• 8.26.14

    FunJob Goes Ape

    The term “Guerilla Marketing” has nothing to do with gorillas. But don’t tell Pizza.de, because they’re having too much fun with people in ape costumes. The German website that facilitates ordering food online presents themselves to the same crowd that goes to music festivals. They were looking to bring unique experiences with them out into the wild.

    Pizza.de wanted to step up their game a little bit. Instead of just getting participants involved by passing out bananas and interacting with costumed actors, they wanted to offer an immersive experience. So they got FunJob to help them create it.

    The result was Monkey Island, a gigantic, interactive experience that came from a much smaller seed. “Specifically, they wanted a bounce-house,” explains Steve Saiz of FunJob. “But we reached out and gave them a bunch more things.” That’s an understatement. FunJob ended up conceptualizing and creating an entire bounce world. From inflatable banana jousting, to ball pit jacuzzis, to sumo wrestling. “We just tried to keep expanding on what they started with.” That’s how things go over at FunJob. For them, it’s all about creative growth. “We very much like to listen to what their needs are and always expand on it. Make it the most exciting, and keep building and building on it.”

    The way FunJob stays expansive with their work is by destroying intellectual boundaries and taking nothing for granted. Their brainstorming process is free and easy. “It runs pretty organically. Our ideas can come from anywhere,” Steve says. “We try to put our ideas in the hat and see what comes out. We’re always trying to find the best solution.” That sort of creative dexterity ensures that they always get the best activations possible. That’s how they got Monkey Island to be what it is: an actual bounce island oasis in the insanity of the festival.

    Participants take off their shoes, step onto the island, and get to run free and wild. There are places to sit down and chat, the bounce-house is located in the mouth of the huge gorilla in the back, and costumed actors interact with the participants to show them how to maximize their experience.

    Unfortunately for them, no one from FunJob has been able to experience Monkey Island for themselves yet. The bounce-house experience has been too busy moving around Europe, delighting festival goers as it travels. “Maybe one day,” says Steve. “I’m dying to experience it. It’s so fun.”

  • 11.27.13

    FunJob's 'Giftopia' for Sephora

    Sephora has plunged into a FunJob-designed wonderland for the holiday season. "Essentially, we provided Sephora with a graphic toolkit full of different elements (like lips, stripes, and patterned shapes) to be applied to packaging, window and counter displays, animations, catalogs, and cards," explained FunJob's creative directors. "The entirety of the stores are decked out; however, Sephora did it with amazing taste and in a controlled way. For example, on the walls, there's this beautiful photography and our bits and pieces are set on top of it."

    The ident, dubbed "Giftopia," relies on a palette of traditional festive colors like red, as well as deep purples and turquoises. FunJob called its relationship with the retailer a match made in aesthetic heaven: "We played with Sephora's regular world and prepared it for the holidays ... it all came together seamlessly. Sephora's input helped improve the package, so it was a lovely experience."

  • 12.8.11

    Nick & Chloe and FunJob Collaborate for Target

    Nick & Chloe and FunJob work together to bring to life the colorful characters of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini line for Target. The line caters to children, from infants to tweens, and features tutus, plaids, punk pants, and faux leather jackets. The collaborative effort between the B&A talents mixes photography and CGI to create a fun, colorful campaign. Nick & Chloe photographed the campaign on the streets of Tokyo's Harajuku and Akihabara ("The Electric City") districts. FunJob created the 3D CGI icons that appear in the print ads as well as the original Harajuku characters for the television spots.

    The campaign's concept was to reflect the colorful chaos of the streets and to make them a magical place where strange icons come to life with Harajuku dolls looking on. The challenge was to capture the kids appearing happy and having fun while the heat and humidity were high and fairly unbearable. Nick & Chloe say they had great help from FunJob who created the dolls and the icons "with great graphic style and panache."

    The Harajuku Mini for Target campaign is out now.

    See more of Nick & Chloe's photography here.

    See FunJob's full portfolio here.

