• 11.10.14

    Dana Gallagher Busts it Out for the Holidays

    It’s been the holiday season for only a week now, and Dana Gallagher already has her first festive cover. Parent & Child magazine handpicked the photographer not just for her skills, but for everything she has to offer. According to Dana, Art Director James Dunlinson (who she loves), exclaimed, “We want you! We want your dog! We want your kitchen!” James and Dana go way back, so he’s familiar with her kitchen and her dog. And, yes, that’s her dog on the cover, being a little naughty. “That’s Biscuit,” she says. “Biscuit stealing biscuits which Biscuit does best.” Biscuit comes from a long line of Gallagher canines that have graced different covers that Dana has shot. “Every dog I’ve ever had has now been on the cover of a magazine,” she explains. But Biscuit has set a new record: she is only a year old and has already completed that step.

    The kitchen is where Dana feels right at home. She's been running her own food blog, Kitchen Repetroire, spending that time shaping food and edible experiences for her readers. Building recipes and sharing her photography with her avid fans have helped to shape her own interactions with food, always having it be an inviting experience.

    The story that Parent & Child wanted Dana to illustrate with her photography is “Kid-Made Thanksgiving,” one that celebrates the inclusion of children in the festivities of creating the holiday. Whether it’s baking biscuits or pies, Parent & Child wanted to show that kids can help make holidays great. Dana has made a habit out of the holiday season. But even though we’re walking right into Thanksgiving, Dana’s holiday is a little later in the year. “I’m a Christmas lady, we bust it out for Christmas,” she says. “ That’s my blow out holiday, I’ve been doing it for years.” Every year she throws a huge Christmas party, attended by hundreds of people. “Friends, Family, people I’ve known forever from the business. Whoever’s in town,” she says.

    A full house is a happy house, and Dana fills hers with every year with those she loves, spreading the cheer and thanksgiving. She was the perfect choice to show how involving as many people in the holidays as possible can make it a richer, more beautiful season.

  • 4.18.13

    Exploring a Wilder Way with Dana Gallagher for T Magazine

    Dana Gallagher photographs an article for T Magazine focused on the perennial planting movement that's starting to take hold, especially in dense city environments. Dana traveled to Cape Cod to capture pictures of the meticulously curated garden of this Nantucket home.

    Designed by Piet Oudolf, this garden uses romantic drifts of native American grasslands and perennial flowers that are beautiful yet low maintenance. Oudolf is the designer responsible for the greenery on New York City's High Line and the Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millenium Park - bringing nature into the city so to speak. Soon we think his horticultural philosophy will extend beyond New York and Chicago and everyone will start to adopt a wilder way.

  • 4.26.12

    Dana Gallagher for Martha Stewart

    Dana Gallagher photographs two stories for Martha Stewart this month. Gallagher captured a weekend of gardening at her country home for the May issue of Martha Stewart Living. She followed up the feature with a post for the Martha Stewart blog on gardening with her daughter. Gallagher also photographed four Brooklyn gardens for a Whole Living feature.

    Gallagher pitched Martha Stewart Living a story on gardening with kids and friends. Gallagher and her partner have a country home near Hudson, New York that has a vegetable garden they plant every year. However, since they had their daughter, they've spent less time there. Gallagher had the idea to capture a fun weekend of weeding and planting with friends to get the garden into shape for the season. The group lucked out with perfect weather that helped to capture the lush greenery of the garden. Gallagher comments that she gets most of her inspiration from her home and says "any time I can make work happen up there I think it's always magical."

    The feature for Whole Living is Gallagher's favorite type to shoot-a food and gardening story. The magazine challenged their favorite Brooklyn gardeners to grow a feast of vegetables in just eight square feet. The story includes tips for growing a garden in such a small, urban space. The growers include a rooftop farm and a schoolyard garden. Gallagher calls the high school kids particularly inspiring as they work in the garden, cook, and help at the farmer's market. She adds "It was great to see all these people in an urban environment carve out this little piece of earth for themselves."

    The May issues of Martha Stewart Living and Whole Living are on newsstands now.

    See more of Dana Gallagher's photography here.

  • 11.28.11

    Dana Gallagher Covers Martha Stewart Living

    Dana Gallagher captures a magical winter scene for the cover of Martha Stewart Living. The December issue features ideas for holiday menus, treats, and decorating. Gallagher photographed a brightly lit tree in a nighttime snowscape for the newsstand cover. The iPad version of the cover features a time-lapse of the lighting of the tree.

