• 6.17.11

    Jitesh Patel Designs 3D Artwork for Alpina

    Jitesh Patel creates fresh 3D artwork for yogurt brand Alpina's new "Make a Wish for Women" campaign. Vitro commissioned Patel to create the artwork for posters and window displays, one of which is an interactive storefront on Park Avenue in New York City. The campaign is an uplifting way to debut the brand's new Restart yogurt. Alpina is inviting women to support each other by posting positive messages online, either on Facebook or Twitter.

    Patel made soft light quilled designs of butterflies, birds, a landscape, and a woman. He then collaborated with Alex Hammond on the making the designs 3D. A 3D animation will later be part of the campaign. In addition to the interactive storefront, the designs appear on Alpina's Facebook and Twitter pages.

    See more of Jitesh Patel's work here.

    Client: Alpina
    Agency: Vitro
    Creative Director: Marc Lucas
    Producers: Christie Calhoon, Marc Wilson
    Artworks, Design, and 3D Animation and Design: Jitesh Patel
    3D Design: Alex Hammond

  • 2.3.11

    Jitesh Patel Designs The Tote Bag Book

    The tote bag has become a ubiquitous icon of the green movement in recent years. As consumers attempt to reduce the use of plastic bags, the tote bag has seen a surge in popularity. Jitesh Patel was inspired by this rise in popularity to create The Tote Bag Book, a showcase of totes from illustrators and designers around the world.

    Patel asked the artists to submit striking and inventive designs for tote bags. Designs included range from floral prints and typography to illustrations and characters. Artists such as Angus Hyland, Bosque Studio, Catalina Estrada, Central Illustration Agency (C.I.A.), and more submitted work as well as fellow B&A artists Sarah J. Coleman, Josh Cochran, Kai & Sunny, Jeremyville, and Tatiana Arocha. Each book comes packaged with an original tote bag.

    The Tote Bag Book will be released in the UK on February 7th. It is available on Amazon for US readers to pre-order now.

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