• 2.17.16

    Dina Calabro Strikes a Balance for Reflex Homme

    Striking a balance between perfection and accessibility is a challenging exercise but one that pulls the audience in. It creates a framework of aspiration around reality making us feel that there’s an offer of something amazing we can get our hands on. Dina Calabro’s latest work for Reflex Homme plays with that balance in an editorial they call “Thriller,” drawing a connection between who we are and who we want to be.

    Traveling from the desert to the city streets, the energy in Geoff Barrenger’s editorial is cinematic and strangely alluring. The models are made up to almost idyllic perfection; chiseled faces with every hair held firmly in place. Dina’s grooming creates an equilibrium between perfection with a human touch that allows them to fit perfectly in the high drama of the settings, and us to experience a taste of the ideal.

  • 10.16.15

    Justine Sweetman Displays Her Range with bebe and Revolve

    Fashion operates on a cycle. What was once cool and fallen out of style is bound to come back, just give it time. Refinery 29 tapped into this timeless truth in their latest collaborative editorial with fashion brand bebe, showing off the company’s fall seasons that draws on retro prints. Tapping into the images that fill your grandmother’s photo albums, they brought the aesthetics directly from the 1960s and 70s straightforward into these compositions. Wood paneled walls and fuzzy jackets set the tone, right alongside Justine Sweetman’s effortless makeup work.

    Those decades were about being unique and having fun, so it’s no wonder that Justine’s work exudes that comfortable and totally accessible energy that matched the rest of the look. At a time when a simple pop of color was all you needed, on top of natural colors, Justine offers a light touch and a discerning eye to bring balance and the right amount of energy. The 60’s and 70’s were marked with self-empowerment and a rejection of modern influences, opting more for individual expression and the value of being unique. Justine allows for the models’ features to come through in this editorial balancing strength and style.

    Justine was also on hand for a shoot with Revolve Clothing, a project that showed a much more formal look, while still highlighting each of the models’ assets. Darker shades are more dramatic for Revolve, bringing in a serious tone for a dose of gravitas. Her work is still about energy, but a more sultry note that entices in its calming power, playing perfectly off of Dina Calabro's hairstyling.

    We’re thrilled to welcome Justine Sweetman to our roster of Hair and Makeup Artists. Take a look at her full portfolio here.

  • 10.5.15

    Dina Calabro Brings Fall to Life with Elle Bulgaria

    We don’t have to tell you that Autumn is upon us, and although you could take with that a dose of sadness leaving behind the warm weather and summer sun, Dina Calabro is ready to change your mind. She’s teamed up with Elle Bulgaria for her latest editorial that demands that you chase autumn with a dash of energy and your best cheer.

    The story turns it up with some of the season’s most beautiful fashions. Layers are the name of the game as the temperature drops, and there’s no better reason to get excited. The textured and effortless hair that Dina created is fresh and graceful, while remaining bold in its natural feel. The sophisticated texture and light energy reflects what we love so much about fall: the closeness and heat it inspires. As nature starts to wind down for a long winter sleep now’s the perfect time to kick it up and inject a bit of life into your style, and Dina's work shows us exactly how to make that possible.

    Check Dina Calabro’s full portfolio to see all of her newest projects.

  • 8.10.15

    Dina Calabro Combines Past and Present with Louis Vuitton

    The latest issue of Italian publication Grazia Magazine combines historical inspiration with stark reality in their story “Mar Adentro.” Highlighting Louis Vuitton’s latest seventies inspired season at a pedestrian Lake House, there is a visual tension that makes for attention grabbing imagery.

    The weathered inspiration is juxtaposed against the high fashion styling of Louis Vuitton’s designs like a manufactured reality that sits between the ideal world and the one we live in. Dina Calabro’s flair for hair and makeup is seen straddling these two opposing forces, splitting the difference and bringing cohesion to the concept. Her effortless application of natural makeup enhances the casual feeling of a vacation by the lake, while allowing the model’s stunning beauty to come through. The hair is both effortless and flawless, caught in a breeze but signing shapes as if they were planned. Each moment captured through the shoot has a surreal quality in Carmelo Donato’s photographs, like they are on loan from another era or another world.

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