• 9.22.14

    Gary Baseman x Coach Spring 2015

    Gary Baseman’s style is signature and unique to him and him alone. When Gary works, he operates from a world other than our own. His creations live by different rules, not only physiologically, but also in terms of energy and focus. He constructs an emotional environment around what he does, and invites us into that world. Most recently, his show “The Door is Always Open” at The Skirball Center literally invited the viewer into Gary Baseman’s home to reach a better understanding of who he is and what he does. That’s why it’s such a revelation for Gary to be working with Coach for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Normally we step into Gary’s world, but this time he’s coming into ours.

    What Gary has put together for Coach and us is a series of monsters that visit the apparel. They mostly stopover on the front of knits, but also present themselves for inspection as the pattern for two airy chiffon dresses, and on the faces of bags from the accessories collection. Since their sojourn outside the world of Basemen is so rare, it puts us a little off balance in both expectation and results. “Is that really Gary Baseman?” we’re forced to ask. It is without a question. One of his monsters is even woven into the material of the show stopping pull over.

    Gary names all of his monsters, a testament to how personally he takes each piece and moment. One of his favorites, featured as a print on a knit is Lou. Gary explains that, “I named him after the amazing troubadour, Lou Reed, who saved my life on many occasions with his singing and lyrics.” Lou holds an umbrella that looks remarkably like his own head. It is a mirror of the self into form, and how just one small example of how deeply Gary reaches into his own experience to tell a larger story.

    Upon Coach’s debut of their collaboration with Gary, there was a strong response. InStyle remarked that “something was a little eerie about the scene,” during the Coach show, calling Gary’s monsters, “adorably scary critters.” Meanwhile, Kyle Fitzpatrick of The Fox is Black called the presentation of Gary’s work, “a seamless and quaint and quirky effect that takes Baseman’s creations and transforms them from art objects or cartoons to these high fashion objects of intrigue.”

  • 5.14.13

    Gary Baseman Invites You to be His Guest in New York City

    You are cordially invited to join Gary Baseman tonight in New York City for the unveiling of THE GUEST, a collaboration with the prestigious porcelain company Lladr'o. This one of a kind toy creation stands at 20 3/4" high and reflects Gary's pop macabre aesthetic. Tonight's event will include a conversation with Surface Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dan Rubenstein followed by a reception.

    Last month Gary celebrated the opening of his un-retrospective art installation "The Door Is Always Open" at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Gary's professional and personal life meet in this large-scale exhibition modeled after his childhood home that contains selected works over Gary's decade plus long career. The exhibition has been covered by notable art sites like Arrested Motion, Cool Hunting, Daily Beast, and Juxtapoz Magazine.

    The Guest Event Details:
    WHEN: TODAY, May 14, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m
    WHERE: Lladr'o Boutique, 500 Madison Avenue, New York City
    RSVP to rsvp@us.lladro.com or 800.785.3490

    B&A Has#tag Project: Get Gary's attention by snapping pics of your favorite event moment and remember to add #BASEMANNYC. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • 4.26.13

    Gary Baseman: The Door Is Always Open

    Don't call Gary Baseman's "The Door Is Always Open" a retrospective because it's more than that. Yesterday was the first day people could quite literally immerse themselves in Gary's world. Inspired by his childhood home, "The Door Is Always Open" is a large-scale installation featuring a collection of Gary's fine art, illustration, animation, performance and toy design.

    Last night Gary kicked off the launch of "The Door Is Always Open" with an aptly named "house party". The evening featured a cast of his characters, a DJ set by artist Shepard Fairey (who he did the Partisan print collaboration with), live music by Nightmare and the Cat, art making, pi~nata-breaking, and more.

    "The Door Is Always Open" runs through August 18th so you've got plenty of time to check it out!

    The Door Is Always Open, 2012, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 inches

    "The Door Is Always Open" by Gary Baseman available via Rizzoli

    Shepard Fairey x Gary Baseman Partisan Print

    For more information:
    Skirball Cultural Center
    2701 N Sepulveda Blvd,
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
    Gary Baseman: The Door Is Always Open
    April 25th - August 18th, 2013
  • 10.18.12

    Hello Kitty, Hello Art!

