• 12.12.13

    HAZE x Kiehl's for the Holidays

    HAZE and Kiehl's partnered on the skin-care label's 2013 limited-edition holiday offerings. "I've been both a fan and customer of Kiehl's for more than 30 years," noted the artist. "This is the type of project that I look forward to – I can bring my brand's style to the table in a way that's compatible with an established American brand."

    His Kiehl's K-and-stars pattern appears on a selection of packaging and products, including the Greatest Hits Collection, Energizing Men's Kit, and Creme de Corps Collection. "The colorways were collaborative – some of the variations were contributed by the art team," HAZE said. "I'm very happy with the palette and feel as though it represents a new direction for how my work is used and perceived. I tend to be a black, white, and gray guy, so it was a breath of fresh air to see the items colored in a pop-like way for a change."

  • 8.28.13

    HAZE Debuts New Collection for HUF

    Eric Haze, designer and art director, has released his third range for skateboarding brand HUF.

    "This collection is an evolution of the two previous collections," said Haze. "It's a fully realized version of a few approaches that I've been using over the last couple of years and the clock, bag, and accessories give it more gravity than if it were just a clothing collection." The pieces make use of logos, graphic elements, and a pattern that he created to "incorporate an organic, painterly, hand-style feel into the products."

    Haze and HUF founder Keith Hufnagel are friends who have somewhat similar stories, but are of slightly different generations. 

    "Keith is an old-school skateboarder and hero in that world," Haze explained. "I'm an old-school graffiti artist with a reputation in that world. I'm a New Yorker who spent twelve years in California building a clothing brand and Keith is a New Yorker who is currently in Los Angeles building his brands ... so [the collection] represents a real healthy fusion of East and West Coast histories and styles." 

  • 10.8.12

    Nick & Chloe Photograph New Era's Flagbearers

    Nick & Chloe photograph New Era's flagbearers - individuals who are making a different and changing perceptions by doing what they love. Two of these flagbearers are graffiti artist/designer Eric Haze and musician Raphael Saadiq. Nick & Chloe capture genuine moments by photographing each artist in their element.
  • 9.6.12

    HAZE Enters a New Era

    Legendary artist and designer Eric Haze collaborated with New Era on three designs for their upcoming capsule collection and has also joined the likes of Talib Kweli and Rafael Saadiq as an honorary Flagbearer for the brand. The campaign was shot by Nick & Chloe.

    To celebrate, New Era is hosting a special launch event at their flagship store in NYC on September 7th. The event will include a music set by DJ Soul who has curated a playlist based on artists and labels that Eric has worked with in the past, whether it be logo designs or album artwork. The list is quite impressive from Beastie Boys, to LL Cool J, to Public Enemy.

    The event will include surprise appearances and giveaways. Details below -

    Friday, Sept 7th from 2pm - 8pm
    New Era NYC
    9 E. Fourth St. New York, NY

  • 8.22.12

    HAZE x Casio G-Shock 30th Anniversary

    HAZE reunites with Casio to design logo and packaging for the 30th anniversary of the G-Shock watch. The collaboration celebrates the rich history of G-Shock technology and the artistry of HAZE. The popular 110 model features a HAZE imprint band with paintwork in red, black, and white, and other features including shock and water resistance and a high-brightness LED backlight. HAZE also created a commemorative t-shirt that will be launched at select sites with the watch this fall.

    We spoke to HAZE about the collaboration, his work with other brands, and what is ahead for him in the next year.

    You've worked with Casio for over 15 years. Tell us how you met, how the relationship panned out, and what's next with them?

    The relationship started in Japan in the 1990s when I had my store. The first collaboration was in 1998. This is the 4th G Shock model I've created for them. I did the logo, brand identity, and packaging five years ago for the 25th anniversary and again all the same this year. The grand opening and release is in New York City in late September. I'll be one of the representative and speakers for the brand. There is this great quote from the Casio CEO that we've working together so long and I get their identity so well that he couldn't imagine anyone else doing it at this point.

    Casio is also doing a major 25-year retrospective of HAZE brand and product design, including my collaborations with them.

