• 1.29.13

    Ilovedust New Psychedelic Nike Designs

    Ilovedust has worked with sports apparel giant Nike on several projects in the past, including a GPS app and the NBA's #riseasone March Madness campaign. This time Ilovedust designed two new graphic t-shirts to be sold in European Footlocker stores. The two graffiti-inspired graphic tees are a continuation of Nike x Footlocker series that pop with color and epitomize street style.

  • 1.8.13

    Ilovedust Takes a Dive with Ray-Ban

    Ilovedust created an animated spot for Ray-Ban based on iconic print illustrations by Los Angeles based artist James Jean. The spot sees a young woman dive into a strange and magical world powered by her plaid Ray-Bans. The animation is part of a worldwide campaign which includes print, web, and in-store branding.
  • 12.17.12

    The Holiday Gift of Ilovedust Uniqlo GIFs

    Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo uses animation in their latest holiday campaign to capture consumer attention. Ilovedust was one of the seven animation artists Uniqlo commissioned to help with the mystery "GIF box" project.

    At uniqlo.com/gifbox, visitors are asked to submit their email addresses to open a mystery "GIF box" containing an animated GIF. In some cases, customers also receive an online coupon for $5 off their next purchase of more than $50. The special prize is in one hundred rare GIF boxes that have a $500 gift card inside.

    The box was developed in collaboration with ad agency Razorfish and GIF artists Lacey Micallef, Alan Butler, Brendon Giannane, Miron, Pusheen, Sean Godsey and Tim Turnquist.

  • 12.7.12

    Ilovedust's Spicy Illustration for Ghost Pepper Burrito

    Toronto agency DougSerge approached Ilovedust to create an image to promote a new menu item, the Ghost Pepper Burrito, for Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill (Extreme Brandz). The goal was to capture the intensity of the very spicy Ghost Pepper Burrito and was the first time the client had done an illustrated ad for their food products.

    The final ad created by Ilovedust was well-received and Extreme Brandz saw same store sales growth increase by 15%+ and traffic increase by over 20% across the country. "The Ghost Pepper promo has been the most successful LTO in the history of the company," said Extreme Brandz. "The work really worked in harmony and delivered on the brand promise. We will be running again next fall - bigger and better!"

  • 10.9.12

    ilovedust Helps Cartoon Network Celebrate 20 Years

    ilovedust and Cartoon Network joined forces to create a two minute music video to celebrate the network's twentieth birthday. The UK-based design studio brought in 14 people over a period of three months to put together the animated short. The video features over 100 CN characters from shows over the years, quite a monumental task. Everything was first roughly created in Flash and then composited in After Effects with final effects and color.

    The epic video premiered on Cartoon Network on October 1st and features original music by Mad Decent. The video is taking on a life outside of television and is also available for download via iTunes, Xbox, Amazon.com.
  • 8.30.12

    Karl Lagerfeld tells a joke, or not

    With everything from designing some pretty awesome t-shirts to filling up the KARL pop-up stores floor to ceiling with great design, I Love Dust has been working with Karl Lagerfeld quite often these past couple of months on his self-titled line, KARL. We asked the team if Mr. Lagerfeld has told I Love Dust any good (or bad) jokes since they've been collaborating. We're still waiting to hear back for the full story and can't promise that we will... but are pretty sure it has something to do with a mouse.

    I Love Dust creates a pretty large, live mural on the walls of Venue Teatri dell'Opera di Firenze while the party rages on in Florence.

    "Sunglasses are like eye shadow, they make everything look younger and pretty"- Karl


  • 7.10.12

    Best Piece of Advice Ever ebook and prints now available

    Bernstein & Andriulli celebrated their latest book "Best Piece of Advice Ever" - a collaborative effort with Creative Social, designed by ilovedust - in London at the infamous Shoreditch space "Village Underground" on June 26.

    The event featured talks from the leaders of the global creative community and a lively panel discussion, chaired by B&A Director of Illustration and Interactive, Louisa St.Pierre. Numerous artists featured in the book were also on-hand to sign books and talk about their inspiration and work, and Andrew Rae illustrated live his response to a stream of people's "best piece of advice" submitted to the website. A Samsung notebook and its signature stylus were his tools, and the images were projected onto huge screens for all to view, facilitated by interactive hot shop: Special Moves. See the whimsy and irreverence here:


    In addition, Sir Peter Blake limited edition bags containing Kidrobot toys were gifted to those who purchased the book and tickets for the event.

    The e-book can be purchased now at Blurb here.

    Limited edition art prints from the book are available for purchase now from Jealous Gallery.

    The Best Piece of Advice book was born of a simple yet quite fantastic question by one of the Socials at Creative Social Paris to one of the speakers - 'What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?'

    Jim Haynes, an accomplished fellow, notorious for the lively open dinner parties hosted at his Parisian apartment for 35 years responded "if you do something for someone, forget it immediately. If someone does something for you, remember it always".

    Advice we try to adhere to every day.