    Hello Kitty is celebrating the third anniversary of her 35th birthday with an art compilation book, Hello Kitty, Hello Art! Dozens of artists from around the world are featured including Gary Baseman, kaNO, Jeremyville, and Tara McPherson. The book is 200 full color pages of Hello Kitty and her Sanrio pals My Melody, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Little Twin Stars, and Chococat.

    In a recent interview with Cool Hunting, Gary Baseman said this about the brand behind the favorite feline: "Sanrio seems to have a natural ability to remain young and playful as its own characters, embracing fully current trends in fashion, product design, and art." kaNO's piece, a 48" x 30" acrylic on wood titled "Hello Mello," is a snarky depiction of Hello Kitty's musical rabbit friend, My Melody. "Music is such a huge part of my creative process and I felt [My Melody] would give me a lot to play with."

    For more information on the compilation, visit the Abrams Books or Sanrio websites.

  • 7.10.12

    Best Piece of Advice Ever ebook and prints now available

    Bernstein & Andriulli celebrated their latest book "Best Piece of Advice Ever" - a collaborative effort with Creative Social, designed by ilovedust - in London at the infamous Shoreditch space "Village Underground" on June 26.

    The event featured talks from the leaders of the global creative community and a lively panel discussion, chaired by B&A Director of Illustration and Interactive, Louisa St.Pierre. Numerous artists featured in the book were also on-hand to sign books and talk about their inspiration and work, and Andrew Rae illustrated live his response to a stream of people's "best piece of advice" submitted to the website. A Samsung notebook and its signature stylus were his tools, and the images were projected onto huge screens for all to view, facilitated by interactive hot shop: Special Moves. See the whimsy and irreverence here:


    In addition, Sir Peter Blake limited edition bags containing Kidrobot toys were gifted to those who purchased the book and tickets for the event.

    The e-book can be purchased now at Blurb here.

    Limited edition art prints from the book are available for purchase now from Jealous Gallery.

    The Best Piece of Advice book was born of a simple yet quite fantastic question by one of the Socials at Creative Social Paris to one of the speakers - 'What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?'

    Jim Haynes, an accomplished fellow, notorious for the lively open dinner parties hosted at his Parisian apartment for 35 years responded "if you do something for someone, forget it immediately. If someone does something for you, remember it always".

    Advice we try to adhere to every day.

    The book collects the best piece of advice from each of the members of Creative Social, matches them with the talented illustrators and designers from Bernstein & Andriulli, and brings them to life.

    It's a bigger idea that will live on way beyond the event, so we'd like to pose the question to you: what's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

    Submissions published here: http://www.bestpieceofadviceever.com/

    [caption id="attachment_10083" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Tristan Eaton"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10084" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Andrew Rae"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10085" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Rod Hunt"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10086" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="12Foot6"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_10087" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Gary Baseman"][/caption]


  • 2.6.12

    Gary Baseman Exhibits for Polaroid in New York

    Gary Baseman's photograph is part of a group show for Polaroid at the Impossible Project Space NYC. "Instant Revolution" features photography by Baseman and four other contemporary artists, James Franco, Maripol, Mary Ellen Mark, and Jennifer Juniper Stratford. The exhibition is the first in an upcoming series of artistic collaborations throughout 2012 that honor the launch of the Polaroid Classic line. The new product line celebrates the seventy-five year legacy of the instant film and camera company.

    The photographs in the show were captured with the last original Polaroid Spectra film production from 2008. Baseman explains his image process as, "I wanted to use the camera the way I originally used such a device in the 1970s and 80s...to capture an immediate memory. My art is about discovering one's "True Self," and Polaroid cameras have been an important tool in assisting in this truth-finding and free expression."

    "Instant Revolution" opens at Impossible Project Space NYC on February 9th. Find out more information about the show here.

