• 7.9.15

    Justin Hollar Gets Collaborative for Nike in Monocle Magazine

    For Justin Hollar’s latest Nike shoot in collaboration with Monocle Magazine, Nike required two things. First, they picked the models. “Nike had brand representatives who weren’t technically models, because they wanted it to have a lifestyle aspect to it,” explains Justin. Adrianne Ho and Jake Davis were already on the ground for Nike and familiar faces to those who follow closely what Nike is up to. Plus they're dating, so they were going to work off each other well. And Nike’s second stipulation was that the two of them would be playing on a particular court. The look was important as it was a styled advertisement for Nike’s tennis collection as a part of the “Nike Court” program. Everything else was up to how the shoot unfolded naturally.

    The shoot required agility on Justin’s part. For the lifestyle portion they set up a kind of Breakfast Date between Ho and Davis. Ho had done modeling in her own career so she knew how to move in front of the camera. Justin directed Davis to work off of her, providing an easy and effortless atmosphere. When they moved to the court they relied on Davis’ experience as an amateur player. He helped direct Ho into the right forms to create authentic movement that would reveal itself in frame. The whole shoot became an energetic collaboration, with Justin working closely with Ho and Davis, coming together to achieve what Nike and Monocle needed.

    The folks at Monocle have been fans of Justin Hollar for a while, but they’ve been looking for the perfect collaboration. And Justin has been familiar with the magazine for quite some time himself. “I’ve been a fan of the magazine for a long time,” Justin says. “I was introduced to it in art school. And my friends were super into it. So it was cool to finally work with them.” After Nike saw Justin’s work the approval process happened smoothly, and because of a seamless collaboration between all players involved, it was a grand slam.

  • 4.14.15

    Justin Hollar Gets the Team Back Together

    Justin Hollar and lingerie company b’temp.d by Wacoal have been collaborating for years. Over the course of several campaigns they’ve honed every element of each shoot arriving at an aesthetic that satisfies both the artistic standards of Justin, and the visual needs of b’tempt.d. The shared satisfaction is an achievement that continues to pay off, most recently for b’temp.d’s current season. “We've been fine tuning everything from the environments, hair, makeup, model, lighting, and overall photography, and now the brand direction is working for everyone,” says Justin. A lesson in creative realization, Justin and b’temp.d have assembled a team and a process that continues to pay dividends over each season.

    As a result of this working relationship and refined product, each shoot has become something of a well-oiled machine. It has engendered efficiency that benefits each shoot ever more than the last. “Everyone knows their roles and what they need to do,” says Justin. “Which in turn allows us to get more shots done than previous shoots. Which the client loves also.” The creative expanse means that Justin and the creatives at b’temp.d are able to explore more and more within the parameters of their collective taste, and create a larger world within the campaign.

    Each successive campaign is an opportunity to bring the squad back together. The whole group has created a sense on set that they’re all working towards the same goal, made clear by their collective goals. “Everyone’s great to work with and there's no egos on my sets when I'm able to bring my team in,” Says Justin. “The only thing I challenge myself with is to push the photography a little bit each time but not stray from the identity we've created for the brand.” Finding the expanse within the brand identity makes room for spontaneity and authentic moments that are still true to the brand in ever sense. The surprises created in this atmosphere always fit.

  • 11.12.14

    Justin Hollar and Mackenzie Foy Break Out

    Mackenzie Foy is one of the youngest stars to break out this year. She was still 13 when she started filming Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and has since been thrust into a world that requires some grit, and pointy elbows. But she’s doing so with aplomb. Her natural grace and manners are impossible to miss, especially in the pages of W as shot by Justin Hollar. “She was just quiet and well mannered,” Justin explains. “I was a little surprised how quiet she was just because you always assume actors to be these big personalities, but it meant I had to shoot fewer throw away frames in the beginning to get her to relax.” With the intimate, slower energy Justin and Mackenzie were able to connect more quickly. That’s the key to capturing images as successful as Justin’s. In fact, that energy is something that he strives for. “I'm very easy going on set,” he says. “I always try to make whomever I'm photographing feel at ease because it's when they start to feel comfortable that I'm able to take the quiet pictures I want to take.” This approach allows the performances to fall away, and brings forward the internal life to be captured in frame.