    You're obviously a very successful fine artist, yet have long term collaborations with iconic brands like Nike, Stussy, Heineken, Mountain Dew and more recently New Era. What do you enjoy about working with brands?

    I've been a painter and fine artist for over twenty years. I was one of the first generation of artists to make a left turn in design. I had a studio in New York City in the 1980s and later Los Angeles in the 1990s. I had a full clothing line of my own that launched in 1993. I've been doing clothing and branding for more than twenty years. I wear a lot of caps and operate a lot of capacities-designer, director of my brand. More often than not these collaborations provide me with the opportunity to wear one of these caps. It frees me up as a designer to create a product I enjoy. Industry leaders feel that collaborating with my brand adds value to their brand as well. It's a full circle for me, from doing my own branding to now doing their branding.

    What other brands would you like to work with?

    I'm currently working with a number of brands that I've wanted to work with. I've also done a certain amount of furniture and would like to expand that. Maybe work with Knoll or Herman Miller. I also have ideas for automotive and aeronautic.

    What does the next year have in store for Haze?

    Tons of stuff. I have a New Era collaboration launching soon, a Flag Bearer collaboration in early September. The G-Shock retrospective in late September. I have a couple of big level sports collaborations launching at the end of the year and next spring. A bag and accessories collaboration with Hex in the Spring. I also will be in a group show in Los Angeles this December.

    If I could add some parting words they would be: I've had a great journey from New York City to California and around the world and back. I've really focused the last ten years to bring the best balance to the different disciplines I've involved in from design to art. I'm pleased with how everything has settled in. It's been a landmark year for me and I have no intention of taking my foot off the gas any time soon.

    See more of HAZE's portfolio here.

  • 8.8.12

    HAZE Covers the Nike Store for the Olympics

    HAZE collaborates with Nike on an installation inspired by the 2012 London Olympics. The 8-foot by 16-foot installation at the sportswear brand's Soho flagship features HAZE's signature star and arrows patterns arranged in an American flag theme. Integrated components include historical symbols from basketball, track and field. The installation can also be broken down into 2-foot by 2-foot individual icons both with and without the letters USA. The original artwork was intended for use in global retail installations throughout the summer, with the actual painting configured specifically for the Soho flagship. HAZE also painted a mural on the store's main south wall in free flowing india ink.

    HAZE set up stop-motion cameras in his studio for the five days of production as well as during the installation at the Nike store. The first video is one rotation at the store now and both will be released globally during the Olympics.

    See HAZE's work at the Nike flagship store at 21 Mercer Street in New York City all summer long.

    See more of HAZE'S portfolio here.

  • 6.8.12

    Haze Talks Keith Haring at the Brooklyn Museum

    HAZE participates in a panel discussion on the iconic work of the late artist Keith Haring this Sunday at Brooklyn Museum. The panel will be moderated by art historian Dr. Robert Farris Thompson and also features artist John Ahearn and visual cultural scholar Dr. Martin Irvine. The discussion will focus on how Haring developed his own language system and applied it across artistic mediums. Haring's legacy and how it has evolved over time will be examined as well. The museum currently has a large-scale exhibition of Haring's work on display.

    To find out more information about the discussion and buy advance tickets, visit Brooklyn Museum's website.

    See HAZE's portfolio here.

  • 1.6.12

    Haze Collaborates with Heineken

    Haze collaborates with Heineken on a limited edition custom draught glass set. HAZE X Heineken includes two glasses and an original print numbered and hand signed by Haze. The set, while intentionally minimalist in its graphic elements, also reflects a lot of form married to function and modern production values in the creation of its glass and packaging.

    The exclusive piece allowed Haze to showcase his signature creation, The Imperfect Star. It is featured alongside Heineken's signature star logo-the "perfect" star. The glasses were shaped and then laser etched on the bottom to ensure a perfect pour every time. The inclusion of an embossed old style letterpress insert is designed to reinforce its fundamental identity as an art object. Haze calls the set "a truly collectable one-off piece."

    250 sets will be given away as part of the Heineken Klout Perks program.

    See more of Haze's portfolio here.

    Photos by Mark Lund

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