    See more of Gary Baseman's portfolio here.
  • 1.25.12

    The 3D Book Private Exhibition and Book Signing

    Bernstein & Andriulli are hosting Tristan Eaton's 3D Book signing event at Chateau Marmont in conjunction with The Supper Club. Tristan Eaton, Gary Baseman, Shepard Fairey and James Jean will be in attendance, signing complimentary books, and doing a meet-and-greet for the art-loving crowd. Two ten-feet-high Gibson Les Paul model guitars, customized by Eaton and Fairey, will be placed outside the Chateau for all to admire. These are part of The Maxamillian Gallery's "Guitar Town on Sunset Strip" series, a public art project launched in August 2010 featuring the World's foremost street artists.

  • 12.7.11

    B&A Celebrates Art Basel with 1800 Tequila

    Lounging in Mark Cunningham-designed AD Oasis@the Raleigh, 50 VIPs enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast and tasted 1800 Tequila Coleccion, a 400 limited edition extra a~nejo 100% agave tequila (guaranteed to allay any hangover) All set against the dramatic back drop of an exhibition of Kai and Sunny's graphic, monochromatic "Flower Series." Artists Gary Baseman and Vivian Rosenthal, Founder of Tronic Studio / augmented reality platform Goldrun, Kai and Sunny, and Product and Industrial designer Demian Repucci, explored the broad theme of "The Intersection of Art and Design" in a lively panel discussion chaired by Bernstein and Andriulli's Louisa St.Pierre.

    Guests received an exclusive tote bag designed by Marc Jacobs illustrator Nomoco, containing a limited edition card set, and Baseman's latest designer vinyl toy Toby's Secret Society, kindly donated by KidRobot. Gary Baseman also customized 50 beautiful gold, black and red screen prints with his infamous characters, and chatted amiably with guests as he signed them, concluding the happy event.

    An oasis indeed.

  • 10.27.11

    Gary Baseman Launches Toby's Secret Society Series

    Gary Baseman collaborates with KidRobot on his first toy set in nearly five years. The Toby's Secret Society mini series starts with Baseman's iconic character Toby and also includes eleven spirits and brethren. The series is launching at stores around the country with in-store signings by Baseman, art shows, and appearances by Toby.

    Baseman's Toby character is considered the protector of dreams, memories, and darkest secrets. The spirits and brethren that join him in the new set include The Disciple, The Princess of Secrets, The Goddess of Dreams, The Knight of Good Fortune and the seven sacred magi: Compassion, Destiny, Freedom, Lust, Love, Trust, and Truth. The 3-inch figures are intended to represent the impulses of man.

    Toby' Secret Society Series is on sale now at KidRobot.com.

    See more of Gary Baseman's work here.

  • 9.9.11

    B&A Artists Exhibit at The Society of Illustrators

    John Hendrix, Yuko Shimizu, and Gary Baseman are among a celebrated list of illustrators showcasing their work for Rolling Stone at The Society of Illustrators in New York City. "Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review" includes over 80 original illustrations commissioned for the Record Review column of the magazine. The art spans over four decades and represents music legends such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, and Bob Dylan. The exhibit will also include rock and roll memorabilia and ephemera on loan from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio.

    John Hendrix's featured illustration is his first for the magazine, for the Beastie Boys' 2004 album "To The Five Boroughs." The album had post-9/11 themes and Hendrix chose to highlight them and the band's native New York setting in the artwork. The band is seen standing over Downtown Manhattan, facing the Statue of Liberty, whose torch has been replaced by a microphone.

    Yuko Shimizu's illustration in the show is for Garbage's 2005 album "Bleed Like Me". Lead singer Shirley Manson is seen front and center, with the stripes of her outfit bleeding out into the background where her bandmates appear in black, each holding a heart.

    Two of Gary Baseman's illustrations for Rolling Stone are included in the show. The first was for Fiona Apple's 1999 album "When the Pawn..." The second was for Sheryl Crow's self-titled album from 1996. They are both acrylic on canvas.

    "Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review" is on now at The Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators. The museum will hold an opening reception tonight at 6:30 pm. The show will run until October 22nd. For more information visit The Society of Illustrators website here.