    The book collects the best piece of advice from each of the members of Creative Social, matches them with the talented illustrators and designers from Bernstein & Andriulli, and brings them to life.

    It's a bigger idea that will live on way beyond the event, so we'd like to pose the question to you: what's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

    Submissions published here: http://www.bestpieceofadviceever.com/

    [caption id="attachment_10083" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Tristan Eaton"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10084" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Andrew Rae"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10085" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Rod Hunt"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10086" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="12Foot6"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10087" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Gary Baseman"][/caption]


  • 6.13.12

    B&A Artists Illustrate Bottles for 1800 Tequila Again

    Nathan Fox, Tara McPherson, Ilovedust, Kai and Sunny, Stephen Bliss, and Sandro Tchikovani collaborate with 1800 Tequila on the fourth edition of the Essential Artists series. The five B&A artists and Tchikovani created diverse designs inspired by Mayan culture, Aztec mythology, and Mexican heritage for the collectible bottles. The series represents a modern blend of artistry and quality.

    The latest series will launch tonight in New York City. 1800 Tequila has partnered with SPIN on the launch that will feature a special performance by Wavves, who recently appeared on the magazine's cover. Following tonight's launch, the limited edition run of 1800 bottles will be available to purchase in high-end liquor stores across the country.

    The designs above from l-r are by Sandro Tchikovani, Stephen Bliss, Nathan Fox, Ilovedust, Tara McPherson, Kai and Sunny.

  • 5.7.12

    Ilovedust for Kiehl's Since 1851

    Ilovedust collaborate again with Kiehl's Since 1851. The design studio created illustrations on packaging for the skincare company's new Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. The packaging features earth-inspired designs by socially conscious influencers Florence Welch, Mark Ruffalo, Rosario Dawson, and Spike Lee. Ilovedust brought to life their visions of social responsibility. The collaboration is part of Kiehl's Limited Edition Label Art Series by "Friends of Kiehl's" which raises money for different charities.

    The masque was released before this past Earth Day. 100% of proceeds from the product benefit "Recycle Across America" and will help create standardized recycling labels for K-12 schools across the United States.

    The Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque is available to purchase now.

    See more of Ilovedust's portfolio here.

  • 3.28.12

    Ilovedust Illustrate March Madness for Nike

    March Madness is in full swing and Ilovedust is getting in on the action with Nike/RGA and their #RiseAsOne campaign. Ilovedust is creating original illustrations for the winning teams and their most fanatic fans on Twitter during the month-long college basketball tournament. The design studio enhances the team's mascots with intensity and action. For the first half of the tournament, Ilovedust joined Nike in Mission Control in Portland, Oregon, following the action on Twitter and putting together the illustrations at rapid speed. The design team is spending the second half of the tournament with Nike in New York.

    Follow the action with Ilovedust on Twitter with the hash tag #riseasone and @nikebasketball.

    See more of Ilovedust's illustrations here.


  • 2.21.12

    Ilovedust Covers Times Square for Tic Tacs

    Ilovedust creates three billboards for Tic Tacs in Times Square, New York City. The billboards stand eight stories high and are the latest element in Tic Tac's augmented reality "Shake It Up" campaign. The campaign centers on a mobile app that offers extras beyond the outdoor and print ads. The billboards feature facts and images created using Tic Tacs. They appear as personalized ads with the user at the center when they are AR-enhanced. The resulting images, which appear to be pictures of users in Times Square, can also be sent to friends through the Tic Tac Facebook page.

    See more of Ilovedust's portfolio here.

    Client: Tic Tacs
    Talent: Ilovedust
    Agency: Merkley + Partners
    Creative Director: Sakib Afridi
    Art Buyer: Bev Don

  • 2.15.12

    Ilovedust for the ESPN Winter X Games

    Ilovedust collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy NY on branding for ESPN's Winter X Games. The action sports event took place in late January in Aspen, Colorado. As part of the multi-media project, Ilovedust created two 30-second animated spots. ESPN provided athlete footage that the design studio created art for in an interactive flash execution. The spots aired on television as promotion for this year's games.

    The Winter X Games aired from January 26-29th, 2012 on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC.

    See more of Ilovedust's portfolio here.

    Client: ESPN
    Agency: Wieden +Kennedy NY
    Talent: Ilovedust
  • 1.17.12

    Ilovedust Brands the Winter X Games for ESPN

    Ilovedust collaborates with Wieden + Kennedy NY for an exciting, multi-media branding for ESPN's Winter X Games in Aspen. The design studio worked with the team at Wieden + Kennedy to create a multi-facetted campaign consisting of two 30-second animated spots, a course map, for the interactive site and custom posters featuring action sports' biggest names, including Sebastien Toutant. The campaign blends rich illustration in Ilovedust's signature style with photography from previous Winter X Games.

    The Winter X Games will air January 26- 29th on ESPN.

    See more of Ilovedust's portfolio here.

