• 12.5.16

    Out Now: B&A Journal 9

    Bernstein & Andriulli is more than an international agency with some of the best agents in the world, we’re a home for artists. Our roster represents creative forces that we truly believe in and whose work we want to spread to every corner of the globe. These artists are incredible talents and incredible minds, and as much as we show off all the best projects that they work on sometimes you need to get a taste of it yourself. That’s why we introduced the B&A Journal.

    Every few months we pick some of the best work that’s come out of the agency and feature it in a large format, printed journal for friends, fans, and clients to thumb through at their leisure and experience the work of these world class artists in an intimate and tangible way. This week we’re releasing B&A Journal 9, and we couldn’t be more excited.

    In addition to a beautiful cover shot by Ben Rayner, and dedicated pages for dozens of our artists (featured here are Platon, Marco Grob, Stephen Wilkes, Rose Blake, Guillaume Lechat, We Are The Rhoads, Serial Cut, Shotopop, and Radio), we’ve also included a special insert with this edition that formally announces our Murals department that includes a roster of public artists that rivals the best in the game.

    B&A Journal 9 should be hitting your mailbox very soon - and if you want to make sure you get a copy reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

  • 12.2.15

    eBay's Massive Community by Guillaume Lechat

    With 157 million users, eBay is a massive community with users from all over the world. Sellers post their wares on the site, and eBay connects them with buyers who need exactly what they’re selling. For their latest campaign they teamed up with Guillaume Lechat to represent their community. To do that, Guillaume went through an expansive casting process. “We looked at around 8,000 people in order to find the right people; everyday people who were charismatic, natural and self-confident,” explains Guillaume. “And because we were shooting for a lot of different markets it was important that the cast reflected the everyday people of those different countries.” Once he had his cast, Guillaume worked with each of them on a very personal level to make them as comfortable as possible and get the best possible results.

    In addition to seeing an incredible amount of people to create the cast in the campaign, the shoot was also quite lengthy. With a schedule that reached from August to September, Guillaume was given the challenge of creating a huge library of images with a consistent look. “I try to see each new set up as a totally new shoot even if it’s just moving from the kitchen to the dining room of the location,” says Guillaume. “That way I approach it with a fresh mind. Especially because it was around a month of shooting.” Shoots that are this sweeping and lengthy require a totally different set of skills to remain focused from day one all the way through wrap.

    Guillaume and eBay did everything they could to keep each set up as authentic as possible, but there was one shot that they just had to fake. But the work that it took to create the set up ended up paying off in spades. “We couldn't shoot at the airport, it was the most challenging to make it look as real as possible,” Guillaume explains. “It was actually a building in an industrial estate. But all the elements of lighting, props, set design, cast and location came together to make the magic happen and it’s definitely one of my favorite images.” When every piece is in place, authenticity is the natural outcome, which is crucial when epitomizing a community like eBay’s.

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