    See more of John Hendrix's illustrations here.

    See more of Yuko Shimizu's illustrations here.

    See more of Gary Baseman's illustrations here.

  • 9.1.11

    B&A Artists for Kid Robot x Swatch

    Tara McPherson, Jeremyville, and Gary Baseman lend their artistic talents to a new collaboration between Kid Robot and Swatch. The collaboration brings together the classic Gent Original Swatch and Kid Robot's iconic vinyl Dunny as a collectible pair. McPherson, Jeremyville, and Baseman were three of eight contemporary artists asked to put their own unique design on the pairs.

    McPherson's set is called "The Eyes are Watching" and features one of her characters, Carina a three-eyed space cat hanging out in a field of eyeball flowers. The eyes wrap around the watch's band so they can be seen from all angles. The band is also frosted with a see-through frame in McPherson's signature palette. Of the experience, McPherson says it was "fun for sure," and "it was a nice challenge to figure out how to make something work on such a limited amount of space."

    Jeremyville has collaborated with Kid Robot on toys in the past but this is his first time designing a watch. His set is called "The So Far Away" and features a new character, Ibbity Pop, from his upcoming storybook of the same name. Jeremyville wanted the strap and face of the watch to represent the furry body and the face of Ibbity Pop. The arms also create eyebrows for the character and at 10:08 a frown appears over his face.

    Baseman's set is called "Midnight Magi" and is inspired by one of his original characters. The strap is black matte with black gloss and there is just a hint of color in the ghostly character.

    The Kid Robot x Swatch collaboration is on sale now. Visit Kid Robot's site for where to buy.

    See more of Tara McPherson's work here.

    See more of Jeremyville's work here.

    See more of Gary Baseman's work here.

  • 5.20.11

    B&A Artists Interpret "The Four Freedoms" for DDB

    Gary Baseman, Craig Ward, and Jeremyville interpret "The Four Freedoms" for the Tribal DDB Gallery Caf'e Launch and Exhibition. Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide, originally penned "The Four Freedoms". Each artist was tasked with interpreting a specific pillar of freedom.

    Craig Ward created the piece for "The Freedom to Be." The pillar expresses the importance of individuality as well as being part of the bigger picture, be that within an agency or in society. Ward's final piece was a 2300+ layer photomontage of a flock of starlings. Jeremyville's pillar was "The Freedom to Fail." His piece is a continuation of his Community Service Announcement series, which convey a simple message of inspiration or empowerment. Jeremyville's CSA for DDB features the phrase "Venture into the Unknown" and depicts a character walking off into a hillside with the words "Uncertainty", "Risk", and "Chance" written on it. Gary Baseman created a piece for the "Freedom from Fear" pillar.

    "The Four Freedoms" is the first installment in a continuous art rotation at Tribal DDB Gallery Caf'e in New York. All of the artists' pieces will be part of DDB's permanent collection.

    Agency: DDB Worldwide
    Talent: Gary Baseman, Craig Ward, Jeremyville

  • 5.18.11

    B&A Artists Illustrate Bottles for 1800 Tequila

    Five B&A artists collaborate with 1800 Tequila on the third edition of the Essential Artists Series. Tes One, Gary Baseman, Tristan Eaton, Ray Smith, and Yuko Shimizu produced unique interpretations of Luchadore (professional Mexican wrestler) for the Lucha Libre-themed tequila bottles. The series is a chance for 1800 to bring a contemporary, artistic touch to the brand.

    Ray Smith's bottle was inspired by his ongoing series of mask-like pieces called Symmians. His Lucha Libre Symmian gets his power from elemental forces and tequila. Yuko Shimizu's bottle features a close-up shot of a Luchadore face. She added drama by cropping the face and adding flying flames. Since tequila is made from the agave plant, Shimizu based the Luchadore's mask on the plant's shape and pattern.

    Only 1800 bottles were produced for the limited edition run, which launched with a party sponsored by VICE Magazine on May 5th.

