• 6.28.19

    Jenue Paints the Town Pride

    B&A illustrator, Jenue, recently collaborated with Time Out Magazine to create cover art that celebrates LGBTQ pride for the month of June. The artist created three unique covers; one for New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Each cover has their respective cityscape in the background with Jenue’s rainbow typography that reads “Paint the Town Pride” on each cover. The typography on each of the three covers are all slightly different in layout and coloring, but maintain the same three dimensional, textured feeling, as if the words were actually painted over the black and white backdrop.

    Known for using a great deal of color in his work, Time Out asked Jenue to create a colorful, rainbow painted typography for the covers, inspired by one of his recent personal projects. For that personal project as well as this project for Time Out, Jenue utilized a new technique that he discovered by mixing different software, which allows him to create the realistic acrylic paintings seen on these magazine covers. Jenue explains that he has “always been inspired by primary colors and graffiti, and acrylic painting, so I always want to find ways to create things that look real and craft, but in CGI.” These inspirations are seen across Jenue’s work, as well as on the Time Out covers.

    The main concept of this project was to “Paint the Town.” Jenue explains that this project was a collaborative effort between the Time Out team and himself. Time Out gave me the photography in black and white, and they wanted me to create paint on top in rainbow colors.” The illustrator took this concept and ran with it by creating rainbow ribbons that tie together the city buildings and typography in a very authentic way, where the colors seem to literally pop off the page. 

    Of the three different covers, Jenue says the New York design is his favorite. All three covers can be seen in their respective cities this summer in celebration of the city’s LGBTQ communities.

  • 2.2.18

    Jenue Lifts Cryptocurrency to Visibility with The New York Times Magazine

    Cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be a mystery: they’re often crowd sourced currencies, so all the information is out there even if it seems like the conversation is happening without you. It’s not just Bitcoin anymore, there are thousands of different currencies, each with their own rollercoaster of valuation, and each of them with their own culture. It’s certainly a bubble, as described visually on the cover of New York Times Magazine with an image by Jenue - the question is whether or not this new market is going to burst. All markets eventually have their maximum limit, but Jenue wanted to infuse his imagery with the playful excitement that’s come along with the cryptocurrencies, as well as their true fragility.

    The idea was pretty simple: turn the currencies into balloons. It’s the perfect metaphor. They’re shiny, buoyant, can rise as fast as the air will part above them, and pop when faced with unexpected outside pressures. So Jenue created a veritable flock of Bitcoin balloons crowded onto the cover. Each of these CGI balloons is tethered to a very conspicuous string, keeping it in place. In Jenue’s image it implies the limits, but ironically, perhaps, cryptocurrency doesn’t have the tether that comes with financial regulations. It’s that aspect that has made these currencies the preferred method of illicit payments online, but may be the largest contributor to their downfall. As an entity, cryptocurrencies have built into them alluring tensions – like air captured under thin plastic.

    As mentioned, there are so many more currencies than just Bitcoin, so Jenue also brought the logos of Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zcash to life in golden, poppable balloons in a center spread to help us visualized the breadth of the issue, and recognize how these variables are broader than we know now. The balloons are aloft, thanks to Jenue, now we wait to see if they’ll be attending a celebration or an entirely different kind of ceremony.

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