    Client: ESPN
    Agency: Wieden +Kennedy NY
    Talent: Ilovedust

  • 11.11.11

    Ilovedust Creates Trilogy of Animations for GE

    Ilovedust and TBWA Shanghai have just launched the first out of a trilogy of animations for GE's latest digital campaign - Future Folklore. The animations tie together traditional Chinese folklore stories and GE's modern technologies with a twist. The first animation follows the story of the epic battle of Red Cliff where Kung Ming and his allies defeating an attacking arming using wind power against their arrows. This well-known story then in turn becomes a metaphor for GE's use of wind power in the present.

    The animation directors and animators at I Love Dust worked closely with the creative at TBWA to bring the script to life. "We were able to use a bunch of new techniques in the creation of this spot and had a ton of fun doing it," says Ingi Erlingsson, animation director at I Love Dust. "It was a pleasure working with I Love Dust from the initial concept to the final delivery. We were really impressed with the work ethics and creative output from them and am looking forward to opportunities to work together again!" says Dwayne Koh, Creative Director at TBWA.

    The next two animations in this series will be launched early November and December.

    Click here to see campaign site.

    Client: General Electric
    Agency: TBWA Shanghai
    Artist: Ilovedust
  • 8.22.11

    Ilovedust Illustrate the Do Something Awards

    Ilovedust illustrate the 2011 Do Something Awards. Ilovedust worked with VH1 in New York and Dempsey Productions in Los Angeles to create a show package. The annual awards show honors young people's commitment to social change. Actress Jane Lynch hosted this year's ceremony and celebrities like David Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato were in attendance to hand out awards. Categories included "Athlete," "Movie Star," "Twitter," "Festival," and the main prize, "The Do Something Award."

    Ilovedust created graphics and animation for a show package that included an introduction, bumpers, transitions, fonts, and logos for pre-show advertising and the awards show broadcast. The 2011 Do Something Awards aired on VH1 and MTV on August 18th.

    See more of Ilovedust's work here.

    Client: VH1
    Production: Dempsey Productions
    Talent: Ilovedust

  • 8.2.11

    Ilovedust and Sarah J.Coleman for HP

    Ilovedust and Sarah J. Coleman create original illustrations for HP's new TouchPad campaign. The WebOs-based tablet makes multi-tasking easier for users and also allows them to download movies and tv shows, browse the web, and play games.

    Ilovedust and Coleman were asked to make background icons from a choice of characters. Ilovedust chose the rocker and the teen characters. The icons demonstrate some of the TouchPad components like HP Synergy, Beats Audio and Adobe Flash. Using ink pen nib and ink, Coleman drew icons to represent the busy mom character and demonstrate how the tablet helps to manage a busy family schedule.

    See more of Ilovedust's work here.

    See more of Sarah J. Coleman's work here.

    Client: HP
    Agency: Liquid
    Creative Director: Diane Stember Richards
    Talent: Ilovedust, Sarah J. Coleman

  • 6.6.11

    Ilovedust Create a Live Mural for Red Bull

    Ilovedust create a live Formula One-inspired mural for Red Bull. Ilovedust traveled to Monaco last week to help celebrate "The art of racing" at the Monaco Grand Prix 2011. Red Bull Racing team's Sebastian Vettel went on to win the race.

    The live event took place on the Red Bull Energy Station. Ilovedust created a 9m by 2.4m mural featuring and inspired by the bright graphics of Red Bull's winning car. Watch a magic tilt shift video of Ilovedust working on the mural below.

    See more of Ilovedust's work here.

    Photos: Debut Art

  • 5.23.11

    Ilovedust Create a Bespoke Taco Truck

    Ilovedust create a taco truck for Armenco Catering's line of bespoke trucks. After spotting several taco trucks while traveling through California, the design boutique was inspired to create one of their own.

    Ilovedust outfitted the exterior with a colorful array of facts about the truck and how it is produced. For example, the custom refrigeration in the truck could store 4480 pounds of packaged meat and it would take the average American 66.8 years to consume that amount.

    The truck is currently en route to Chicago.

    See more of Ilovedust's design work here.
  • 3.30.11

    B&A Artists Create Origami Cranes for Japan

    In the wake of the devastating March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan, five B&A artists have created original work to benefit relief efforts. The Selby, Tim Marrs, Ilovedust, Paul Oakley and Tatiana Arocha have submitted designs to One Thousand Cranes for Japan that can be downloaded and made into origami cranes. A donation to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund offers up a downloadable design with instructions for how to fold it into a crane.

    The project is inspired by an ancient Japanese legend that promises that any person who folds one thousand cranes will be granted a wish. The project's creators hope that participants will display their cranes prominently so as to inspire others.

    Donate and download at crane at OneThousandCranesforJapan.com.

  • 1.28.11

    Ilovedust Creates the "Black Book"

    Ilovedust has released the "Black Book", a collection of their work from the past year. The design boutique wanted to create something fresh and innovative. The 44-page book comes in die-cut slipcase, which is covered in a combination of gold and black foil stamps. Included inside are global projects for big companies like Nike and Kiehl's as well as smaller projects for independent companies that Ilovedust supports in their local community in East London.

    See Ilovedust's full portfolio here.

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