    Client: 1800 Tequila
    Talent: Gary Baseman, Tes One, Tristan Eaton, Ray Smith, Yuko Shimizu

  • 3.21.11

    Tristan Eaton Authors The 3D Art Book

    Tristan Eaton has parlayed his interest in retro 3D imagery into a new book, The 3D Art Book. The book features a selection of over 100 works by established and up-and-coming artists and covers genres from street art and graffiti to graphic design and Pop Surrealism. Gary Baseman, Claw Money, Tokidoki, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, James Jean, Dr. Revolt, and Todd Schorr are just a few of the artists included. Many pieces were created specifically for the book.

    Eaton first became interested in stereoscopic images when he was 19 and working as an apprentice at the famed Detroit screen-printing shop Highway Press. After silk screening 3D posters, he became interested in reviving the retro technology and seeing how it could be translated today. Eaton includes his personal history with 3D art in the introduction of the book.

    The 3D Art Book will be released April 1st and is available for pre-order now on Amazon.com.

    See more of Tristan Eaton's illustrations here.

  • 2.28.11

    Gary Baseman Exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

    Gary Baseman will exhibit his first solo show in New York City in six years at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, starting this week. "Walking Through Walls", Baseman's exploration of breaking through imposed limitations and boundaries in society and the world, opens on March 5th. Baseman explores this concept with the use of collage and silkscreen in his paintings.

    "Walking Through Walls" conveys a more somber tone than Baseman's previous works. The illustrator lost his father last year and the loss is reflected in the dark, more subdued colors and the addition of shades of gray to his previously bright palette. Baseman also introduces the character Little Miss Boo, a young girl in a homemade ghost costume. A child in a black and white photograph from his personal collection of vintage photographs inspired Little Miss Boo. Baseman has previously drawn creative inspiration from the collection, although this is the first time he has incorporated imagery from photography in his work.

    "Walking Through Walls" will run at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery until April 2nd. Find out more about the exhibition here.

    See more of Gary Baseman's illustrations here.

    [caption id="attachment_5458" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Photo by Sean Bonner"][/caption]

  • 10.8.10

    B&A Artists in RE:FORM SCHOOL, A Redu Project

    This weekend in New York City October 9-11, RE:FORM SCHOOL will be taking over 233 Mott St. in a call for the reform of the American Public Education System. RE:FORM school is an art exhibition, event series, and public awareness campaign that believes it is the right of every child to have access to high quality education. It is open to the public between 10:00am-6:00pm.

    Artists involved include Andrew Bannecker, Gary Baseman, FunJob, Shepard Fairey (founder of Studio Number One), Tes One (pictured above: Wonders Never Cease), TrustoCorp, and many more. Events include a silkscreening workshop with Faile, a paper mural workship with WK Interact, and a breakdancing class with Ken Swift. Don't forget to stop by the old fashioned bake sale! Proceeds support local arts and education.

    Tes One is featured at RE:FORM SCHOOL's blog in their "Meet the Artist" series. He explains, "When I was younger, I had a hard time concentrating in school because my imagination was quite vivid. I would daydream a lot. I wanted to explore and discover things as much as I could. As I got older, the capacity of my imagination would shrink to make room for practicality, limitations, life, etc.

  • 7.5.10

    The Vader Project

    Gary Baseman, Jeremyville (pictured), and Thunderdog Studios were among the 100 artists chosen to participate in The Vader Project. Artists were given a 1:1 scale replica of the Darth Vader Helmet used in George Lucas' Star Wars films to re-imagine and customize. The villainous Darth Vader's helmet is instantly recognizable in pop culture; in the hands of artists the helmet takes on a new life.

    The project premiered in 2007, starting in Los Angeles and then making its way through Europe and Japan before ending at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The helmets are now on display at Freeman's Auctioneers and Appraisers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until they are auctioned on July 10, 2010.

    The Vader Project began with Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys. They curated 100 notable artists and designers, partnering with Freeman's to make the pieces available to the public. Other artists chosen include Shag, Paul Frank, Ron English, Tim Biskup, Frank Kozik, Simone Legno, Marc Ecko, and more. Comment Kelemer and Marks, "From a simple idea in 2005 to a record-setting exhibition in 2009, it's time for our child to venture forth into the world."