    Justin extended that effort into the way he interacted with the young star, collaborating with her in a waythat went beyond the call of duty. “I did show her the images as we were shooting, which I don't normally do, but I figured a girl her age doesn't get to see herself like that too often and knew she'd be stoked.” By getting Mackenzie on his side like that, she opened up, and it turned the shoot into a joint effort. They were both working towards the same goal.

    For a lot of photographers, W Magazine is something of a benchmark. Having a community or a company put real value behind your work is coveted and rare for any artist. At a lot of publications, photographs are a tool to show off products for purchase, or to get attention. Not so for W. “They're one of the few magazines that has stayed consistently good and still puts photography as a primary focus, and values it,” Justin explains.

    Both of the dresses that Mackenzie has on are Valentino, and the looks are valued at over $10k each. They are textbook high fashion and for Justin it's another part of the job. He meets the fashion halfway saying, “The fashion and photo gear on set have similar values.” The composition of the photographs are a culmination of value both in front and behind the camera, whether it’s materials or the people involved.

  • 7.18.14

    Justin Hollar and b.tempt'd Empower Women With Lingerie

    Shooting women in lingerie can be tricky. Lingerie is made to make women feel and look sexy. But, there’s a fine line between being feeling sexy and feeling objectified. One is empowering, the other is defeating. When Justin Hollar shoots for b.tempt’d, he’s only interested in empowering women. It’s easy to shoot a model like an object, an artifice to be moved and shaped into the desired look, but Justin takes a gentler approach. “I have a pretty calm personality naturally, which I think helps on shoots like this,” he says about his own shooting style. “I tell the girls to move in a way that they feel sexy.” 

    It certainly helps that he works with models who are professionals and know how to take responsibility for their own image. “These girls know their bodies and know how they look good. I don't ask them to put themselves in any positions that don't make them feel beautiful.”

    For the Fall/ Winter 2014 Collection, b.tempt’d and Justin opted to shoot in a stripped down loft space. The rough and grated surrounding hums a natural elegance that is reflected in the poses and styling that Mayra Suarez, the model, takes. The rough bare beauty of the space contrasts the soft curved lines of her body, making for a confident look that could appeal to just about everyone. 

    b.tempt’d sells through retailers like Macy’s and Zappos, so they have a huge reach and wide market. Part of the consideration that b.tempt’d must take when shaping a season is to maintain their appeal across those markets. At the same time, Justin and b.tempt’d work closely together to portray what makes their models and subjects uniquely striking. Providing that kind of personal, confident energy on set means their images stand out from less established brands. Justin says, “We just add a bit of edge.”


  • 5.2.14

    Justin Hollar Captures UNIQLO x Michael Bastian Collection

    Justin Hollar photographed the promotions for UNIQLO x Michael Bastian, the retailer's collection of polo shirts by the high-end men's fashion designer. "The most important thing was for the range of guys to match the attitude of Michael's brand," Hollar said. "He wanted them to be very friendly, easygoing, and approachable-looking – nothing too serious, nothing too 'fashion.' " Bastian was on set for the March studio shoot. "He was very involved, knows what he likes and doesn't like, and is able to express it clearly and eloquently," the photographer remarked.

    Hollar worked with UNIQLO's poppy and bright lighting, which allowed the clothing to stand out. "The challenge of the day was shooting the little kid seen in several of the pictures," he noted. "The boy was more concerned with the cupcakes that catering brought than getting his photo taken."

