• 6.15.11

    Justin Hollar Photographs Sky Ferreira for Nylon Mexico

    Justin Hollar captures Sky Ferreira for the June issue of Nylon Mexico. The singer/songwriter covers the music issue of the magazine. Ferreira, who has a large following in Mexico, is styled inside wearing brightly colored and textured clothes.

    Hollar photographed Ferreira in his studio, which is in an old Catholic school, St. Cecilia's, in Brooklyn. It turned out to be the perfect setting for the shoot as St. Cecilia was the patron saint of musicians. Hollar has previously collaborated with Luz and Victoria Pavon on a shoot for Nylon Japan and he says they brought a "really cool look and great energy" to the set. It was his first time working with stylist Jessica Bobince and Hollar had nothing but praise for her, calling her his muse for the day.

    The June issue of Nylon Mexico is out now.

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    Publication: Nylon Mexico
    Issue: June 2011
    Story: "Not a One Hit Wonder"
    Photographer: Justin Hollar
    Production: Pavon
    Stylist: Jessica Bobince

  • 3.14.11

    Justin Hollar Captures Americanino's Spring Campaign

    Justin Hollar photographs the Spring 2011 campaign for Americanino DENIM. The Colombian-based brand is known for their trendy and functional designs aimed at 18 to 25 year olds in Colombia and Latin America. The campaign is called "Paint the World Denim." It encourages fans to promote the brand through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Hollar photographed models in the brand's clothing on locations in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The jeans, leather jackets, and basic t-shirts are worn in casual and relaxed settings showing the clothes as easy and wearable.

    See more of Justin Hollar's photography here.

    Client: Americanino DENIM
    Agency: Madame MR
    Digital: Vision NY
    Photography: Justin Hollar
    Stylist: Erica Turner

  • 2.18.11

    Justin Hollar Captures Target's New Collection for Marie Claire

    This spring Target will re-release 34 of its best-loved dresses from their designer collaborations of the past 5 years. Justin Hollar photographed pieces from the highly anticipated collection for the March 2011 issue of Marie Claire. Hollar shot two models on location at his studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The collection, called "Designer Collective", will feature dresses by Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, Rodarte, Zac Posen and more. For those that missed the dresses their first time around it's a second chance to grab them for less than $50 each. The collection will go on sale March 13th.

    The March 2011 issue of Marie Claire with Miley Cyrus on the cover is on newsstands now.

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    Publication: Marie Claire
    Issue: March 2011
    Photography: Justin Hollar

  • 8.5.10

    Justin Hollar Hits the Beach for Madewell

    J. Crew's sister brand Madewell 1937 debuted its online store this spring to eager shoppers. Justin Hollar captures the latest styles for the retailer in its new online look book. Soft layered tees, lightweight cardigans, and effortless blazers are among the new arrivals to pique excitement for fall. Hollar has worked with Madewell on multiple projects, shooting in various locations such as a factory in the Bronx, in studio, and on Coney Island. No matter the place, Hollar's photographs continue to bring out the essence of Madewell.

    Coney Island -

    In the studio -

    Justin Hollar

  • 6.15.10

    Justin Hollar Captures Madewell's Wanderlust

    Until recently, fans of Madewell's denim, shoes, and apparel could only purchase clothing at the less than twenty brick and mortar stores scattered across America. Thanks to the newly opened e-commerce site, shoppers everywhere are able to peruse their jeans, shirts, simple tees, and more. Justin Hollar was excited to be a part of the big online launch and promotion. His images appear on the Madewell site's digital look book and homepage. New Madewell stores are planned to launch this year across the nation, it's only a matter of time before J. Crew's spin-off store becomes as popular as its parent.

    Music filled the large, open warehouse in the Bronx where the shoot took place. MGMT, Dr. Dog, local band Here We Go Magic, and some classics were played as the models posed in Madewell's latest collection. Hollar, known for his dreamy, soft, fashion portraits, was given creative freedom by Madewell. Comments Hollar, "This really was a dream job for me because the client came to me and just said 'we want you to take your photos,' which is so refreshing to hear from an art director that they're just simply a fan of your work. We both wanted the girls to have that quiet, cool, confident vibe."

    See more looks at the brand new Madewell website.
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  • 3.12.10

    Jump into Spring with Justin Hollar and Nylon

    Spring is upon us, and Justin Hollar takes us there in the fashion pages of the March 2010 issue of Nylon magazine. Hollar lets natural light and his surroundings take play in the images, shot on location at a Catholic School built in 1908. The generous Diocese was tired of seeing the school sit empty and decided to rent out rooms to artists for a reasonable price. The school is now alive with painters, dancers, musicians, and photographers taking residence in the once forlorn school.