    L: Gary Baseman, R: Thunderdog Studios

    Multiple angles from Gary Baseman, Thunderdog Studios, and Jeremyville (in order)

    This project has no affiliation with Star Wars or Lucasfilm.

    The Vader Project
    Watch the auction here
    Bid at the auction here
    View the other helmets
    Gary Baseman
    Thunderdog Studios

  • 6.11.10

    Gary Baseman "Giggle and Pop!" at LACMA

    LACMA MUSE and ArtWalk 2010: The Los Angeles Arts & Music Festival come together to bring you Gary Baseman's "Giggle and Pop!". The show stars Baseman's ChouChous and Tar Pit Girls whom will perform to choreography by Sarah Elgart and music by Carina Round. Attendees are invited to join in the dancing and festivities and some will receive limited-edition sashes with original art by Baseman. Three performances are scheduled Saturday, June 12th at 12pm, 1pm, and 3pm with vignettes in between each show.

    "Giggle and Pop!" takes inspiration from Baseman's paintings "I Melt in Your Presence" (2007), "Hide and Seek in the Forest of ChouChou" (2007), and "La Noche de la Fusi

  • 12.9.09

    Gary Baseman and Tatiana Arocha for JWT's GAPA/BS World Aids Day Safe Sex Campaign

    In order to raise awareness on the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, the World Health Organization established World Aids Day in 1988. Observed on December 1st, it is a chance for organizations and individuals to "demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic." According to 2008 data from the United Nations, approximately 33 million people around the world are living with HIV.

    In Latin America, JWT worked with GAPA/BS (Grupo de Apoio `a Prevenc~ao `a AIDS da Baixada Santista) on a campaign with the message "Be pure. Safe sex is never wrong." GAPA/BS is a philanthropic foundation that hopes the campaign will change the perception of purity - that to remain pure, all it takes is protection. Several artists including Gary Baseman (work pictured above) and Tatiana Arocha volunteered their talent for the project, creating art for T-shirts, print media, and animation.

  • 11.5.09

    Gary Baseman and FunJob Celebrate Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary

    Hello Kitty celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Parent company Sanrio is not holding back when it comes to honoring the pink-bowed feline. At the center of numerous Hello Kitty events is the Three Apples exhibition at the Royal/T gallery in Los Angeles. Curated by Jamie Rivadeneira, owner of pop-culture shop JAPANLA, the show includes Hello-Kitty inspired work by over 80 artists such as Gary Baseman, FunJob, Ron English, Buff Monster, Camilla d'Errico, Luke Chueh, Deph, Yosuke Ueno, and more.

    In commemoration of Hello Kitty, Gary Baseman painted "Hello Kitty is Fishy," a loving portrait of one of Baseman's nymph mermaid girls holding up Hello Kitty transformed into a catfish. "I've always admired Hello Kitty in that she is a playful, singular, iconic image. [Sanrio] has created such a life for Hello Kitty from fashion to toys to products to everything." Despite Hello Kitty not having a mouth, Baseman contends that "Hello Kitty communicates with many other senses - just because Hello Kitty can't speak doesn't mean she doesn't have a lot to say." With a massive merchandise empire and rabid following, Hello Kitty has certainly found her way into the hearts of many without ever speaking a word.

    For an experience that a Hello Kitty fan will never forget, FunJob created "Kitty Ride," a massive 18' x 6' interactive theme-park experience. At the opening party, well-known Hello Kitty fans Paris Hilton, Kimora Lee Simmons, and her two daughters sat in the Kitty Ride for a real-life fanciful Hello Kitty fantasy.

    Says an ambassador of friendship from FunJob, "We were very inspired to make a Hello "Kitty Ride" to give people an interactive experience and break boundaries form what we have done before. We love to make art that is experiential. Something that is more than passive art. We want to engage you and make you smile! Working with Hello Kitty is super fun for us because of her openness to let us think big and dream bigger, the result was kittyriffic."

    "Three Apples" is on view now until November 15th.

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