  • 8.31.11

    FunJob Exhibit at Colette in Paris

    FunJob exhibit "The Beginning" at cult store Colette in Paris. The show is centered around a recurring theme and archetype in the design duo's art: the boy, a cute and simple spirit that is also all powerful. The boy is representative of the child inside everyone and acts as a self-reflective tool for the viewer to connect to the art.

    The exhibition consists of bronze sculptures, a series of prints, including some exclusive edition prints for Colette, an animation video piece, and a menagerie of limited-edition products from the world of FunJob.

    "The Beginning" is showing now at Colette's gallery until September 24th. Find out more information on Colette's website.

    See more of FunJob's art here.

  • 7.18.11

    Decon and FunJob Create a Carnival for Malibu Rum

    Inspired by the FunJob-customized car for Pharrell as well as their epic "Skywalkers Parade" for Toyota at Art Basel, Publicis London asked FunJob to create a pop-up carnival for Malibu Rum. Seeking a partner to actually bring it about, Decon - the idea shop, production company and record label - stepped in to make the magic come to life. Working with Publicis London, Decon did all of the production for the film, constructed a portable float inspired by FunJob, cast 150 people (including some real fans), pulled on their music resources for live performances and DJs, and rolled out a buzzing social media campaign to ensure everyone would come. Once shot, Decon oversaw all of the post-production including the music supervision. The end result was a real-life party complete with fireworks and a 30 and 60 second spot for for various online spots. This makes us want to party with Malibu too.

    Client: Malibu Rum
    Agency: Publicis London
    Director: Jason Goldwatch
    Copywriter: Dave Sullivan
    Art Director: Stuart Farquhar
    Business Director: Paul Howarth
    Account Director: Leah Schneider
    Account Manager: Emma Sare
    Production Company: Decon
    Executive Producer: Peter Bittenbender
    Agency Producer: Mays Al-Ali
    Production Assistant: Emma Fasson

  • 6.13.11

    FunJob Open Rainbow City at the High Line

    FunJob and AOL Artists are excited to announce the opening of the forty piece environmental installation "Rainbow City" in New York City, in celebration of Section 2 of the High Line. Originally commissioned by Luminato Festival of the Arts in Toronto and showcased in association with AOL and PAPER Magazine during Art Basel Miami 2010, FunJob presents a vibrant collection of mutable, air-filled sculptures.

    "Rainbow City" is FunJob's first large-scale installation in New York. This happy city is made up of intensely colored balloon pieces and encourages visitors to be active and explore the giant 16,000 square foot playground. Built for adults and children alike, the installation allows for interaction with each art object, making the experience unforgettable. Holi, a festival in India during which people shower each other with color pigment and paint to celebrate the coming of spring, inspired "Rainbow City".

    The installation is located at the lot on 30th street in the Chelsea art district. "Rainbow City" will feature an exclusive pop-up shop where limited-edition products designed for AOL will be available.

    "Rainbow City" runs until July 5th at the High Line in New York City. For more information, including hours of operation, visit FriendsWithYou's site.

    See more of FunJob's work here.

    Photos: Aaron Barr

  • 10.25.10

    FunJob are Naughty and Nice for Dunkin' Donuts TV Spot

    FunJob collaborated with Hill Holliday to create a seasonal 15-second television spot for Dunkin' Donuts. Two adorable Halloween party-goers stand before the last donut. Some devilish trickery ensues, and Dunkin' Donuts invites the viewer to share in the Halloween fun. Says FunJob, "The challenge was conveying the angel/devil relationship in 6 seconds with only 2 camera angles. The result is a fun Halloween trick-or-treat."

    Viewers will be sure to delight at the characters and animation that FunJob have created. The television spot is airing now, look for it on a commercial break!


    Client: Dunkin' Donuts
    Agency: Hill Holliday
    Animation/Character Design: FunJob

  • 10.8.10

    B&A Artists in RE:FORM SCHOOL, A Redu Project

    This weekend in New York City October 9-11, RE:FORM SCHOOL will be taking over 233 Mott St. in a call for the reform of the American Public Education System. RE:FORM school is an art exhibition, event series, and public awareness campaign that believes it is the right of every child to have access to high quality education. It is open to the public between 10:00am-6:00pm.