  • 4.16.14

    Target's Social Media and Justin Hollar Welcome Spring

    Target's social media is spring-ready thanks to Justin Hollar, who recently photographed the store's newest fashions at ROOT Studios in Brooklyn.

    Hollar brought his "award-winning rap and R&B playlists" to the music-inspired shoot and "kept the lighting and direction in the same vein," he said. "For instance, one of the frames was inspired by Lana Del Rey, so I used softer and prettier lighting than I did for the frame inspired by Pharrell, which was sharper." Staging a variety of setups wasn't without its challenges, however: "There were a lot of hair, makeup, and scenery changes that had to be accounted for, time-wise."

    The photographer's images will be posted to Target's Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest throughout the coming weeks.

  • 3.7.14

    Justin Hollar's Newest b.tempt'd Campaigns

    Justin Hollar and b.tempt'd, Wacoal's younger line, continued their longtime collaboration with the brand's fall 2013 and spring 2014 campaigns. "It's important that b.tempt'd images feel different from Wacoal's," Hollar explained. "I try to highlight the flirty attitude of b.tempt'd, so it has its own voice."

    b.tempt'd tends to pick pared-down locations for its shoots – the fall advertisements, for example, were photographed in a Brooklyn studio set up to resemble a loft apartment. For spring, he partnered with B&A prop stylist Rebecca Donnelly, who built kitchen and bathroom backdrops. "I make the raw spaces as bright and airy as possible, and ensure the model is comfortable in her surroundings," Hollar said. "I also focus on showing as much of the lingerie's details as possible." 

  • 2.20.14

    Justin Hollar and Trendi Bring Brooklyn Light to Finland

    Trendi, one of Finland's leading fashion monthlies, turned to Justin Hollar to shoot denim-on-denim for its February issue. Fashion producer Noora Nuotio met Hollar by way of contributing stylist Claudia Cifu, and "after checking out his work, I was more than happy to bring him onboard," said Nuotio. "Trendi operates out of Helsinki, but the editorial was shot in New York – and the entire long-distance experience with Justin was great. He was reliable and easy to communicate with, both extremely important when working with somebody in general, but especially from afar." 

    Hollar, model Ollie Henderson, and the team met at Bushwick's Sandbox Studios in mid-November. "I divided the looks and photographed the more casual outfits with stylized hair and makeup in the studio, and the dressier ensembles outside with downplayed hair and makeup," he explained. "It was late enough in the season that the outside light appeared incredible because of how low the sun hangs in the sky; the only issue we ran into was catching it before it was completely gone." He felt confident having Henderson in front of the camera: "She was fantastic and moved well. I documented her instead of directing her."

    "The final photos were exactly what we wanted," remarked Nuotio, "feminine, yet referencing real streetwear, and set against beautiful lighting. It's not the easiest task to achieve a springy aesthetic during the fall in Brooklyn."

  • 2.5.14

    Justin Hollar and Tiffany Patton's True Colors for FOAM Magazine

    B&A's Justin Hollar and Tiffany Patton put their heads together for "She's Like a Rainbow," a resort-season editorial in the latest issue of FOAM Magazine. "I always love working with Justin because he truly understands and encapsulates the FOAM aesthetic," explained editor-in-chief Sari Tuschman. "His work is full of a youthful, positive energy, while still being edgy and sophisticated. I always look forward to seeing the worlds he creates with his images and bringing them to life on our pages."

    Inspired by the head-to-toe monochromatic outfits, the photographer shot in studio, manipulating cascading fabrics and light to create a watercolor feel. "It perfectly replicated a brushstroke and helped tie the whole story together," Hollar said.

    Patton wanted a fresh, but still somewhat edgy beauty look. "I focused on keeping [model Kelsey's] brows full and contoured her eyes using creams in grays and taupes to give her a tougher vibe," the makeup artist noted. "NARS's Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils come in neutral metallics that I like to apply to eyelids as well as lips. I applied tight black eyeliner and skipped the mascara, so she wouldn't appear too girlie." CK-One 3-in-1 face color gave skin a hydrated, yet natural matte finish.

