to shoot winter, they wanted to go a little more sophisticated, a little more mature, but with a rough edge. So Liam put the model’s hair up, without being too clean about it, and gave her a cat eye. “A modern, sexy eye, to be a bit more grown up,” Liam explains. “I wanted to give her more of an edge, and a bit of drama, which is why I opted for that shape.”

    But, it isn’t just the shape. Liam’s hair and makeup fits into the larger composition of the image. From the set, to the lighting, to the apparel, everything must be considered. “I definitely take into account the color palate from the season,” Liam says. “There was a lot of black and grey because they’re doing winter.” By adding the edge and drama, Liam was able to ensure that the model didn’t get lost in the strength of the looks. But she still needs to look natural. That’s why there’s so little other makeup on her face. “I don’t generally like to put a lot of heavy cover,” Liam says. “I like the skin to read in a real way.”

    By keeping her skin looking natural, but adding that edge, Liam is able to bring out the sophistication within the model with just a few well placed strokes of color and line. The model stays who she is, but the version they all needed her to be.

  • 9.2.14

    Liam Dunn Doubles Up at British Vogue

    For Liam Dunn, Make-Up is enhancement. He uses his brushes to apply lines and shades that highlight the person he’s working with, rather than hiding them away.

    For the latest issue of British Vogue, Liam worked with two very different women to highlight their personal styles. Liam brought forth what both Francesca Amfitheatrof (Design Director at Tiffany) and Caroline Belhumeur (Women’s Designs at Club Monaco) is most ironically them, their personalities.

    When Liam does work like this, he takes everything into account, the whole context, so that his work coalesces with the whole image. “I have to be cognizant of their individual style. I want to go in and do something that is them, because it’s a story about who they are as people,” he says. “I researched both women, just to get an idea of their individual styles. I find that’s really important so when I go into the shoot, I’m not going in cold.” All of this background work means that he can use the time he has on set effectively, so that his part of the job is done seamlessly.

    Intimate projects set in the subjects’ homes can be tricky. The women are usually quite busy, and in the hustle and bustle, he has to make sure that the women remain comfortable. "Having 25 years of experience, when you go into a portrait sitting oftentimes you’re working with people who are in a hurry. So you have to be very conscious of their time,” Liam explains. “The mood of the shoot, the clothing, the direction, what the shoot is trying to convey.” Once all those pieces come together for him, he sets to work. If he were to ignore those pieces, what he does would stick out inelegantly. Instead, he helps to create a richer image that projects the style of the subject.

    This issue of British Vogue highlighted all sorts of women in style, each with their own particular tastes. Liam was excited to be a part of this particular issue because of how he sees fashion work in the current day. “Fashion is about the individual style of the person. It’s not about following a whole trend blindly,” he explains. This incredible cast of powerfully stylish women creates a literal fashion roster than viewers can pick and choose from. It turns from idolatry to inspiration. And Liam helped create some of that inspiration.

    "I was really excited to work with British Vogue, I was really thrilled. It's a huge honor to work for a magazine of that caliber," he says. "So that was wonderful."

  • 4.17.14

    Liam Dunn's Latest Beauty Look: One-Part Jet Set, One-Part Tropical Splendor

    Liam Dunn designed the perfect beauty look – one-part jet set, one-part tropical splendor – for Fantastics magazine's story, "Do You Know the Way to St Tropez?" Photographer Gail Hadani remarked: "The fashion for the shoot required hair and makeup that could complement the latest trends in shape and color. Liam's hair and makeup greatly enhanced each [ensemble] to make beautiful images."

    Dunn infused the idea of decadence in the south of France with beauty codes from the disco era. "I wanted the hair to be playful and not too stiff, nor with any hard lines to it," he said. "The bob length was already fresh, but I needed to add volume." He first scrunched the hair with Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse, then went through it with three curling irons. "For the bottom section of the hair, I used a very small curling iron – as small as a pencil – which gave the hair a ton of volume." Brushing out the curls with a Mason Pearson brush left locks fuller. "I played with the hair throughout the shoot using Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, so it wouldn't read as stiff," Dunn noted. "For this story, I thought the hair needed to be soft and touchable."

    For the makeup, Dunn concentrated on the model's eyes and creating a rounder (instead of almond) shape, so they would appear open and innocent. "I applied fake eyelashes and used the longest lashes on the middle of the eyelid, forming an ellipse," he explained. "I put eye shadow [Dior 5-Couleur Eyeshadow in Petal Shine 809] on the top of the eye, with minimal definition underneath." He also used a bit of glitter to reflect light in a softer way.

    Finally, Dunn applied Diorskin Nude BB Creme, Diorskin Rosy Glow in Petal to cheeks, the brand's Flamenco Red to lips, and Aventure to nails. "The lip and nail were quite glamorous," Dunn shared.