    Artists involved include Andrew Bannecker, Gary Baseman, FunJob, Shepard Fairey (founder of Studio Number One), Tes One (pictured above: Wonders Never Cease), TrustoCorp, and many more. Events include a silkscreening workshop with Faile, a paper mural workship with WK Interact, and a breakdancing class with Ken Swift. Don't forget to stop by the old fashioned bake sale! Proceeds support local arts and education.

    Tes One is featured at RE:FORM SCHOOL's blog in their "Meet the Artist" series. He explains, "When I was younger, I had a hard time concentrating in school because my imagination was quite vivid. I would daydream a lot. I wanted to explore and discover things as much as I could. As I got older, the capacity of my imagination would shrink to make room for practicality, limitations, life, etc.

  • 7.28.10

    FunJob Look Up in Taipei

    FunJob bring their signature magic, love, and friendship to Taipei, Taiwan for the Very Fun Park exhibition sponsored by the Fubon Art Foundation. "Field of Dreams" covers the facade of the Fubon Banking Center skyscraper in the eastern part of the city. A smiling cloud nestled in colorful flowers reminds us to look up at the sky, reminding viewers of their hopes and aspirations as children.

    Very Fun Park extends throughout the entire city of Taipei, with "Field of Dreams" as one of the focal points of the exhibition. Other artists are displayed on storefronts, outdoors, and more, making the art accessible to all and dissolving the line between gallery and viewer. The theme of "looking up" demonstrates how in a small movement, one can be reminded of the vastness of the universe.

    Very Fun Park
    Fubon Art Foundation

  • 7.1.10

    FunJob's Wish Come True Festival Recap

    For those of you who were in Toronto June 10-20th, we hope you had a chance to experience the magical world of FunJob's "Wish Come True Festival". Commissioned by the Luminato Festival of the Arts, FunJob spread their message of "Magic, Luck, and Friendship" throughout the city. Queens Park in downtown Toronto was converted into Rainbow City, a colorful alternative dimension of gigantic totems, magical mushrooms, oversize bounce houses, and inflatable characters that came to life. Appearing in Rainbow City and around Toronto was the Rainbow King, Wish Come True Festival's very own ambassador. Rainbow King was present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Rainbow City, opened the Canadian Stock Exchange, walked the red carpet at the Prima Donna opening night, and more. A walking piece of art, the Rainbow King thoroughly enchanted all the people of Toronto to join in the magic that was stationed in many parts of the city. The Wish Come True Festival was a complete transformation of the city into a beautiful place where dreams and magic became reality!
    As part of the festivities, Narwhal Art Projects presented Day Dreamers, a solo exhibition of FunJob artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. Rarely seen fine art and sculpture pieces were on display, portraying an intimate series of portraits and magical moments that seemed to drift in and out of the artists' personal dream worlds. Lest fine art gallery shows not be of interest, festival-goers could also visit the Magic Pony pop-up shop to take home a piece of FunJob. New Wish Come True prints, toys, and other products were available for purchase, as long as a meet and greet and signing with the FunJob founders. Comments Arturo "Turo" Sandoval III, "From the beginning, one of our main concerns was we wanted to make art that was accessible to everyone from a price point to an intellectual level."

    For more coverage on the FunJob Wish Come True Festival, visit the links below after the pictures.

    Rainbow City in Queens Park, Toronto

    The Rainbow King spreads love and magic throughout the park

    Park-goers interact with the installations

    A large inflatable bounce house held joy for all

    The Day Dreamers show at Narwhal Art Projects

    Rarely seen personal work by Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III were shown

    Starburst is the captured moment of an exploding star. In it's grand scale it is kinetic even without motion. He is constantly exploding and being reborn and you are there to witness it.

    Secret Garden - hidden in the financial district the Secret Garden is the story of a spirit and his adventures within a secret garden. Everything is alive and has a part in the story.

