• 5.29.14

    John Moore's Ethereal and Powerful Style on Film

    John Moore styled the wardrobe for the love-torn protagonist of Schön! mag's latest fashion film, "Revelation." He created an ethereal look from silks and chiffons for the opening scene, and a powerful presence with a metallic dress for model Nola Palmer's narration, using selections from Alberta Ferretti, Moschino Cheap & Chic, and Kiki de Montparnasse. "John is a friend and collaborator who contributes creative concepts to my work," remarked the director, Alexander Haessner. "His styling is natural and clear, yet bold and sophisticated."

    In describing the particular challenges of styling motion pieces, Moore said, "With film, we have to do a take and find out whether the outfit moves in the desired way; for example, in the part where she's floating, I needed the fabric to billow, but not be too busy ... with print, it's all done in an instant and can be manipulated pretty easily." Though, he added, "With Schön!, there's no limitations. The editors allow me the freedom to interpret the clothing and know that they'll get something creative in return, which is great."

    Director: Alexander Haessner


  • 12.11.13

    John Moore 'Likes to Party' for Essence

    John Moore styled a spectacularly well-dressed holiday gathering for Essence's December issue. "The editors wanted a seasonal editorial and I took it from there," he said. "Typically at office parties or with family, people are very flat, so I went in a festive, fashion direction. I especially loved the floral Lanvin dress – it was so beautiful! You could wear it and all eyes would be on you."

    But for Moore, it's not all about labels. "It's good to invest in a brand-new cocktail dress; however, vintage is great," he explained. "It's affordable, organic, and you won't run into another person wearing the same item – you stand out in such a different way." He also cautions against too much shine: "It's either a sparkly dress or bangles or glitter. You don't want to look like a Christmas tree."

    He was elated to work with photographer Roxanne Lowit and singer Luke James, featured in "We Like to Party!" James "loves fashion, so he was a fantastic collaborator," Moore noted.

  • 11.22.13

    John Moore Styles Sir Patrick Stewart for Time Out

    Sir Patrick Stewart is the picture of autumnal style on and in this week's Time Out New York, thanks to John Moore.

    "The article was about drinking and we shot at the NoMad Hotel bar – the perfect lounge setting – so I wanted the wardrobe to epitomize fall," explained the stylist. "I pulled tweeds, velvets, a lot of browns ... these rich fabrics and colors that would translate well for the photographs, and we ended up shooting two of the four looks. A tweed John Varvatos coat and a Ralph Lauren cable-knit sweater made the cover."  

    The actor embraced the luxury spin on a suit and tie, as did his wife Sunny Ozell. "She was on set and she loved the outfits," Moore remarked. "She was raving about them!" Stewart insisted upon wearing a pair of cowboy boots he recently bought in Texas, though. "I said, 'Absolutely,' " Moore noted. "They looked great on him."

  • 10.31.13

    Entertainment Weekly's 'Wicked' B&A Trio

    Entertainment Weekly brought together three B&A talents for its Reunions Issue featuring "Wicked" costars Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. "You can see the chemistry between them in the black-and-white portrait," explained photographer Robert Maxwell. "And the other thing that struck me was the amount of people in the studio – it was the biggest crowd I've ever seen on set."  

    "It was all part of the thrill of Broadway," remarked John Moore, stylist. "Also, it's similar to the anticipation surrounding a high school or college reunion ... where attendees want to dress their best." EW's art director asked for a simple and classic aesthetic, so Moore paired rag & bone and ripped Seven denim with a Marc Jacobs cutout-sleeves-sweater and a Three Dots tank top. "It's uncomplicated, but still current and cool," he noted. "It was also about getting pieces to fit them – Kristin is so tiny. She and I had a fitting the night before, which was great because I could find out what worked and what she liked, and I've styled Idina in the past."  

    Prop stylist Jesse Nemeth rounded out the trio, pulling stumps, stools, and brooms to add an element of Wickedness to the images. "It was a great time," Moore said. "Robert is one of the finest portrait photographers ... amid those people worried about the details, he knows exactly how the photograph will turn out." Maxwell remarked that teaming up with his B&A brethren is always a pleasure.

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