• 12.1.11

    Joel Micah Miller for Porsche

    Joel Micah Miller captures the sleek and sophisticated new Porsche 911 Carrera for the 2012 campaign. The campaign is currently airing in Germany and showcases the Porsche in a futuristic, yet natural environment. The car has undergone a nearly complete overhaul in terms of capability and performance.

    Miller photographed the campaign on the Spanish island of Tenerife, just off the coast of Africa. He collaborated with an architect to create a completely purpose built house in CGI that could realistically feature the car. Miller combined multiple images to create the background. He also used long exposures to soften the movement of the waves in the background.

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    Client: Porsche
    Photography: Joel Micah Miller

  • 3.2.11

    Joel Micah Miller in PDN's 30 of 2011 Issue

    Joel Micah Miller has been chosen as one of PDN's 30 2011. The annual issue profiles 30 new and emerging photographers and a selection of their work. Over 70 photo editors, curators, educators, publishers, art directors, reps and photographers helped to narrow down the roughly 300 photographers who submitted work to the final 30. This year's selection all share a commitment to experimenting and refining their work as well as a personal style that is reflected in their photographs.

    Miller applies what he's learned in his personal work to his commissions. Many of his assignments have been conceptual and he does a lot of post-production compositing. Miller appreciates how the role of the photographer is changing as they are not just responsible for taking the image but for helping to create the final product as well. He's applied these composite techniques to his personal work. "Monumental", for example, is a collection of composite images of crowds in over-photographed tourist spots around the world. Miller conceived the project out of a desire to capture the spots in a different way.

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    Publication: PDN
    Issue: April 2011
    Article: "PDN's 30 2011"

  • 9.27.10

    Joel Micah Miller Hangs Out in Potsdamer Platz for Mercedes Benz Technicity

    Mercedes-Benz replaces the Daimler technology magazine HighTechReport with new biannual publication Technicity. Besides including news from inside Daimler, the magazine also offers the latest in technology, innovation, and research and development in a global context. Technicity is published in German and English and distributed worldwide.

    Joel Micah Miller shoots for the debut issue on location in Berlin, Germany for the cover and lead story "E-City Berlin." The article explores how the German capital is pushing the envelope for electric mobility. Thomas Weber of Mercedes-Benz Cars Development tells Technicity, "There's no question any more as to whether electric drive systems will take their place beside combustion engines; it's only a question of when this will happen."

    E-City Berlin features the completely emission free Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL and the Smart Fortwo electric drive at important locations all over town, such as the Reichstag, Postdamer Platz, Ministry of Transportation, and fuel cell gas stations. The Mercedes-Benz B-class F-CELL emits only water and no pollutants thanks to its fuel cell stack that uses oxygen and hydrogen to generate the electricity that powers the electric motor. The Smart Fortwo uses a Lithium-ion battery that has double the power density of nickel-metal hydride batteries.

    Joel Micah Miller recalls a close call with the F-CELL, "We had just finished a dawn shoot and were en route to the next location when I got a call that the hero car had just been damaged. It had snowed the night before and conditions were icy. Fortunately no one was hurt, but it made for a stressful next few hours. My crew pulled together, got a stand-in organized, and we worked double time to make things work out. At the end of the day, we got the images that we'd set out to make. It was just a little more adventurous that we'd planned at the beginning."

    To read more about Daimler's "Road to Emission-free Mobility" program, click here.

    The F-CELL making its way through Potsdamer Platz, or Potsdam Square, an important public square and intersection in Berlin

    The F-CELL in front of the Ministry of Transportation

    This gas station wasn't completed until several hours before the shoot

    The Reichstag

    Charging stations for the Smart Fortwo

    The full cover of the first issue of Technicity

    Joel Micah Miller, far left, and crew - at the end of of some very long and frosty shoot days

    The 130 ft crane that Miller hung in for four hours above Postdamer Platz

    Publication: Mercedes-Benz Technicity Magazine
    Issue: Spring 2010
    Story: E-City Berlin
    Release: worldwide
    Photography: Joel Micah Miller
    Creative Director: Wolram Schaeffer
    Art Direction: Matthias Straub
    Production: CLAAS CROPP Creative Productions
    Retouching: UNEXPECTED

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