    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Stylist: Doria Santlofer
    Stylist's Assistant: Kate Miller
    Makeup: Tiffany Patton
    Hair: Shintaro Teraoka at Next Artists
    Model: Kelsey at Women Direct New York

  • 7.9.13

    Justin Hollar's Summer Romance for FOAM Magazine

    Justin Hollar photographs Russian model Nastya Zhidkikh for the July/August 2013 issue of FOAM Magazine. In this eight-page fashion editorial, Justin trades the busy streets of the city for the quaint sidewalks of the country. Justin's images show off an eclectic wardrobe of romantic pastels and intricate patterns, which are complemented by a startlingly bold and dark lip. This shoot definitely makes us want to get away and also do a little bit of shopping.

    Publication: FOAM Magazine
    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Model: Nastya
    Makeup: Erin Green
    Fashion Assistants: Daniel Ostrander and Katie Miller

  • 4.23.13

    Justin Hollar for Reem Acra FW 2013

    Justin Hollar photographs the Pre-Fall 2013 Lookbook for noted evening gown designer Reem Acra. The shoot took place in front of a simple backdrop, all the better to showcase the beautiful dresses. Model Mathilde Frachon looks stunning as she poses in dresses with delicate beading and extensive embellishments. Hair and makeup was done by our own Liam Dunn.

  • 4.16.13

    Justin Hollar for B.Tempt'd

    Justin Hollar reprises his role photographing Wacoal's B.tempted's SS2013 lingerie campaign, he has previously collaborated with the brand on their the FW2012 and SS2012 campaigns. Model Charlbi is a pastel dream on this set created by B&A's own Tara Marino, shot on location in New York.

    Client: b.tempt'd by Wacoal
    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Model: Christiana G.
    Make up: Kristi Matamoros
    Hair: Yoichi
    Props/Set: Tara Marino

  • 3.29.13

    Justin Hollar Photographs Penn Badgley for Nylon Guys

    Last month Justin Hollar photographed a street style fashion editorial for Nylon Magazine. This time, Justin moves over to the Nylon Guys side to shoot actor and star of the (recently concluded) show Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley. Justin captures a scruffed out Penn for a story where he talks about his next movie, Greetings From Tim Buckley.

    Publication: Nylon
    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Stylist: Joshua Liebman
    Grooming: Martin-Christopher Harper

  • 3.8.13

    Recent Works by Justin Hollar

    Justin Hollar shoots a tropical inspired editorial for Foam Magazine's "Escape" issue. Titled "Pass Me the Mai Tai," this fashion story plays off the fun floral prints that are big this spring. Justin brings a hint of the tropics into the studio without using too many props by casting shadows of palm tree leaves that climb up and down the walls in the background.

    For the February issue of Lula, Justin photographed model Sissi Hou for a "Starlet-laced" story featuring clothing by Parisian designer Sophie Theallet. In the feature, Sophie talks about her own personal style, living in New York, and the power of being a woman.

    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Styling: Doria Santlofer
    Model: Liv O'Driscoll (IMG)
    Hair: Yoichi Tomizawa (Art Department)
    Makeup: Kristi Matamoros (Kate Ryan)

    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Styling: Soraya Dayani
    Hair: Yoichi Tomizawa
    Makeup: Kristi Matamoros
    Model: Sissi Hou (IMG)

  • 2.5.13

    Rise and Shine with Justin Hollar

    Justin Hollar takes it to the streets of Brooklyn to shoot a fashion editorial for Nylon Magazine. The focus of the editorial was to highlight the current iridescent trend. Shimmery delicate pieces were mixed with more masculine street fashion to give the looks an extra edge. Photos of model Farah Holt (Women) were taken in the studio and out on courageous streets of Bushwick in East Brooklyn.