    New Wish Come True prints available at Magic Pony

    View work by FunJob
    Learn more at FunJob
    Watch an interview with the founders Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III
    See the Rainbow King around town on Rainbow King TV
    Read the interview at The National Post

  • 6.3.10

    FunJob Take Over Toronto

    FunJob brings color and festivities to Toronto for the Wish Come True Festival in what will be their largest interactive installation to date. The Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity has commissioned FunJob to spread their universal message of magic, love, and friendship throughout the city. During June 10th - 20th, 2010 visitors can enjoy larger-than-life inflatable installations, a gallery show, several pop-up shops, community events, speaking engagements, and more. The highlight of the 10-day event is Rainbow City at Queen's Park. The Luminato 2010's festival Mascot Rainbow King leads a host of celestial characters in transforming Queen's Park with larger-than-life dimensions of giant totems, bounce houses, and inflatable friends.

    June 16th - 20th - Rainbow City Installation at Queen's Park
    June 10th - Day Dreamers - FWY Solo Exhibition at Narwhal Art Projects
    June 12th - FWY Pop-Up Shop & Artist Signing at Magic Pony

    June 16th - 20th - Rainbow City Installation at Queen's Park
    Rainbow City welcomes all into a world of Magic, Luck, and Friendship! As the highlight of the 10-day festival, FunJob transform Toronto's Queen's Park into Rainbow City from June 16th-20th with their largest and most impressive installation to date. The Rainbow King and a cast of celestial pals embark on a mission to delight citizens by welcoming them into Rainbow City, a magical kingdom where happiness is the key and the more you play the better you feel! Bounce, dance and chill as the Wish Come True characters bring you into their colorful alternative dimension of gigantic totems, mushrooms, and bounce houses while inflatable friends shower you with magic, color, and love! FunJob and Luminato are offering this unique experience with the hope of bringing people together to find a central happiness that is common inside of everyone. In addition to the installation, FunJob will also feature several pop-up shops showcasing a full line of new limited edition Wish Come True merchandise including apparel, tote bags, fine art prints, toys, accessories, and more!

    June 10th 6-10pm - Day Dreamers - FunJob Solo Exhibition at Narwhal Art Projects
    June 10th Narwhal Art Projects and FunJob kindly invite you to Day Dreamers, a bright and beautiful solo exhibition of artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III's rarely seen fine art flat works and sculptural pieces. On this special occasion the artists allow you to venture into the secret workspace of the duo to witness the precious seeds of their inspiration and the birthplace of all things FunJob. Day Dreamers portrays an intimate series of portraits and magical moments that seem to drift in and out of the artists' personal dream worlds - a place where everyday holds a dream.

    June 12th 5-8pm - FunJob Pop-Up Shop & Artist Signing at Magic Pony
    During the FunJob Wish Come True Festival, longtime friends and supporters at Magic Pony open their doors for a very special FunJob pop-up shop and artist signing on June 12th. As the first home for FunJob toys and art products in Toronto for over 8 years, Magic Pony has been actively promoting FunJob's positive message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship since the beginning. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for long time fans and admirers to experience a one-of-a-kind FunJob pop-up shop, get all new products and prints, meet the artists, and interact with all of the FunJob family and friends! Limited edition Wish Come True items will be on sale exclusively at Magic Pony during the event.

    Hope to see you there!

    More Info

  • 5.26.10

    FunJob x N.E.R.D.

    N.E.R.D. rolls around the California desert in a custom-wrapped Rolls Royce designed by FunJob for their upcoming music video "Hot & Fun." The single featuring Nelly Furtado drops in June. In the meantime, teaser music videos by Fro Rojas have been proliferated around the web. FunJob's Super Malfi gets some special attention from a few party-goers in Rojas' "The Party Version." In creating the one-of-a-kind Rolls Royce FunJob says "Magical Explosions [were] born, a psychedelic take over of FunJob cosmic forces."

    FunJob interview at PaperMag
    BBC Ice Cream
    Promo videos

  • 2.16.10

    All New from FunJob

    FunJob has also just launched a new and improved version of their website, FunJob.com. The more interactive and user-friendly site features the latest news from FunJob, an online store for purchasing colorful prints and beautiful books, and a rainbow of information about FunJob.