    Gallagher shot the cover near Cabot, Vermont last April. There was still four feet of snow on the ground and very low temperatures at night making for a difficult and often harsh shoot. However, Gallagher admits the beauty of the snow often made up for the cold weather. The shoots were time-specific so Gallagher was shooting both late at night and early in the morning. She says of the shoot, "It was beautiful seeing the clouds move in the frames at dusk as we shot."

    The December issue of Martha Stewart Living is on newsstands now.

    See more of Dana Gallagher's photography here.

  • 10.24.11

    Dana Gallagher for Martha Stewart Living

    Dana Gallagher photographs fresh takes on gingham for the October issue of Martha Stewart Living. The six-page spread features 11 cool projects for updating gingham in a more sophisticated way at home.

    Gallagher shot the story both in studio and on location. The location shoot was at the home of designer Tricia Foley in Bellport, Long Island. The weather that day was very rainy and dark and provided a unique set of challenges in how to light the shoot. Gallagher says, "we had a great crew and we were in sync and it went incredibly smoothly." The studio shoot was at Canoe in New York City.

    See more of Dana Gallagher's photography here.

    Publication: Martha Stewart Living
    Art Director: Stephen Johnson
    Craft Editor: Silke Stoddard
    Photographer: Dana Gallagher
    Stylist: Tanya Graff

  • 6.24.10

    Dana Gallagher Shows State Pride in Martha Stewart Living

    The July issue of Martha Stewart Living is entitled "Amazing America," dedicated to celebrating all 50 states. The 200th issue features California peaches, a Pennsylvania garden, and signature corn recipes from different states. Dana Gallagher photographed "States of Play," an ode to the road-tripping days of the mid-20th century when state map textiles were popular souvenirs. Now collectibles, Gallagher and Martha Stewart Living show how the scarves, tablecloths, and handkerchiefs can add cheer to a home.

    Gallagher shot the story at Breezy Shores, a cottage community on the North Fork of Long Island. For Gallagher, it was a return home to a place that she had rented years ago from the original owners. The shoot took place in early spring at the waterfront property. Recalls Gallagher, "A fantastic crew came together and we kept each other warm (no heat out there and it was March) with loads of layers and a small fire!"

    L: An Alaska and Seattle map are displayed in a frame
    R: A USA map is stretched over a wooden frame, and a Florida tablecloth is draped over a table

    L: A Florida textile turns into a roller shade
    R: State maps adorn a drying rack

    A collector's guide: Martha Stewart Living explains the different collector's value of handkerchiefs, scarves, and tablecloths

    Publication: Martha Stewart Living
    Date: July, 2010
    Editorial Collecting Director: Fritz Karch
    Senior Associate Collecting Editor: Quy Nguyn
    Art Director: Michelle Leong
    Photography: Dana Gallagher

    Download a $1 off coupon of the July issue of Martha Stewart Living

  • 6.17.10

    SPREAD|Artculture Magazine Issue 05 on Newsstands Now

    SPREAD|Artculture magazine brings you the latest in art, culture, design, and more in its 5th annual issue. M.I.A. graces the cover in conjunction with the release of her third album /\/\/\Y/\. Tracey Emin discusses her polarizing personality, uterus, and life during menopause. Visit Anish Kapoor's studio and learn about Temenos, Kapoor's sculpture in Middlesbrough, England. Get an eye-opening look at the freshly built Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa for the FIFA World Cup. These are among the many features and stories in the 2010 issue of SPREAD|Artculture magazine. Look for it at a newsstand, Barnes & Noble, or Borders near you.

    Tracey Emin, Photo: David Eustace

    Central Park, Photo: Stephen Wilkes

    Moses Mabhida Stadium, Photo: Roy Zipstein

    George Lois, Photo: Mark Lund

    Henrik Vibskov, Photo: Nick & Chlo'e

    A film still from Shirin Neshat's Women Without Men, 2009

    Products by Julian Paul, Sebastian Wrong, and Michael Sodeau, Photos by Dana Gallagher

    Read SPREAD|Artculture magazine online
  • 10.7.09

    New Artist: Dana Gallagher

    Bernstein & Andriulli is excited to include Dana Gallagher in our roster of acclaimed photographers. Gallagher's career launched in 1993 when she was selected to photograph a book on entertaining by Martha Stewart. Gallagher has a deep appreciation for food and home design that is luminously reflected in both her personal work and a professional career that focuses on her favorite subjects of lifestyle, food, still-life, fashion, home, and beauty. Gallagher's clients include Coach, Kate Spade, Target, Food & Wine, and Martha Stewart Living.

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