    Publication: Nylon (Vol. 14 Issue 2)
    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Stylist: Isabel Dupre
    Model: Farah Holt (Women)
    Hair: Yoichi Tomizawa
    Makeup: Linda Gradin
    Manicurist: Kelly B

  • 3.23.12

    Justin Hollar Captures School of Seven Bells on Tour

    Last year, School of Seven Bells (SVIIB) toured the country to promote their album Disconnect From Desire. Justin Hollar traveled with the band, documenting their journey over 9,000 miles of landscape. He captured band members Alejandra Deheza and Benjamin Curtis on stage, in hotel rooms, and on the streets of the various cities they visited. His photographs have now been published in a new behind-the-scenes book.

    Hollar was inspired by his childhood love of behind-the-scenes shots of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. His photographs of SVIIB recapture similar moments. Hollar says "music has always been a passion of mine, but for whatever reason I ended up holding a camera instead of a guitar."

    Justin Hollar's SVIIB book can be purchased at Art Book Club.

    See more of Justin Hollar's photography here.

  • 3.9.12

    Justin Hollar Captures Spring Pastels for Nylon

    Justin Hollar photographs the sweetest pastels in a colorful fashion spread for Nylon. The March issue introduces new fashions and essentials to get readers ready for spring. Hollar shot the model in various shades of mint, plum, blush, and yellow in a dreamy studio shoot. The clothing from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Versace, Miu Miu, and J.Crew ranges from sophisticated to tough to delicate.

    The March issue of Nylon is on newsstands now.

    See more Justin Hollar's photography here.

  • 11.21.11

    Justin Hollar's Holiday Cinemagraphs for Anthropologie

    Justin Hollar gets into the holiday spirit with three new cinemagraphs for Anthropologie. Each one highlights a different outfit for the season. The inspiration was ethereal, soft, optimistic, and magical. Hollar shot the cinemagraphs at a mansion in New York City.

    Hollar created the cinemagraphs by shooting a 30-second video and then breaking it into still frames. He and the Anthropologie crew then picked a short take they liked and mapped out what they wanted to move. What they didn't want to move was masked out and then the stills were put back into the video. In one image, just the model's hair and dress move gently to a breeze. In another, the clock behind the standing model moves at a rapid pace.

    All three cinemagraphs were shown on the Anthropologie website. Click on the cinemagraphs below to watch them move.

    See more of Justin Hollar's photography here.
  • 10.25.11

    Justin Hollar for Vogue

    Justin Hollar photographs travel-ready style for the upcoming holiday season for Vogue.com. The slideshow features five fashionable outfits for travel by plane, train, or automobile, be it a journey flying home for the holidays or taking a road trip through the west. The stylish and realistic travel outfits feature clothing and accessories from Proenza Schouler, Tory Burch, Jil Sander, Burberry, J.Crew, and more. Hollar captured the travel-ready images on location at Fast Ashley's Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Stylist Marino Mu~noz styled model Patrycja against five different colorful backdrops.

    See more of Justin Hollar's photography here.

    Publication: Vogue.com
    Stylist: Marina Mu~noz
    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Hair: Yoichi Tomizawa at See Management
    Makeup: Kristi Matamoros
    Set Design: Andrea Huelse
    Model: Patrycja

  • 9.13.11

    Justin Hollar Mixes It Up for Nylon

    Justin Hollar photographs fall fashion trends for Nylon magazine. The September issue is the magazine's annual "TV Issue" and in addition to introducing new and returning shows, highlights the season's newest trends in fashion and beauty.

    Hollar captured a model in a studio shoot. The model wore trends like layered textures, python prints with natural fibers, mixed patterns and prints, and color-blocked totes. The magazine dares readers to mix their style up and try clashing patterns and colors.

    The September issue of Nylon is on newsstands now.

    See more of Justin Hollar's photography here.

    Publication: Nylon
    Issue: September 2011
    Stylist: Michelle Reneau
    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Model: Claire Birkholz

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