    Photographer: Gail Hadani at Maxine Tall Management
    Stylist: Ashley Falcon at Creative Artists
    Model: Lucy at Muse

  • 1.23.14

    Liam Dunn and Elisabeth Rohm Do Award Season

    Liam Dunn designed a pair of beauty looks for "American Hustle" actress Elisabeth Rohm, who had a red carpet-filled weekend.

    For the Critics' Choice Movie Awards, Dunn looked to 1940s screen siren Veronica Lake for a style statement that would complement Rohm's gown. "I carefully applied Oribe's Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse starting at the roots, paying particular attention to the ends," explained the hairstylist and makeup artist. "I finger-dried the hair leaving some of Elisabeth's natural waves; then, taking horizontal sections, I curled the hair with a one-inch-barrel curling iron and set it with pins."

    He picked cosmetics to keep with the forties vamp theme – including Chanel's Rouge Allure Intense Long-Wear Lip Color in Exaltée, Lumières Facettes and Les 4 Ombres eye shadows, and Joues Contraste powder blush in Pink Explosion – and brushed out her hair, creating a strong side part. "Using Oribe's Smooth Style Serum, I tamed any flyaways and a spritz of Superfine Hair Spray held it all in place for the entire night."

    The Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday evening called for "a soft, modern-romantic style with a lot of texture" to match Rohm's Marchesa dress. "The moment she put it on, I knew I would put her hair up," Dunn remarked. After curling sections with either a 1/4-inch or one-inch-barrel curling iron, he worked through some Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream to add definition to her waves. "I then secured her hair in a low ponytail, leaving out the side and top portions, and twisted it into a loose chignon. I wound the side pieces toward the chignon in a random fashion and secured the top pieces away from her face." He added bejeweled pins and set her tresses with Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray.

    Rohm's makeup was again by Chanel: Rouge Double Intensité Ultra Wear Lip Color in Coral Crush, Le Crayon Yeux in Khaki Doré and Ligne Graphique de Chanel in Platine to line eyes, and Les Tissages de Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect.

  • 1.8.14

    Liam Dunn's Soft Edge for Russell & Bromley

    Russell & Bromley re-enlisted Liam Dunn for its newest advertisements. "The autumn/winter campaign encapsulated romantic, sophisticated glamour with a hint of Brooklyn cool," explained Andrew Egan, creative director for CoolGraySeven and the art director on the project. "Liam's hair and makeup styling was a unique, yet consistent articulation of our concept."

    Dunn blow-dried model Flavia's hair with Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse and sprayed Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray throughout, then pinned her locks into a soft chignon at the nape of the neck. "I wanted the hair to have volume, but not overly bouffant, so I deliberately left the edges soft and wispy, tousled and touchable," he said. Dunn described the beauty look as "soft with no hard edges," which meant a gray smokey eye and defined – though not sharp – brows. He added warmth to her cheeks and lips.

    He and the English shoe retailer have collaborated since 2009 on the biannual ads, though "this season was really one of my personal favorites," Dunn remarked. "I loved the idea of a sophisticated and dreamy girl, and how that came through in the pictures."

    Photographer: Martyn Thompson

  • 4.23.13

    Justin Hollar for Reem Acra FW 2013

    Justin Hollar photographs the Pre-Fall 2013 Lookbook for noted evening gown designer Reem Acra. The shoot took place in front of a simple backdrop, all the better to showcase the beautiful dresses. Model Mathilde Frachon looks stunning as she poses in dresses with delicate beading and extensive embellishments. Hair and makeup was done by our own Liam Dunn.

  • 5.31.12

    Tom Corbett for Elite Traveler Magazine

    Tom Corbett captures this season's ultra-feminine silhouette for the cover and a ten-page spread for Elite Traveler Magazine. The private jet lifestyle magazine covers travel, fashion, jewelry, jets, yachts, and more. The fashion feature, titled "Double Vision," features two models in fall and pre-fall designs from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin. B&A's Liam Dunn did the makeup, Tara Marino styled the props, and Julie Kandalec did the manicures.

    Corbett shot the spread at the Intercontinental Times Square Hotel in a large suite overlooking 8th Avenue. The young and fresh concept was to shoot the two models casually getting ready for a night out. The feature won rave reviews from the team at Elite Traveler. Joanne Genzone, the Contributing Creative Director, says his "creative use of light and reflection was extraordinary," and "he captured the essence of beauty with a luxurious, youthful glamour." Genzone adds, "The cover evokes a luxe, modern feel that speaks to our audience of elite affluent consumer." The President/Editor-in-Chief even called it one of their most special fashion stories to date.

    The May/June 2012 issue of Elite Traveler is on newsstands now.

    See more of Tom Corbett's photography here.