    Over Valentine's Day weekend, FunJob held a huge celebration at their new boutique in Miami. The "Love is Magic" event had a live band, a kissing booth, special guests, fun surprises, and tote bag giveaways full of goodies.

    Party-goers feel the love at the party. See more pictures from the event here.

    Pictures from FunJob:

  • 12.22.09

    Bernstein & Andriulli Wishes You A Warm and Wonderful Holiday!

    2009 is coming to a close and we would like to thank all of our talent, clients, agents, and friends for a wonderful year. A blog was started (which became our homepage), new artists were signed on, and lots of cool projects were carried out. We leave you with this animated video and wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

    The blog will resume January 4th, 2009. Cheers!
    Animation and direction by:
    12 foot 6

    Art By:
    Andrew Rae
    Andrew Bannecker
    Stan Chow
    Am I Collective
    Josh Cochran
    Nishant Choksi
    Nathan Fox
    Big Chief
    Tatiana Arocha
    Tristan Eaton
    Sarah Coleman
    Ben Wachenje

    Sound, Music, and Voice:
    Expansion Team

  • 12.4.09

    FunJob Open New Boutique in Miami

    FunJob recently opened their flagship boutique in the heart of the Miami design district, perfectly in tune with Art Basel festivities. The boutique is a place "where fine art meets consumer products." Marking the opening was a new line of limited edition merchandise including apparel, fine art, sculptures, prints, collectible toys and everything FunJob.

    FunJob is a multi-disciplinary group that specialize in spreading their positive message of "Magic, Luck, and Friendship" through large-scale installations, special events, toys, and more. We invite you to "Shop Happy!" with them.

    FunJob Flagship Boutique
    3930 NE 2ND Ave, Suite 202
    Miami, FL 33137

  • 11.5.09

    Gary Baseman and FunJob Celebrate Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary

    Hello Kitty celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Parent company Sanrio is not holding back when it comes to honoring the pink-bowed feline. At the center of numerous Hello Kitty events is the Three Apples exhibition at the Royal/T gallery in Los Angeles. Curated by Jamie Rivadeneira, owner of pop-culture shop JAPANLA, the show includes Hello-Kitty inspired work by over 80 artists such as Gary Baseman, FunJob, Ron English, Buff Monster, Camilla d'Errico, Luke Chueh, Deph, Yosuke Ueno, and more.

    In commemoration of Hello Kitty, Gary Baseman painted "Hello Kitty is Fishy," a loving portrait of one of Baseman's nymph mermaid girls holding up Hello Kitty transformed into a catfish. "I've always admired Hello Kitty in that she is a playful, singular, iconic image. [Sanrio] has created such a life for Hello Kitty from fashion to toys to products to everything." Despite Hello Kitty not having a mouth, Baseman contends that "Hello Kitty communicates with many other senses - just because Hello Kitty can't speak doesn't mean she doesn't have a lot to say." With a massive merchandise empire and rabid following, Hello Kitty has certainly found her way into the hearts of many without ever speaking a word.

    For an experience that a Hello Kitty fan will never forget, FunJob created "Kitty Ride," a massive 18' x 6' interactive theme-park experience. At the opening party, well-known Hello Kitty fans Paris Hilton, Kimora Lee Simmons, and her two daughters sat in the Kitty Ride for a real-life fanciful Hello Kitty fantasy.

    Says an ambassador of friendship from FunJob, "We were very inspired to make a Hello "Kitty Ride" to give people an interactive experience and break boundaries form what we have done before. We love to make art that is experiential. Something that is more than passive art. We want to engage you and make you smile! Working with Hello Kitty is super fun for us because of her openness to let us think big and dream bigger, the result was kittyriffic."

    "Three Apples" is on view now until November 15th.

  • 9.30.09

    FunJob Would Like You to "Try This"

    Illustrators and animators Friends With You are at it again with their latest book Try This. Inside this latest volume is a beautiful selection of recent works and some older classics. Fans of Friends With You's colorful and vivacious style will not be disappointed.

    For other goodies from Friends With You, check out their online art store.

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