    Hollar's photographs carry an instinctive quality to them, which is a product of his process and how he lets models explore the environment. Hollar says, "I put them into the area where I want to shoot them and leave them there to see how they interact on their own with the space... until they're bored to death and not paying attention, and then they usually do something interesting." This hands-off approach gives Hollar a starting point in which he can then give them gentle direction.

    If Hollar's images sometimes read like movie stills, it's because he is a big movie buff. Hollar keeps an archive of scenes from movies that have caught his eye. Some of his favorite films include Thirst, Oldboy, Hunger, Moon, Network, Days of Heaven, Capote, Buffalo 66, and Be Here to Love Me.

    Check back for more work from Justin Hollar!

    -Helen Shih


    Publication: Nylon
    Pub date: March 2010
    Models: Noreen at New York Models, Stef Van Der Laan at IMG, Edythe Hughes at Trump
    Hair: Damian Monzillo at Kate Ryan, Makeup: Viktorija Bowers at Kate Ryan
    Styling: Charles Manning
    Photography: Justin Hollar

  • 2.11.10

    Justin Hollar Shoots Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl for NYLON

    Justin Hollar set up his studio to capture some simple portraits of Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl and ended up with a whole photo-story. The rock star progeny and his band-mate/girlfriend make up a psych-pop music group called The Ghost of a Saber Toothed Tiger. The photo shoots appears in this month's February issue of Nylon magazine.

    What inspired you to take on the photo shoot for Nylon?
    I initially took the job because John Lennon is my favorite musician of all time. So, I was a bit star struck in that sense, and was just curious on a personal level to see what kind of a person Sean had grown up to be. I can't even begin to imagine growing up with that family history on your shoulders. I mean it's impossible to talk about him without referencing his parents. There's just no escaping it. And for him to take on music as a career...? That is pretty ballsy and extremely admirable. But he's totally pulled it off and managed to come into his own. At the end of the day, I was completely impressed with how unaffected he really was by it all- Super nice and interesting guy.

    What was it like working with Charlotte, who is also a model?
    Charlotte is Charlotte. She's amazing. She's totally one of those people that is meant to be in the spotlight in some manner. I could take photos of her all day and she would look amazing in every one.

    How did they interact with one another on the shoot?
    You can really see how she's his muse. She plays off of him really well and it makes for a really interesting contrast between their two personalities. He's pretty mellow and she's pretty vibrant. So when it's necessary, he pulls her persona down, or she'll pull his up. They're a great match.

    What kind of music did you play during the shoot?
    I usually just put on one of my many extremely over thought out and obsessive compulsive playlists and hit shuffle. But my iPod does tend to pick its own favorites at times, and I must admit I was a bit worried it was going to just start playing a bunch of The Beatles songs in a row, and then Sean would be all "Really? Really? That's what you're going to play?" But luckily my iPod behaved.

    Have you shot for Nylon before?
    Yeah I've been shooting for them off and on for quite a few years. They were actually one of the first publications I started shooting for back when I started, picking up the random actor or musician portrait, or some fashion, just to help fill out my portfolio. I have some smaller fashion stuff in the next issue as well that I'm really happy with.

    Why did you choose to shoot in color as well as black and white?
    Well, initially I wanted it to be all in color, but then there were a few looks where the photos began looking like an old shot from the 70's or something. Felt super classic and [it] just worked better that way.

    You've also shot actors, fashion designers, and other musicians, do you ever find yourself getting starstruck?
    There were a couple points throughout the day, in between shots, where we'd be talking, and someone was saying where they were from and how their nationality played into them as a person, and Sean says something about how his mom is Japanese and his dad is British, and I caught myself thinking "...oh wait, he's talking about Yoko Ono and John Lennon!"

    Well, I'm glad your photo-shoot went smoothly! I'll be sure to check out this month's Nylon magazine (it even comes with a free Diesel t-shirt). Thanks for your time Justin.

    -Helen Shih


    Justin Hollar
    Nylon Magazine
    The Ghost of a Saber Toothed Tiger
    (Playing Friday, February 19th at Union Pool in Brooklyn)

    Additional Credits:
    Stylist: Turner & Erica Michelle
    Hair & Makeup: Belinda Zollo

  • 11.12.09

    Introducing New Artist: Justin Hollar

    Bernstein & Andriulli proudly presents new artist Justin Hollar. A devout Virgo, he claims to have never met a dapple of light that he didn't want to take home to his mother. People that know him say that he has a knack for putting shapes where they feel most comfortable. He reveals while concealing, and conceals while revealing, but never at the same time.

    Justin Hollar has shot for Urban Outfitters, Dazed&Confused, I.D., Mass Appeal, Nylon, Soma, Tokion, and more.

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