    Publication: Elite Traveler
    Issue: May/June 2012
    Contributing Creative Director: Joanne Genzone
    Fashion Editor: Drew Taylor
    Photographer: Tom Corbett
    Makeup: Liam Dunn
    Hair: Alberto Guzman (Ray Brown)
    Stylist: Nikki Kefelas
    Prop Stylist: Tara Marino
    Manicurist: Julie Kandalec
    Models: Marcella (One Management), Fabienne (Women Direct)

  • 7.6.11

    Tom Corbett Photographs Mavi Jeans' Fall Campaign

    Tom Corbett captures the fall 2011 campaign for Mavi Jeans. The denim maker is the first Turkish fashion brand to go global. The fall campaign features young cool New Yorkers wearing Mavi Jeans around their homes and the city.

    Corbett shot over three days in New York City. The idea was to capture the essence of the city without making the images appear like postcards. For the first two days he captured the models in lofts in uncomplicated and spontaneous situations from their own perspectives. Corbett spent the third day and final day of shooting in Soho, capturing models in Mavi's sophisticated line. Don Sumada styled the campaign while Liam Dunn did the hair and makeup. Steven Thomson of Bondi Advertising says that working with Corbett was "both a pleasure and a success," and that Corbett and his team were" professional, thorough and collaborative, with the results speaking for themselves."

    Mavi Jeans' fall 2011 campaign is out now.

    See more of Tom Corbett's photography here.

    Client: Mavi Jeans
    Agency: Bondi Advertising
    Creative Director: Steven Thomson & Jonas Allen
    Account Manager: Angus Thomson
    Photographer: Tom Corbett
    Stylist: Don Sumada
    Hair & Makeup: Liam Dunn

  • 2.16.11

    Liam Dunn Does Hair and Makeup for Blogger Hanneli Mustaparta

    For New York Fashion Week director Michael Palmieri filmed model-turned-street style photographer Hanneli Mustaparta in the days leading up to the Tory Burch Fall 2011 presentation. Produced by Burch, the video offers a glimpse into the chaos of Fashion Week. Hair and makeup artist Liam Dunn worked with Hanneli to create a fresh and easy look.

    Hanneli's everyday style is easygoing and effortless. Palmieri followed Hanneli around New York City blogging, visiting the tents at Lincoln Center, and backstage and on the runway at Tory Burch. As she was on the go for most of the shoot, Dunn wanted her hair and makeup to be comfortable and uncomplicated. He reflected her overall style with wavy hair and natural-looking makeup. Dunn used products from Giorgio Armani, Kevyn Aucoin, Lancome, MAC and Diane Brill to create the look. Say Dunn of the experience working on the documentary, "I got to step back and watch all the "fashion chaos" that is the shows and just focus on one person, which was a really nice change."

    The video is airing on the Tory Burch site now.

    See more of Liam Dunn's hair and makeup work here.

    Director: Michael Palmieri
    Producer: Tory Burch
    Hair & Makeup: Liam Dunn

  • 4.22.10

    The Selby Smiles for the Spring/Summer 2010 Converse Jack Purcell Campaign

    The Selby traversed America from coast to coast for the Spring/Summer 2010 Converse Jack Purcell campaign by Anomaly. The signature Jack Purcell navy crescent on the toecap forms the smile for each campaign model, similar to the smile that Canadian National Badminton Champion Jack Purcell displayed when playing Badminton. Says Anomaly creative Dennis Payongayong, "We wanted to tell a story of interesting individuals in their environment surrounded by interesting stuff. We felt that people who wear Jack Purcells are just as interested about the curation of their lives as much as what's on their feet."

    The campaign stars Harry McNally, Mirabelle Marden, Charlie Casely-Hayford, Clark James Gable, and Skye Forsyth-Peters. The five well-rounded individuals were chosen on the basis of their background, personality, and ongoing projects. McNally runs and designs his clothing label, Pegleg. Marden is the founder of the Rivington Arms gallery in New York. Casely-Hayford and his father Joe design an eponymous menswear line in the United Kingdom. Gable spends his days surfing and riding motorcycles. Forsyth-Peters is working on developing a TV show for MTV.

    Regarding the look and feel of the campaign, Payongayong offers, "We're big fans of [Todd Selby's] work so it was important to keep a Selby-esque quality to the shots."

    Jack Purcell retired from badminton in 1945, but his shoe design is still alive and well today. The legacy of the Canadian national badminton champion continues on the feet of the young and old across the world. The campaign is currently running in magazines, on billboards, and across the Internet.

    Agency: Anomaly
    Creatives: Jon Zast & Dennis Payongayong
    Prop Stylist: Amy Henry
    Wardrobe stylist: Luke Langsdale
    Hair and Makeup: Liam Dunn, Sylvester Castellano
    Producer: Elle Sullivan Wilson
    Photography: The Selby

    Behind the Scenes at Converse
    Converse on The Selby
    The Selby's portfolio

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