• 8.10.15

    Kim Myers Robertson Gets Real with Clinique

    The gleam of social media has taught a whole new generation about the public eye. In our current age, everything is visible to the world. Although it’s almost entirely elective when each aspect of our private lives can be passive entertainment for our community and prying eyes, there’s a steep learning curve to maintain an identity that is as enriching as it is honest. For Clinique’s ongoing campaign “Face Forward,” they looked to tap into this dichotomy by using social media celebrities as their models. Pairing up with subjects who are closer to “real people” than models adds a level of reality to the beauty campaign.

    When it came time for choosing the subjects, Clinique really focused on heart. The traditional ideas of beauty were less important than bringing out faces and energies that would be relatable. “They just picked strong independent women with a clear perspective on things,” says Kim Myers Robertson who captured the campaign. “They’re looking to the new generation and it’s more about strength and beauty, not just surface beauty.” Working with names like Tavi Gevinson, Margaret Zhang, and Hannah Bronfman meant that they were going to hit millions of fans, but the pressure wasn’t on set. It was just about working moment to moment and finding authenticity with the girls. It was about creating a dialogue about how young women can approach fashion and beauty in a mature and beneficial way that doesn’t succumb to cultural pressure. It was about using those tools to create their own strength.

    The choice of Kim to shoot the campaign was totally natural. “I’m really known for bringing out personality in people,” Kim explains. “And the Clinique campaign was about discovering the personalities in those different subjects.” When their personalities shine through, they expand to the edges of the imagery. Angles become of secondary importance when the images are suffused with effortless emotion.

    For Kim, visibility in her profession is particularly important, and this campaign hits the same pitch in her work as it does in the world of advertising beauty. “There are a lot of women in photography now which is amazing, but when I first started there really weren’t,” Kim explains. “And you just had to find your own way.” By being a voice in the industry, Kim provides an example for young women that are coming into photography behind her. She proves that it’s possible to be successful in an industry that is historically male dominated by just being yourself and doing good work.

    In line with the "Face Forward” campaign with Clinique that shows true beauty living where personality breaks through, Kim recently shot a video revealing the inner beauty of fashion's freshest faces. Check it out below.

    Bernstein & Andriulli is thrilled to welcome Kim Meyers Robertson to our roster. Check out her portfolio here

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